Windows core programming Note (6)----thread Synchronization in user mode

1. Atomic LockUsing the InterlockedExchangeAdd function to achieve atomic growth, Interlockedexchange\interlockedexchangepointer is used to exchange two variableThe value of the quantity, interlockedcompareexchange the comparison value, the

GitHub for Windows how to use

1.① github for Windows, about 660K, an online installer,②. Run GitHubSetup.exe, for example, may download a required file:If not on the machine. NETFramework 4.5 is automatically installed online:③. The above are

Asynchronous device IO "Windows core Programming" chapter 10th study < to be continued >

Asynchronous IO operations differ from synchronous operations: The file_flag_overlapped sign in CreateFile. Asynchronous operation function lpoverlapped parameter Receive IO Request completion notification Trigger Device

How to use git simple and branch management under Windows

Simple use of Git on WindowsGit client installation (slightly)1) Generate SSH key:$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -c  "[email protected]"  generating public/private rsa key pair. enter file in which  to save the key 

DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged version original release

About DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged version-------------------- Glacier Blade re-packaged version---------------------------------------------------------Based on the official original installation package +

Nginx Load Balancer Configuration-windows

Http:// Load Balancer Configuration-windows  Although the Nginx on Windows mentions "only as a test" in the official documentation, But for small-scale concurrent scenarios, there is a big advantage over Apache.

Ubuntu and Windows file Samba share

1. Configure Samba Shared Folders/work and/work11.1 under Ubuntu. Install Sambasudo apt-get install Samba1.2. Configure SambaVim/etc/samba/smb.confAdd the following code at the end of the file:= ubuntu-larack- Yes public == = ubuntu-

Windows service safety loading and unloading

@echo Offset Filename=e:\winservice\bin\debug\ciwong.account.client.winservice.exeset servicename=accountservice/ /Service Name Pauseecho ============================ operation Log ==================================== >installservice.log if exist

Configuring cluster load Balancing with NGINX+TOMCAT under Windows

Nginx is a lightweight Web server/reverse proxy server, more detailed interpretation of their own Baidu. At present, such as Sina, NetEase and so on are using it. First of all, my server Software environment:System:

The use of the WinSocket Select function (comparison study of Windows Sockets)

overall, the role of the Select function:Determine the state of one or more sets of interfaces, this function is used to determine the state of one or more sets of interfaces, for each set of interfaces, the caller can query its readability,

Differences in standby, hibernation, and sleep states in Windows computers

While the computer is running, there are three modes: standby, Sleep, and hibernate, in addition to the state mode in normal operation. These three modes are mainly through the coordination of the Machine's power plan, so that the effectiveness and

Generate dump file method under Windows

"Reprint Please specify source": BACKGROUNDNo one can guarantee that their software is running in a variety of unknown environments and will have any problems with wood. So what if the program crashes? Look at the

Cocostudio header File error resolution under Windows

Thanks to this author's reference: 3.2 Learning log, porting error C1083: cannot open include file : "Extensions/extensionmacros.h": no such files or cannot open the include file :

Change Win 8.1 to Windows R2

Change Win 8.1 to Windows R2Remember that year on the Internet to see a foreigner's article, said to change XP to the server version, as if to change the key value of a registry.In the Windows 2008 era, it was popular to replace the active method,

Windows 10 System Experience (version number 9926) photos

Windows 10 System Experience (version number 9926) photosInstallation: This installation is performed under a virtual machine650) this.width=650; "Style=" background-image:none;border-bottom:0px;border-left:0px;margin:0px;padding-left:0px ;p

Windows common Commands

1,ping commandIt is a command to check whether the network is unobstructed or the speed of the network connection. As an administrator or hacker who lives on the web,The ping command is a must-have DOS command, which uses the principle of: the

Windows configuration Emacs server-client

The first step is to download the Emacs file.I downloaded it in, the file name is Emacs-24.4-bin-i686-pc-mingw32.zipStep two, install EmacsInstalling Emacs is simple, just unzip the first download file to

Easy modification of remote ports for Windows server family servers

Windows family of servers, the remote port number default is 3389, of course, some server service providers may be other ports, in the production environment, for the server security, modify the remote port and shield some unused ports is very

Differences and analysis of Return,exit and exitprocess under Windows

In general, we will use return or call exit () in the main function in order to end our own program. There are also functions such as exitprocess () and TerminateProcess () under Windows. The purpose of this article is to compare the different ways

Error:the specified component was wasn't reported by the VSS writer (Error 517) in Windows Server Backup

Error:the specified component was wasn't reported by the VSS writer (Error 517) in Windows Server BackupTweetIn Windows Server, it's possible to perform Backup of your system and even Virtual machine in production. Yes Windows Server Backup is a

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