In the Windows operating system, the query port consumes and clears the ports that are used by the program

One, in the Windows operating system, the query port occupies and clears the port occupied by the programAfter elevation of privilege by: Netstat-bor with1. The process ID that the query port occupiesClick "Start" and "Run", enter "CMD" and click on

Workaround for Windows 80 ports occupied by process System & pid=4

I am using SQL Server Reporting services to stop this service and set it to start manuallyIf you do not have SQL Server installed, please refer to the following

What happens when you click the "Close" button in Windows?

For Windows operations, the form function receives a wm_destroy message when the user taps the Close button.The form function should call PostQuitMessage (0) to insert a wm_quit message into the message queue. GetMessage assumes that the wm_quit

Windows Server R2 Getting Started FTP

The FTP that is the beginning of Windows Server R2. The purpose of this blog is to let you change the understanding of FTP, access the FTP service, add, start the FTP service. ftp server filetransfer Protocol Server ftp Agreement

NFS server built under Windows

Win7 There is no NFS client in addition to the ultimate and Enterprise Editions, WINDOWS2000,WINDOWSXP,WINDOWS2003 has a SFU (Windows Services for UNIX) tool that looks more powerful, Since always use Win7 and this software does not support Win7 so

Using VISUALSVN server to build SVN server under Windows

Using VISUALSVN server to implement the main SVN functionality is much simpler than using the original SVN and Apache to implement the SVN management of the source code, and see the detailed instructions below.VISUALSVN server is as follows, is free,

GitHub Windows Client Settings http Proxy

1. Install the Windows clientHttps:// Create Git Repo3. It is recommended to set GIT bash to terminal4. Git config--listgit config–-global http.proxy up a proxy server5. Encountered "Unable to locate the

Windows installation hack jira-5.0-jira-5.2.1 Step (plot)

Today, from the Internet to find some information, installed Jira, crack, Han, change the port, for their own study of the use! First of all, the latest version from the Jira official website [Atlassian-jira-5.2.9-x32.exe], the old version can be

Analysis of Windows System environment variables

What is the environment variable, want to know the precise official definition, can direct Baidu. Here, I just want to talk about my understanding of it.First, the demand for environmental variables proposedAssume that there is an executable "Hi.exe"

[windows]_[Intermediate]_[Interface Program open console output-forward output to console]

Scene:1. Develop Windows interface program, need to print output, breakpoints in debugging multithreaded programs have limitations, is to interfere with the priority order of threads, see the correct results, often is the breakpoint is OK,No

Windows Server DHCP Relay

Prepare two servers first: 1 DHCP 1 relay serversThe DHCP server IP is 1.1 and the gateway points to the relay server 650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.png "src=" Wkiol1var3djodciaad0vizwzcw055.jpg "alt="

Strings in Windows programming (2)

(1) Windows write log system1 voidWritedebugeventlog (tchar*pszmessage, WORD wtype)2 {3 //#ifdef _DEBUG4 5HANDLE Heventsource =NULL;6 Consttchar* lpszstrings[2] ={null, null};7 8Heventsource = Registereventsourcew (NULL,

Windows installation JMeter graphics tutorial (from the network)

This article mainly describes the Windows installation JMeter graphics tutorial, JMeter is the Apache Software Foundation products for static and dynamic resource performance testing, the need for friends can refer to the next JMeter is a

Interpreting "remaining Windows Reset Count" and "Trust Time"

Yesterday when explaining the slmgr.vbs command , there is a problem is not resolved, is to enter the "SLMGR.VBS-DLV" command, in the information displayed, notice the last two lines: "The remaining Windows reset Count " and " Trust time ", the

Windows/system32/config/system workaround for damage or loss due to the following article

This is due to the destruction of your computer's initialization file. The cause of the damage may also be a virus or other cause.Because Windows startup needs to read the Syatem.ini,win.ini and registry files, assuming that the C packing folder has

GitHub for Windows 2.0 use tutorial

Git is currently the most advanced Distributed version control system, as a programmer, we need to master its usage,One: Download github for Windows 2.0Two: Install GitHubAfter the download, click on the installation process, after the installation

Windows 8.1 with Update official latest image rollup (full)

Windows 8.1 with Update official latest image rollup, release date: 2014/12/16,microsoft MSDN. Image Update log:12/29:32 Large Customer Professional Edition Chinese version12/24:64 Large Customer Professional Edition Chinese version12/22:32, 64

Windows Dump Debugging

Sometimes when the release version of the program is released, sending an exception on the client's machine, most of the time we can find the problem through the log we write, but sometimes send a crash exception (such as using the wild pointer), we

Windows Program Stack distribution

Relationship of parameters, return address, local variables, and EBPDebug Version:0x004000d0 local_3 ebp-20 0xCCCCCCCC0xCCCCCCCC0x004000dc local_2 ebp-14 0xCCCCCCCC0xCCCCCCCC0x004000e8 local_1 ebp-8 0xCCCCCCCC0x004000f0 ebp_old ebp 0x004000f4

Qt widgets--Sub-regions and child windows

Qmdiarea is typically used for the main window Qmainwindow to hold multiple child windows QmdisubwindowQT Creator 3.0 designers have mdiarea that can be dragged directly into use.The interface is as follows, the gray box in the figure is a mdiarea,

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