Windows automatic login

Many times, we want to log on to XP without entering a password, because most PC users only have one account and there is basically no need to keep them confidential, so is there any way to allow XP or other operating systems to automatically log on

Windows install clean up

You can delete Windows Installer cleanup Utility Program Windows Installer Configuration information. If you encounter installation (installation program) problems, you may need to delete the program's Windows Installer Configuration information.

Packet capture by wireless network adapter (Windows)

For general users, it is difficult to crack the neighbor's wireless LAN password. Of course, you can also find specific methods and steps by searching. I am also a beginner. Here are my articles. If you are interested, take a look.The following

TRAC note (1): Install TRAC in Windows

TRAC note (1): Install TRAC in Windows To develop better software, I believe that its (issue tracking system) and VCs (version control system) are essential. For the current situation in China, I believe most local companies have implemented SCM,

Deploy the ROR application in Apache + FastCGI in Windows

System Requirements Apache Ruby Rails We recommend that you use Ruby 1.8.6 one-click installer instead of Ruby 1.8.6 binary, because the latter does not contain the fcgi module, even if you useGem install fcgiInstallation must be

Get the device ID in Windows Embedded

This document describes how to obtain the device ID under wince, including the definition, acquisition, and cache of the device ID in wince. It is not difficult to obtain the device ID under wince. You only need to simply call

Principle of Windows CE cross-process memory injection

Directory • Principle of Windows CE cross-process memory injection • I. Prerequisites for Program Implementation • 2. Basic principles of Program Implementation Edit the returned directory Principle of Windows CE

Windows application initialization process

Windows ApplicationsProgramThere must be an entry point function, which will be called when the application starts to run. C/C ++ developers can use the following two entry point functions: Int winapi _ twinmain (hinstance, hinstance, ptstr

Openfiledialog (): Upload & rewrite files in Windows

Dim Sfilename As   String   Dim Filebrowse As   New System. Windows. Forms. openfiledialog () ' Note that all this save dialog stuff is optional, but it is nicer than just an inputbox in your cases. Filebrowse.

Add command line parameters to Windows Services

1. First, add parameters to the main method of the service to determine if the parameter is "-s", then the service will run. Static   Void Main ( String [] ARGs){ // Running Service If (ARGs [ 0 ]. Tolower () =   "

Windows Printer Driver Development Notes (1)

In Windows, a printer driver is used to write a set of interfaces. Application ProgramThe calling of the GDI function will become the corresponding DDI function. The interface provided by the printer driver is responsible for converting the DDI

Keyboard: "Windows Cannot initialize the device driver of this hardware. (Code 37 )"

One day, I started my laptop and found that the keyboard was unavailable. Start to think that the keyboard is broken, restart and start, as soon as you can see into the bios, the keys are normal. Then restart and enter the system. Check the Device

Dynamic Loading of Windows CE downstream drivers

Embedded online favorites | print I think many wince developers, especially those who are just getting started with driver development, have encountered such a problem and want to write a driver for the peripheral device, taking the simplest gpio

Windows Printer Driver Development notes (2)

This section describes how to write rendering plug-ins. This plug-in is a COM component and needs to provide the system with a COM component of ipr1_emuni2 interface. The important functions are:1. enabledriver2. disabledriverRegister an array

Solutions for forgetting the Windows XP Password

Today, I forgot my password for Windows XP on the useless Virtual Machine for a long time. I searched the internet and finally found the solution. The method is as follows: 1) log on to the fault recovery console on the installation disc of Windows

Port ing is also available on Windows Firewall.

Port ing can be set on the vro and on the proxy server. In fact, the firewall of Windows Server 2003/XP/2000 also supports port ing. Assume that the IP address of the computer for port ing is Complete the ing of port 80 of

Customize Windows CE user interface

For the original msdn text, refer to link:Http:// Url =/library/en-US/dnembedded/html/embedded04022002.asp    Windows CE. NET provides the ability to customize user interfaces for your embedded design. Such

Install Apache-based SVN server (including SSL configuration) in Windows )[

Modification history: V0.1 2006-08-06 Add SSL configuration to v0.2 2006-09-10 V0.21 fixed an error in 2.3 configuration (reported by blair1978) V0.23 add two necessary files in Attachment 1. Otherwise, the SSL certificate cannot be created. Fixed a

Windows USB driver development experience)

With the increasing of USB devices, development of USB driver is becoming more and more important in embedded development. Windows CE's support for USB 2.0 is a huge boost to this wave of new technologies. The author of this article analyzes his own

Windows Process Switching Test

Compile a test.exe file. In the context of this process, the kernel is disconnected. Kd>! Process 0 1 test.exePROCESS 83c74d60 SessionId: 0 Cid: 0360 Peb: 7ffdf000 ParentCid: 035cDirBase: 14360000 ObjectTable: 83c8b7e8 TableSize: 18.Image:

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