Windows azure was officially opened in next January

Because I registered windows azure CTP, I received an email from Windows azure team early this morning, introducing that Windows azure was officially opened in next January. starting from January 1, next February, all previous CTP users started

How to use modem to connect two Windows XP Models

Use a modem to connect two Windows XP computers. The following conditions must be met: L two computers with modem installed and modem driversProgramNormal Installation L two independent telephone lines (two different phone numbers) L configure

Ulimit changes when Domino is running on non-Windows Platforms

When running domino in Linux/Unix systems, it will go down without any reason and no NSD logs will be generated. In this case, log on to the system as a root user and enter the following command: Show Source 1 Ulimit -N   Check the value

0201. Install Domino r8.0.x for Windows

Environment requirements See01. system environment requirements configuration table Preparations  Installation Process ). select server service Installation media, run setup . EXE B

[Released] clouderacms: Open-Source CMS Based on Windows azure

Azure services platform is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Windows Azure is one of the most important parts of the Platform. Clouderacms is the first open-source CMS system developed and deployed based on azure technology. If you are not

[Azure services platform step by step-12th] implement windows azure chat room-use table Storage

In [azure services platform step by step-9th] windows azure storage overview, we have discussed the role and features of table Storage. This article uses a simple chat room as an example to demonstrate how to useCode, Directly store the C # entity

Windows SDK (Jan) Installation Problems

1. When installing RTC, an error occurs, but you can continue. Later, search learned that the possible cause was that EventLog was full. Clear EventLog and the installation will be normal. 2. When installing the SDK, The w32exception error will be

Conflict between WCF and IIS integrated Windows Authentication

I haven't been up for a long time. Recently, I jumped to a new company along with my old boss. I am working on a new dating project. Today I have finished my work. I would like to share a tips on WCF, as the project In many cases, jquery + WCF is

[Azure services platform step by step-7th] Do not use Windows azure as a virtual host-understand the Windows azure Service Architecture

Recently, a friend asked me if windows Azure is an ASP. NET application officially provided by Microsoft.ProgramVirtual Host? His specific understanding is as follows: Windows azure provides ASP. NET application hosting, and "cloud computing" is

[Azure services platform step by step-9th] windows azure storage Overview

ArticleDirectory Windows azure blob Windows azure table Windows azure queue Important differences between Windows azure table and SQL data services: In the first article in this series, [azure services platform step by step-1

Windows Mobile 5.0 released!

Windows Mobile will no longer be called Windows Mobile 200x, but will be renamed Windows Mobile 5.0. Other new features of Windows Mobile 5.0 include: 1. New office software package: Word mobile, PowerPoint mobile viewer, and Excel mobile 2.

[Azure services platform step by step-11th] windows azure Lanzhou noodle shop-Use of logs and queues

In article 9th, I compared the Windows azure environment to "Azure Lanzhou noodle shop" for your convenience ". In this article, we will continue to use this metaphor to talk about the use of queues and logs in Windows azure.   Queue StorageAs

Windows rails2.0.2 installation tutorial

ArticleDirectory 1. Download the ruby installation package Ii. Run the installation package 3. Install rails using gem 4. Install the sqlite3-ruby package 5. Download The SQLite Library 6. Run rails2.0.2 Rails2.0.2

Calling DLL routines from LotusScript. Part I: Windows API

Domino/Notes version: 4.x and higherPlatform: Windows 95, 98, NT 4 Like me, you probably find LotusScript just cannot do everything you want at times. after seeing the article titled "changing drivers on the road" in the February 1998 Lotus Notes &

Configure Lotus Domino to use a third-party ca-Microsoft Windows ca

Introduction:This article describes how to configure a digital certificate provided by a third-party CA in Lotus Domino for SSL login on the Domino Web page, and how to use a third-party CA digital certificate for signature and encryption when

If Windows is no longer available

If Windows is no longer available, will those vendors that claim to be cutting Microsoft still survive? Every day, they say that Windows has many disadvantages, but no vendor feels that their products no longer support Windows.   Microsoft

Tips for closing windows in WinForm (1 of n)

This article describes how to add "window close Tips. When running the program, you can click the Red Cross in the upper right corner to Close a form. You can also call the Close () method of the form to Close the form. If you want to provide a

Windows startup sequence details

This article describes in detail the startup sequence of the windows operating system to facilitate IT practitioners to analyze and solve windows Startup problems. The windows startup process includes the following phases:Start self-check phase In

Maximum number of TCP connections per host in Windows

During Socket programming, we often ask how many TCP connections can be established on a single machine at most. This article describes how to adjust system parameters to adjust the maximum number of TCP connections on a single machine. In Windows,

How to run desktop applications under Windows 7 as Administrator

To enhance security, the operating systems of Vista and Windows 7 have added the UAC (User Account Control) mechanism. If UAC is enabled, even if the user logs on as administrator, by default, its applications cannot perform write operations on

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