Download Windows 8 Developer Preview and simplified Chinese Language Pack

Microsoft has just revised its Windows Developer Center and released the Developer Preview for Windows 8. You can download and install it as you like. This release of Developer PreviewOnly a Windows 8 pre-test version for developers, May change

How to get the true meaning of Windows 7 aero special effects theme

A member of the Windows 7 desktop team disclosed to the media the true meaning of the Windows 7 aero topic. Aero functions, including Windows Vista, are composed of three parts: aero shake, aero snap, and aero peek. Aero represents four kinds of

What is Windows RT?

Windows RT (winrt) is a new member of the Windows 8 family, which is also the official name of Windows on ARM (woa. Windows RT focuses on the ARM platform and is not sold independently. It is released only in pre-installed mode. Windows RT includes

Windows 7 topic package: aero pure 0.2 is more like Win8

This topic package for Windows 7 is a previous Windows 8A mod version of the aero topic package (modified version). Before that, we sent a Windows 8 aero 1.2 win7 topic package made by velix94, aero pure 0.2The author eradezign has made many

How to install Windows 8 to skip the key

Currently, we can download msdn Win8 from the Internet. Unlike the previous Windows installation, the product key must be entered during Windows 8 installation (excluding the Enterprise Edition ). In fact, we only need to make some adjustments to

Subversion server Windows Installation Guide

Subversion and tortoisesvn download to its official website: Note: If you want to use the tortoisesvn Chinese interface, you also need to download the language installation package. If you only use it on a local computer

Supports keyboard simulation of DirectX input and Windows message.

[Transfer]   Simulating Keyboard Events:   Sendinput () Is the function to use if DirectX applications need to receive the simulated Keyboard

Build and configure a Subversion server in Windows

1Software Download Download the Subversion serverProgram. Download binary installer to, Windows partial download, downloaded collabnetsubversion-server-1.5.4-1.win32.exe.

Capture windows keyboard movements with keyboard hooks

Introduction In scientific research and production, records of R & D and debugging operations are very necessary and valuable. Through the analysis of recorded information, we can accurately analyze the cause of the accident, whether there are

Experience in solving windows program interface flash Problems

Generally, complex Windows interfaces require multi-layer windows and textures for beautification. Therefore, it is inevitable that the window will flash when moving or changing the size. Let's talk about the causes of flickering. Cause 1:If you

Windows 8 official theme six bursts

Forests panoramic is a special topic released by Microsoft for Windows 8/Windows RT. After this topic is installed, the system automatically adjusts the window color as the wallpaper color. Forest contains 8 desktop wallpapers with a resolution of

Delphi captures full screen images, game windows, and game client windows

The following screenshots are from the Internet. Function dlgetdesktoprect (nleft, ntop, nwidth, nheight: integer; pixel: tpixelformat): tbitmap;VaRDcdesk: HDC;BMP: tbitmap;BeginBMP: = tbitmap. Create;BMP. pixelformat: = pixel;BMP. Width: =

Searching and controlling game windows in Delphi

Find the game window Procedure findgamewindow;VaRH: thandle;Buf: array [0 .. 255] of char;BeginFillchar (BUF, sizeof (BUF), 0 );H: = getforegroundwindow ();While (H <> 0) DoBeginGetwindowtext (H, Buf, 255 );If (ansicontainsstr (BUF, 'game title

Detailed description and comparison of functions of various versions of Windows 8 [Chinese text table]

Features Windows RT Windows 8 core Windows 8 Pro Windows 8 Enterprise Compared with existing windowsProgramCompatible None Yes Yes Yes Purchase Channel Pre-installed on the device Most

Ebook download: Professional Windows 7 Development Guide

Book DescriptionEverything you need to immediately get the most from Windows 7 This essential and unique book delves into the various elements that Microsoft fixed from Vista and investigates the new features that Microsoft added in response to

Windows 7 system shortcut key summary

Windows the shortcut key function of the Operating System is actually very powerful, however, it is estimated that the vast majority of users will only use a few of the key combinations, and Microsoft carefully designed the system's shortcut key

Use Windows API to get and change the current display settings

# Include # Include # Include Void main (){Devmode, oldmode;Enumdisplaysettings (null, enum_current_settings, & devmode );Zeromemory (& oldmode, sizeof (devmode ));Copymemory (& oldmode, & devmode, sizeof (devmode ));Printf ("bitsperpel: % d \ n",

Windows pipe Communication

in windows, the IPC (inter-process communication) mechanism mainly involves asynchronous pipelines and named pipelines. (Other IPC methods, such as memory ing and mail slot, will not be described here) pipeline (PIPE) is the shared memory area used

Download ebook: Windows 7 Device Driver

Book DescriptionThe first authoritative guide to writing robust, high-performance Windows 7 Device Drivers Windows 7 Device DriverBrings together all the information experienced programmers need to build predictionally reliable, high-performance

Windows Anonymous pipeline reads sub-process output

      // Prepare pipe handles for standard output redirection       Security_attributes saattr;       // Set the binherithandle flag so pipe handles are inherited.       Saattr. nlength = sizeof (security_attributes );      

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