Windows 8 learning Summary

Conveniently turn off or turn on Bluetooth, WiFi, and other signals separatelyThe Windows 8 mobile center has not enabled, disabled Bluetooth, And wifi wireless signals, but Windows 8 has added a good method for enabling and disabling them:Click

Use serviceruntime assembly to interact with Windows azure

Use serviceruntime assembly to interact with Windows azure 1. serviceruntime Assembly position 2. Determine whether the application runs on Fabric 3. Read servicedefinition. csdef Configuration File Content 1. Add

In-depth windows azure Operating System

In-depth windows azure Operating System 1. go deep into the azure operating system kernel FC 2. Azure Service Model) 3. Fault domain and upgrade domain 4. Initial principles of SERVER CLUSTERS 5. go deep into the VM 1. go deep

Windows Live Mail is disconnected once Telecom is started

Symptoms: After Windows Live Mail is opened, everything works normally. After the email is sent or checked, it is automatically dropped, and the dial-up link icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop does not exist. Even if you do not need the

Install Delphi 7 in Windows 7

ReferenceArticle: Http:// /? P = 833 I. Installation Make sure you run this as administrator, you will need the privs. Run the Delphi Installer. Use defaults for the file locations, ignore the incompability

This implementation is not part of the Windows platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.

System. Security. cryptography. md5.create (). computehash (data) This line Code Will Crash you. Let's take a look at the explanation here. What is FIPS? Federal Information processing standards? If the Group Policy is enabled, it will be

[Share] Windows XP integrated SP1

Create a Windows XP directory in a partition on the hard disk, such as WINXP (make sure that the remaining space on the hard disk is more than 1 GB, I select g disk, you can select one based on your situation ). Copy all files on Windows XP to this

Windows: Modify the Registry to allow Windows XP to log on automatically

Each time before entering the Windows XP desktop, there will always be a user login screen, requiring you to enter the user name and password. The advantage of this is that security is guaranteed in the environment where many people use a computer.

[Share] Windows Account errors

Problems with using Visual Studio. NET 2003 When you try to create a web project or open a web project in the URL "", the web server reports the following error. "HTTP/1.1 500 internal server error" Cause: the ASP. NET account has no access

Install Windows patches in batches


Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Echo offDel list. log/QECHO is detecting installed PatchesPauseFor/F " Delims =-tokens = 2 " % I in ('dir *-kb *. EXE/B/on') Do Reg Query "

Summary: 10 free Windows-based offline blogs editors

Original article: Top 10 free desktop blog editors for Windows For blogger, it is essential to have a suitable offline blog editor. A good editing tool can help you simplify the writing process and improve the writing efficiency. The 10

Hard drive sound Optimization for Windows 7 7

1) Right-click a drive letter, such as drive D, and choose Properties> Tools> fragment now> enable plan> Run as planned (not selected ). 2) in the control panelDisable Windows 7 defender. 3)Disable the file index function. Right-click the drive

Configuration of Windows Server Load balancer for Jenkins

Refer: Https://   1. Create a new slave Note that slave in Jenkins is called note. So the followingArticleSlave and node in are the same thing.   1)

Five quick copy tools for Windows files

  Five quick file copy tools Fastcopy (Windows, free) Fastcopy isn' t pretty, but it is, as the name implies, quite speedy. fastcopy integrates with the System Shell and is the only copier listed here which allows you to select which

[SCM] source code management-perforce: coexistence of multiple perfoce and proxies on Windows

  In Windows, the installation file performance.exe can install perforce or proxy as Windows Services. The default services are perforce and perforce proxy respectively. However, when multiple performanceor proxyservicesare installed on the same

[SCM] source code management-Windows Installation of perforce Server

  A P4 Server0. Download perforce.exe on the internet, install it, and run perforce as a service by default after installation.The executable file of 110000p4serveris p4d.exe (running as a server) or p4s.exe (running as a service ).2) For P4

Different command lines-Windows powershell Introduction

Introduction I have always envied Linux Command Prompt (of course, they are called shell ). The combination of regular expressions, pipelines, and various magical commands can efficiently complete many complex tasks. High efficiency. After more

Reading-the first day of Windows core programming in Delphi

Technical Exchange, DH explanation. This idea suddenly exists at night, so I should read all the books in a down-to-earth Manner. Well, be steadfast.I only have an electronic version of this book. You can go to the box, garden, and my online

My Silverlight series (13) -- Silverlight windows

As we all know, we have many desktop applications on Microsoft's Windows platform, which makes our life rich and interesting. With the popularity of bsstructure applications and RIA applications, many desktop applications have released Ajax and flex

Reading-the second day of Windows core programming in Delphi

Technical Exchange, DH explanation. Go to the second chapter of this book today (Hook ).What is a hook first?Hooks are actually added with a filter layer in your environment. In special cases, the hook callback function is triggered.For example,

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