Windows service installation and uninstallation cannot be completed completely without coding.

The installation package of the server today cannot be used to install the service without coding. Although the installutil tool is easy to use, it cannot be used to install or uninstall the service. In particular, uninstallation is always not

Windows XP 64-bit ~

Just like 16-bit switch to 32-bit ProgramThe same is true. The installation is normal, and the start time is about 10 seconds, which is a normal start speed.Most of the hardware correctly identifies the camera and Bluetooth plug. what's even

How can we ensure that Windows serverice is robust and long-term?

Recently, I was running four or five services on Windows Server ice. I am really skeptical about whether I can guarantee the server performance. In addition, I have been thinking about how to make it automatically restored to ensure that if the

Windows SharePoint service 3.0 wss3 URL ing problem, almost deprecated the website

Wss3 is newly installed in the company. The interface is very beautiful, but it is very slow and consumes MB of memory. After the installation is performed by default, the host name will be bound, that is, the host name will be automatically

Add Skype notification to Windows SharePoint service 3.0 using workflow

Wss3 is a free version that has been castrated. Cheap, good goods, DIY Because Skype is used in the company, the built-in email notification function is not timely, and MSN notification does not show how to use it. I had to study how to use Skype to

Windows Vista for developers -- Part 1: aero wizard

  Author: Kenny Kerr Translation: dflying Chen Original article: For more information, see Windows Vista for developers.

Welcome to the Windows Vista development team!

  Windows Vista is the next-generation operating system launched by Microsoft. It provides many new features and has made great progress in user experience. I believe that with the release of Longhorn server soon, Windows Vista development will

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (10) custom windows azure Virtual Machine template windows azure platf

Windows azure platform articles   Pass the previousArticleI believe you have some knowledge about Microsoft Windows azure virtual machine. Although Microsoft provides a lot of azure Virtual Machine templates for us to choose from (for example),

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (2) creates a simple azure virtual machinewindows azure platform Series

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to create a simple virtual machine. Windows azure provides multiple types of virtual machines, including Windows and Linux versions. I will introduce how to create a Windows azure Vm

Windows XP SP3 supports multi-user Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is indeed very convenient, but Windows XP only supports single-user connection. When the second user connects, the first user is forced to be disconnected and return to the user logon interface, this does not match the

[New portal] windows azure platform (60) use Windows azure Management Portal to create web site (below) Windows azure

Windows azure platform articles Before starting this chapter, make sure that you have installed: Windows 8 release preview English 64bit Visual Studio ultimate 2012 release candidate Windows azure sdks 1.7x64 In this chapter,

[New portal] windows azure platform (May 18) Windows azure New Management Portal introduction windows azure platform Series

Windows azure platform articles   I have introduced several new IAAs enhancements released by Windows azure in June 7. If you are interested, please refer to my article.ArticleWindows azure platform (forty-eight) New Features of Windows azure  

Windows azure platform (47) Windows azure traffic manager (3) create traffic manager policies and performance Load Balancing windows azure platfor

Windows azure platform articles   This chapter describes how to create a traffic manager policy on the Windows azure Management Portal. Log on to the Windows azure Management Portal and select "Virtual Network" --> "traffic manager" -->

Vs compile Windows Services and call WebService

You cannot use system. Windows. Forms. timer to call timer. Instead, use system. Timers. Timer. System. Timers. Timer T = new system. Timers. Timer (interval); // instantiate the Timer class and set the interval to 10000 milliseconds;T. elapsed +

Windows azure appfabric (1) platform Introduction

Windows azure appfabric is the third windows azure platform service. It is actually a middleware product on the cloud. It provides two major services: Service Bus) The service bus can be used to expose local services to the Internet. Most

Windows azure platform (24) blob of Windows azure Storage Service (ii) Windows azure platform Series

Windows azure platform articles   In the previous chapter, we learned that users can upload files (such as photos, word, and Excel files) to Windows azure storage blob, then, access the resource anonymously through HTTP. However, a problem

Windows 8 platform (2) install Windows 8 on vhd

If you want to experience Windows 8 consumer Preview (Beta), you can use the following methods: Through Virtualization (hyper-V), the premise is that I must have installed Windows Server 2008 Format the C drive and reinstall the system

[New portal] windows azure platform (19th) use Windows azure Management Portal to create web site (on) Windows Azur

Windows azure platform articles   Users familiar with Windows azure know that in the past, if we wanted to deploy our existing web site to the Windows azure hosting service, we needed to do the following migration: Add a cloud project in

Windows form implements transparent effects, gradient effects, and fade-in and fade-out effects

In the excitement of VS 2005, I want Program I used AForm to display the startup screen. After a while, I used this AForm to hide and showdialog the next bform and closeaform method. I wonder if you have any good solutions. Set the program

Windows Vista for developers-Part 2: in-depth analysis task dialog box

Author: Kenny Kerr Translation: dflying Chen Original article: For more information, see Windows Vista for

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