44. Windows Driver Model notes (2)

FigureDisplaySource image2-13Driver_object Data Structure I/O manager driverProgramEach device driver, as shown in Figure 2-13. Like many data structures we will discuss, driver objects are partially opaque. This means that although the entire

46. Windows Driver Model note (4), exception

1. Summary of kernel-mode support routines Http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff563889%28VS.85%29.aspx Never use a side-effect expression in the parameters of the kernel-mode service function. 2. Exceptions Directly

Install stardict in Windows

Ftp://clooo.5gbfree.com/Tech stardict in windows.pdf Download PDF Install stardict in WindowsFirst known about the starship translation king Program It is also known in Wang Yin's article "working with Linux completely". It has been used on FreeBSD

18. Windows API graphical user interface (2)

I. Basic Concepts 1. Message-driven Windows systems. When a user operates the input device and causes hardware interruption, the system kernel receives the hardware interruption, and the hardware becomes a message after complicated

19. Windows API system information

I. Basic Concepts GEtversionex Getsysteminfo Getwindowsdirectory GetsystemDirectory Getting system information[2] Time[3] Registry[4 ~ 6, 1: p291] Example: traverse subkeys and key values Ii.

22. Windows API Process Communication and clipboard (Clipboard)

The clipboard is defined by the system and does not belong to any specific process. All processes in the system can access and set the clipboard. Compilation of many texts with the "copy" and "Paste" FunctionsProgramAll operations are performed

11. Windows API Memory Management (1)

1. Related Concepts 1. Memory primary storageProgramMachines required for runningCodeAnd data. The minimum memory unit is byte. Each byte in the memory has an address. In a 32-bit system, the 32-bit number is used to represent the

12. Windows API Memory Management (2)

4. process memory space 1)Implementation of Virtual process address space In Windows, each process has a private virtual address space. The system needs to map the virtual address of each process to the physical memory address. To

Why I still use Windows 95

From: www.andrew-turnbull.net/tech/windows95.html [The Andrew Turnbull web journal] Low bandwidth version Why I still use Windows 95 The operating system I currently use on my primary computer is Windows 95 osr2. Furthermore, not only do I use

34. Install and set Windows API programs

Windows has two mainstreamProgramInstallation Technology: Compile the setup.exe file, read the INF configuration file during program installation, release the files stored in the cab file to the specified location, and set the environment. The

24. Windows API inter-process communication and other inter-process communication modes

1. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Network Dynamic Data Exchange (ndde) [1, 2] DDE may be the most powerful communication method between processes, and its implementation is also very complicated. The two ends of the communication are

13. Windows API memory management (3)

Ii. Heap Management The memory allocated by the user's memory allocation function is in the heap. Therefore, using the heap management function to allocate and release the memory is the most direct method. In Windows, each process has

Windows API Device Driver Management and kernel Communication

For more information about the driver and kernel, see [2. Here is a brief description. ApplicationProgramYou can add the device driver to the kernel. You can send a request to a device driver that has been loaded, control the request, or

16. Windows API Service

I. Basic Concepts 1. A service is in the systemResidentProgramThe service can be automatically started at system startup (prior to user logon ). When an application needs to be resident in the system or provide services to other

17. Windows API graphical user interface (1)

I. Basic Concepts Windows user interface is divided into two parts:Character graphical interface and graphical user interface. The character graphic interface is relatively simple. Its main content includes how to read user input on the interface

9. Windows development environment overview

I. Compilation options Batch construction with nmakeProgram; Makefile is the nmake configuration file. The VC compilation process is as follows: For more information about compilation options, see [1], [2, 27 ~ 38]. VC\

8. Windows API Overview

I. Functions of Windows APIs 1. Basic System Services File System: File Operations, disk volume management, etc. Memory Management: memory allocation, and paging. Processes, threads, and modules Device Io, DriverProgramControl Debugging

37. Other related principles and precautions for Windows APIs

1. The maximum difference between a 64-bit operating system and a 32-bit operating system is the size of the addressing space. A 32-bit operating system uses 32-bit data to represent the memory address, so there is 232 (4 GB) the 64-bit operating

49. Windows Driver Model Design Notes (7), IRP

I. IRP The mdladdress (pmdl) domain points to a memory Descriptor Table (MDL), which describes a user mode buffer associated with the request. If the flags field of the top-level device object is do_direct_io, the I/O manager is irp_mj_read

43. Windows Driver Model notes (1)

1. Generally, the driverProgramI/O requests should be processed asynchronously in the context of some unpredictable threads. We use the term arbitrary thread context to describe the context on which the driver does not know (or care about) the

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