grep usage issues in Windows under ADB command

Myself looking for a long, rookie I also finally found a software to solve this problem. Hope to help those who will use later.The content has been found on the Internet. If you have any questions, you can leave a message. Solved together.Cygwin:

MySQL5.6 on Windows installation failed: String is not recognized as a valid DateTime

A date/Time format error occurred while installing MySQL5.6.21 on the win7,32 bit, as shown in:The error description is: String is not recognized as a valid DateTime.Here is the workaround:Reference:

Windows Server R2 Client Auto-map sharing under a domain-controlled environment

Shares:\\\ Sharing files\\\ personal file \ domain user account nameFirst, use the bat script file, such as Auto.bat:NET use Z: \\vm-win81\ shared filesNET use x: \\vm-win81\ personal files \%username%Open Group Policy

Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 Development Note (16) SDK2.0 official release with own tools

(reproduced please specify the source)Using the SDK: Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 1409Come, Microsoft officially released the SDK v2.0 on October 22, the precursor is that the API document is found to be normal ...Say why it's 1409, not 1410.From

Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 Development Note (17) Depth frame 3D

 (reproduced please specify the source)Using the SDK: Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 1409This section is a supplemental section, the depth frame is displayed in 3D, and theSDK updates are described in later chapters.Before thinking wrong, thinking

How Windows processes are passed between messages

1 File MappingsFile mapping (memory-mapped files) allows a process to treat the file content as if it were a block of memory in the process address range. Therefore, the process does not have to use file I/O operations and can read and modify the

Installing cvxopt under WINDOWS 7

Noisy for several days, finally will cvxopt installation success, here and you share the installation process: Download and install Python from Next, use the Python 2.7.5 (32bit) version (note: The 64-bit Win 7 system can also be

Windows API Practice (FlushFileBuffers) and SetFilePointer functions

in thePCin the hardware architecture, the fastest memory isCPUthe registers inside, then to the level two cache, then to the systemRAMmemory, and finally to the hard drive. Because of this architecture, it determines how the operating system

Developing a Paint program with GTK (Windows)


GTK is a powerful development platform, cross-system, provides a rich and extensive code base, application developers can quickly make their own products.This month with him to develop a GUI program, is a drawing tool, features include: Image import

Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 Development Note (15) Gesture frame

 (reproduced please specify the source)Using the SDK: Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 public preview1409As before, because the SDK is not completed, no hyperlinks are attached to the function/method/interface.This time it's a new thing, it's a gesture

Windows ACTIVEMQ Download, install deployment

Windows ACTIVEMQ Download, install deployment1. Download: latest version of Windows2. Installation(1) Configure the Java environment variables firstJava_home=d:\program files\java\jdk1.5.0classpaht=.;D: \

Windows Server 2008 Installs Exchange 2010

Network environment:Two units Windows Server R2 standard server. set of Exchange Server SP2 Software installation package. Domain Server:IP Address: Mask: Address: Address:

Windows Server 2008 creates a new domain and joins the client to the domain

Conditions for window installation domain:1. The domain server requires a static IP.2. The system version must be the Widows server family.3. At least one disk is in NTFS format.1) Quickly launch the installation launcher for the domain in cmd or

Timed Task settings for Windows

Schedule Task for Windows. Create a configuration1. Click "Start"2. Click "Control Panel"3. Double-click the Task Scheduler4. Double click on "Join the Task Scheduler"5. Go to the Task Scheduler Wizard screen and click "Next"6. Click "Browse" to

Use GitHub for Windows to host your code in GitHub

This blog post is simply an introduction to using GitHub for Windows to host your code on GitHub, probably not too deep,If you want to learn more about the original rational things, you can read the "Git authoritative guide" this book ~ ~ ~ I think

Windows shortcut key Master usage

Windows + L lock screen Windows + E opens your computer's resource Manager Windows + D Displays desktop Windows + Tab Switch window Windows + R Open run Windows + R input psr.exe:windows recording feature Windows + R input OSK: Cool virtual

Sample programs for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows CardSpace

Microsoft yesterday released a sample package of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows CardSpace, rich in content ranging from the simplest Hello world to complex solutions. For the two new things of Windows Communication Foundation

Leetcode-minimum window substring-Minimum Windows sub-string-sliding window algorithm (ruler method) the constraints of linear complexity, consider using the sliding window method. The idea of this approach is to maintain a window that expands to the right edge to meet the constraints.

Kinect for Windows V2 and V1 Contrast development ___ depth data acquisition

V1 Depth Resolution:V2 Depth Resolution: 512x4241. How to open the depth image frameFor V1:hr = M_pnuisensor->nuiimagestreamopen ( nui_image_type_depth,nui_image_resolution_320x240,0, 2,

Windows 10 Experience: Metro Apps

The Metro app is a new application model designed by Windows 8 for tablet devices that is more suitable for tablet devices, provides a full-screen immersive user experience, and offers a variety of touch-mode operations.Also, the advantages of Metro

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