Add shortcuts to the Start menu when packaging Windows Mobile

Background Deploy Windows MobileProgramDuring development, the shortcut menu is not generated by default. If you want to add the shortcut to the Start menu, you need to manually add the installation items.Brief Introduction This article describes

How to add a hyperlink to wtl development in Windows Mobile and Windows WinCE (Windows Embedded CE)

ArticleDirectory 1. # include 2. Add a static control in the dialog box. 3. Modify the ID of the static control. 4. Bind DDX. 5. Add the processing code This article describes how to add hyperlink support for wtl

In Windows Mobile, how does one remove the OK button of cstddialogimpl IN THE wtl dialog box?

  Introduction This article describes how to remove the OK button in the upper right corner of the wtl dialog box.   Problem The dialog box inherited from the cstddialogimpl class has an OK button in the upper right corner by default. For

User Interface technologies for Windows Embedded CE

This evening I saw a webcast about the wince UI. I am very impressed and will introduce it to you. The chief engineer has always stressed that this technology is unlock the potential. In the future, we will no longer need to deal with UI issues,

How to use. NET Compact framework to draw transparent images on Windows Mobile

The iPhone's popularity is partly due to its dazzling interface. In fact, the implementation of those interfaces mainly consists of two main functions: painting transparent images and painting gradient effects. This article mainly describes how to

Use ActiveSync remote display on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Devices

Many of my friends asked me if I had any tools to synchronize the WM device screen to the desktop during the demonstration so that users can operate on the PC? I personally think that for demo or presentation, if you need to synchronize the screen

Use cppunitlite on Windows Mobile to output test results

Background TDD test-driven development is a popular development method and model. Follow the TDD Method for developmentProgramLibraries are particularly useful because libraries provide certain functional interfaces for third parties. TDD methods

Display and operate Windows Mobile on PC

Introduction In Windows Mobile and wince development, it is essential to directly control the relevant devices on the PC. This article describes how to display and operate Windows Mobile on a PC, including using ActiveSync remote display and

Use Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded ce for Win32 development and retrieve the window handle.

In the previous articleArticleThe method for retrieving process information is described as follows: Perform Win32 development in Windows Mobile and Windows WinCE (Windows Embedded CE) to retrieve information about all running processes. This

Perform Win32 development in Windows Mobile and Windows WinCE (Windows Embedded CE) to retrieve information about all running processes.

ArticleDirectory 1. Reference The tlhelp32.h File 2. polling process information 3. Display Process Information 4. Link toolhelp. Lib When using native C ++ for development, he asked me how to retrieve the handle of the

Encapsulate native DLL callback functions in Windows Mobile and Windows WinCE (Windows Embedded CE)

Background I have written some native DLL-encapsulatedArticle, The link is as follows: How to encapsulate native DLL provided to. NET Compact framework in Windows Mobile and WinCE (Windows Embedded CE) for calling Encapsulation of native DLL in

How to modify the Registry when developing deploy projects for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE

Fele asked me a question: how to modify the Registry when developing a Windows Mobile deployment project, that is, installing the installation package? I will blog my experience.   1. Open the Registry Editor of the deploy project, as shown in

Encapsulation of native DLL in Windows Mobile and Windows WinCE (Windows Embedded CE)

ArticleDirectory 1. Create an output definition header file 2. implement interfaces provided by header files 3. Configure precompiled macros (Preprocessor definitions) 4. Configure the output lib File I have written an

30 days of. Net [Windows Mobile applications]-day 04: mileage tracker (mileage fuel-consuming computing program)

ArticleDirectory Input parameters Output Interface Processing For the original article, see day 04: mileage tracker. Requirement Chris Reeder, a good friend of the author, hopes to use SQL ce database for fuel-efficient

How to use. NET Compact framework in Windows Mobile to retrieve the icon from the execution File

Requirement You need to read the icons of other execution files, and thenProgram.   Implementation Class Extracticon { Public static Bitmap Getbitmapfromeicon ( String Path){ Return Getbitmap (geticonfromexe (PATH ));} Public static Icon

Design of Windows Mobile sensors api library

Background We warmly welcome simon_new88 to join the Mobile sensors API-native unified APIs for Windows Mobile sensors project. To help him get familiar with it faster, I recorded the design of gsensor. For more information about this project, see

TDD implementation for guessing digital games on Windows Mobile

Background I read TDD by example (1) in the morning. I think it is interesting to implement a Windows Mobile version. Many years ago, I also had a wenquxing game and often played this guess digital game, so I tried to implement it on Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile widget emulator

Today vimpyboy released Windows Mobile widget emulator in codeplex. This is a tool used to debug Windows Mobile 6.5 Widgets. When developing Windows Mobile 6.5 new feature widgets, I found it very troublesome to debug widgets. There is also an idea

New features widget development in Windows Mobile 6.5

Introduction This article uses a Currency Converter (foreign Currency exchange) example to describe the basic concepts and steps of the new Windows Mobile function Widget development. It also describes how widgets call WebService.Background Recently,

This article clarifies the character sets of Windows Mobile and Windows Wince (Windows Embedded CE ).

Document directory Case 1   Case 2 Case 3 Case 4 Background Developers who have developed Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE, especially Native C ++, have encountered conversion of ANSI and Unicode character sets more or less. This

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