Windows Printer Driver Development Notes (1)

In Windows, a printer driver is used to write a set of interfaces. Application ProgramThe calling of the GDI function will become the corresponding DDI function. The interface provided by the printer driver is responsible for converting the DDI

Windows Printer Driver Development notes (2)

This section describes how to write rendering plug-ins. This plug-in is a COM component and needs to provide the system with a COM component of ipr1_emuni2 interface. The important functions are:1. enabledriver2. disabledriverRegister an array

[Memory] [posting] Find the pool allocation process for Windows 2000/XP

WebSphere ( Driver writers, the most annoying thing is the use of various memory buffers (when talking about buffers, you may also think of concepts such as MDL, in fact, MDL only organizes the page frame number of the

Windows File System driver programming links

Title: Windows File System driverProgramProgramming links Maintenance: Small four Link: /~ SCZ/resource/200402112302.txtCreated:Updated: --If you have recommended, please send a letter to the a lot of advice, thank you.--

In different Windows versions, winform keeps the window size and controls unchanged.

Because different versions of Windows (such as XP and win7) have different default font sizes for different character sets of windowsProgramThe form to another environment will become larger or smaller, and the control is not arranged neatly.

Administrator privilege in Windows 7

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [Hkey_classes_root \ * \ Shell \ RunAs] @ = " The Administrator obtains ownership. " " Noworkingdirectory " = "" [Hkey_classes_root \ * \ Shell \ RunAs \ command] @ = " Cmd.exe/C takeown/f \ "% 1 \" &

Windows: get http header of a Web page using telnet

You can see the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) header from a web site using the standard telnet program that comes with windows. for example, to see the header from the root page of the Microsoft Web site, do these steps: Start a DOS command

OpenSSL source code is compiled in windows and OpenSSL Windows installation files

Install OpenSSL in windows today.Prerequisites: VC ++ 6.0 is installed (the tool is used for configuration)Resource:Openssl-0.9.8eActivePerl- Preparation: download and install Perl, unzip the openssl-0.9.8e2.

Windows window style

Window StyleIt is one of the important foundations of various window development. It can be divided into common styles (WS _Series) and extended style (Ws_ex _Series ). From its characteristics, it is mainly divided into two categories: 1.One

Use Emacs + cs.pdf in Windows

1. First, go to msys-shell and set the system variable home. 2. Run to generate cscope. Files. There are two methods: A) Find-INAME '*. [CH]'-o-iname' *. [CH] PP '> cs.pdf. Files B) download the cscope-indexer

Basic Windows Data Types (Part 1)

Data types used by Windows Corresponding Basic Data Type Description Bool Bool Boolean Value BSTR Unsigned short * 32-bit character pointer Byte Unsigned char 8-bit unsigned

How to solve Chinese garbled characters in Windows Console

Sometimes Chinese characters are garbled in the Windows console. If the console executes Chinese characters at this time, the expected results will not be achieved. The reason for garbled characters varies with the actual situation. Solution① Open

Windows Shutdown Process Analysis and quick Shutdown

Windows boot and shutdown are slow, and many times slow. Especially during embedded development (such as xpe and wince), no one can tolerate the snail speed of the developed device on/off. So we have to accelerate it for her. Using horm is a good

Windows form multi-thread UI Update (interface control)

Method 1: update a single control: Public Delegate Void Controltextmethod (Control, String Text ); Private Void Setcontroltext (Control, String Text) { If ( This . Invokerequired) { Controltextmethod = New Controltextmethod

Windows temporary file functions

GettemppathFunction prototype:DWORD gettemppath ( DWORDCcbuffer, Lptstr Lpszbuffer);Gettempfilename: generate or create a temporary fileFunction prototype:Uint gettempfilename ( LpctstrLppathname, LpctstrLpprefixstring, UintUunique,

In Windows, the PDPs and PTE

As the pointer (physical address) of the apsaradb for RDS table, the actual IP address is c0300000 (c0600000 in XP ). Experiment: view the physical address corresponding to the 0x80000000 virtual address.ViewKd> DD/P 800 + (viewed in physical

Windows performance Timer

Large_integerLarge_integer is union, which indicates a 64-bit signed integer. Other definitions are as follows: View code Typedef union _ large_integer {Struct{DWORD lowpart;Long highpart;};Longlong quadpart;} Large_integer; If you have a

Enable or disable the Windows Firewall port by modifying the Registry

Modify the Registry to enable or disable the Windows Firewall port. Take Remote Desktop port 3389 as an example: Setport. bat @ Echo offSet Ts = "HKLM \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Terminal Server"Set list = "HKLM \ System \

Windows Process Switching Test

Compile a test.exe file. In the context of this process, the kernel is disconnected. Kd>! Process 0 1 test.exePROCESS 83c74d60 SessionId: 0 Cid: 0360 Peb: 7ffdf000 ParentCid: 035cDirBase: 14360000 ObjectTable: 83c8b7e8 TableSize: 18.Image:

Mutual time conversion in Windows Programming

Local time (LocalTime) to UTC time (Time_t format)View Code # Include # Include # Include # Include Long GetLongTimeByStrInC (char * strTime){If (strTime = NULL)Return 0;Char years [5] = {""}, month [3] = {""}, day [3] = {""},\Hour [3] = {""},

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