Error encountered while deleting oracleservicexxx under Windows DBCA: dim-00014 cannot open the Windows NT Service Control Manager

Error encountered while deleting oracleservicexxx under Windows DBCA: dim-00014 cannot open the Windows NT Service Control Manager o/s-error: (OS 5) Access Is denied.As follows:After searching for MOS, the following article was found to match the

Windows Statistics database Connections batch processing and find and FINDSTR lookup commands using--notes

Windows Statistics database connections batch and find and findstr find commands and create batch bat scripts@echo onSet curdate=%date:~0,10%Set curtime=%time%Set hh=%curtime:~0,2%if/i%hh% LSS (set hh=0%curtime:~1,1%)Set mm=%curtime:~3,2%Set

APACHE2.2+PHP5 installation steps under Windows

APACHE2.2+PHP5 installation under WindowsBeginners in the study of PHP may encounter the installation of Apache and PHP unsuccessful problems, so many developers chose the integration package, one-click installation of Apache+php+mysql. However,

Install php5.2.*,php5.3.*,php5.4.* version of Memcache Extension (RPM) under Windows

Expand Installation and Commissioning methods:Write debug PHP files Also found that when the PHP extension file does not match, Wamp not error, the command line execution will be error.Wamp configuration Memcache said it was sad.1. The most

One, Windows Server 2012R2 Hyper-V installation deployment

Click "Server Manager" on the taskbar 650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.jpg "style=" Float:none; "src=" Wkiol1t4axkjf7weaafqe3afi6o175.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1t4axkjf7weaafqe3afi6o175.jpg "/>2. Next step650)

SC command to create and remove Windows services

Command format:SC [servername] Create Servicename [optionname= optionvalues]ServerNameOptionally, you can use a double slash, such as \\\\myserver, or \\\\ to manipulate the remote computer. If you are working on your local computer, you

Source Code for Windows Create dialog box

Source Code for Windows Create dialog box Define a member variable, When calling DoModal (), the data to be added to the ComboBox is written into this member variable, and the ComboBox is initialized in OnInitDialog void Cmyview::onshow ()

Windows AD Certificate Services Family---Deployment and Management certificate templates (2)

Experiment: Modify and Enable certificate templatesNote: The CA type in the experiment must be an enterprise CA because the standalone CA is not supported for certificate templatesLab Environment:LON-DC1 Windows2012 Ad+adcs

WinXP pe cracked windows 2008 login password

a Windows Server 2008 server, administrator password forgotten, need to log in use. Online query, with the installation CD-ROM can be resolved. At hand the original disk also can not find, so in from the online WinXP PE ISO, burned to the U disk.

Windows Program Stack distribution

Relationship of parameters, return address, local variables, and EBPDebug Version:0x004000d0 local_3 ebp-20 0xCCCCCCCC0xCCCCCCCC0x004000dc local_2 ebp-14 0xCCCCCCCC0xCCCCCCCC0x004000e8 local_1 ebp-8 0xCCCCCCCC0x004000f0 ebp_old ebp 0x004000f4

Windows Server R2 Configuring Exchange 2010 mail servers

The Windows Server server system builds a mail server in two general cases:1:winmail Server Software2:exchangeReference Tutorial: work:1:

Windows Remote Desktop 3389 timeout lockout time adjustment method (suppress lock screen time limit)

When we manage the server operation, sometimes need to operate the server for a long time, sometimes slightly away from the next cup of water or a slightly longer phone, it is very annoying to break out! Is there a way to solve this problem class?

Create and use static libraries and dynamic libraries in Windows

I. Creation and use of static libraries1. Creation of a static library(1) In VS2013, select the menu->file->new->project, select the Visual C + +->win32 option, then click the Win32 Project icon and select Win32 Application Wizard, select the static

Windows under Memcache installation uses

Memcache installation under WindowsOver time, most of the documents that are now available online to install Memcache under Windows are obsolete. Xuefeng Here is a brief introduction to the current version of the installation and configuration

Notes Installing OpenGL environments for MinGW under Windows (GLUT)

OpenGL is only a standard, its implementation is generally brought in the operating system, just make sure that the graphics card driver is new enough to use. If you need to use OpenGL directly in your program, there are a lot of very nasty

200M mysterious hidden partition in Windows 7

Bare Metal new windows 7 users, run Diskmgmt.msc after the installation is complete open Disk Manager, and you can see a hidden partition of size 200MB before the system partition (typically the C partition). What is this special hidden partition

Windows Socket Programming

Server (multi-threaded)#include #include #pragma comment (lib, "Ws2_32.lib") using namespace std; #define PORT 4000#define ip_address "" DWORD WINAPI clientthread (LPVOID lpparameter) {socket clientsocket= (socket) Lpparameter;int

Use the Windows desktop system with extreme efficiency

The current operating system is naturally mobile for the king. It is undeniable, however, that we still need laptops and desktops to do some of the work. For example, write code, debug programs, three-dimensional modeling, and so on. This is a

The Windows taskbar removes the extra delimiter method

A few days ago the computer's taskbar in the wrong way a few toolbar separators, the toolbar will appear two of the same tasks, by modifying the registry to fix this problem, the steps are as follows:1. Open the Registry Editor and enter regedit in

Bootstarp Learning (24) modal popup--use of modal pop-up windows

In addition to controlling modal popups through Data-toggle and Data-target, the bootstrap framework provides additional custom data-properties for modal pop-up boxes to control modal popups. For example: whether there is a gray background

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