I can use the cartoon program in Windows 8.

In the past few days, I took the time to complete the cartoon watching program that I wrote half of it. The basic functions are still done, but they are still relatively thin and can be further enhanced in many places. I feel that the

Development of Windows Mobile program environment Configuration

Develop Windows Mobile ProgramEnvironment Configuration: (1 ). Install the vs2005 software. vs2005 and vs2003 can be installed in the same system, but you must set them in IIS when running the program. The setting method is as follows: website --

I think Windows Mobile Data Synchronization Solution

It seems that it has been another period of time before the previous blog, and this period of time should be a struggle. It took nearly three weeks from the process of searching for synchronization errors to using new solutions, I think it is

Windows Mobile 6.0 (1)

Download the following resources: InArticleProvided in: Http://www.cnblogs.com/upto/archive/2007/03/02/download-wm6-sdks.html Windows Mobile 6.0 provides two sdks, corresponding to the original PPC and smartphone respectively. When

Windows Mobile 5.0 (2)

Before developing a mobile Web site, make the following preparations: 1. Confirm that IIS can be started normally. 2. vs2005 can create a web site normally in http mode. 3. There must be at least one simulator, Pocket PC, smartphone, and

Windows Mobile 5.0 (4)-Mobile Application Deployment

MobileProgramDeployment: deploy the self-developed mobile winform program to the device. Create a new project. The system time is displayed after the program is started.

Windows updates downloader

  The post shown on the driver's home makes it easy to reinstall the system, so that it is not updated every time. What's worse is that. NET Framework 2.0 is also needed. Fortunately, vs2005 is installed on my computer, and these problems are

Windows Mobile 6 SDK officially released!

The start testing on Windows Mobile 6 today by downloading the Windows Mobile 6 sdks notification was sent to the Windows Mobile Developer Center before going to bed last night (one o'clock! This morning, I went to the company and checked it out

The device emulator 2.0 in the Windows Mobile 6 SDK

Device simulators have always been mobile applicationsProgramAn important tool in development. We can test applications in the simulator without using real devices, making development easier and faster, with less cost. The new version of device

GPS tool in Windows Mobile 6 SDK

GPS intermediate driver Since the introduction of GPS intermediate driver (GPS intermediate driver) in Windows Mobile 5.0Program(Gpsid), it is much easier to develop a Windows Mobile Application Based on GPS (global positioning system. The reason

Windows Mobile Database Problems

[Original] Application of SQL Server mobile in WM (C #) SQL Server mobile is from SQL Server 2005 Function One, the following introduces SQL mobile Data Library creation...1. Start-> AllProgram -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005-> SQL Server

Finally, port the GTS in UNIX to Windows ~ Hard

Recently, we have consistently searched for a good library for Boolean operations on geometric entities, and found sgcore, which is small and exquisite but has special functions to charge. It is powerful and does not know how to use opencascade, GNU

Windows Forms Application multi-language support

Recently I have some ideas to study the application of languages that can be switched in real time and easily changed.Program, Search for some information on the Internet, and refer to the msdn documents to finally make a simple class for

Windows moblie database materials

Combined with the PDAs in the national dam basic database collection terminal developed several days ago Program The development process makes a summary of the Program on the smart device developed by vs2008. 1 program structureThe program

Release of cartoon watching program in Windows 8

After a period of use, I was quite satisfied. The offline browsing and category recommendation functions were also added. If you have any comments or suggestions during use, leave a message.     The basic browsing method is relatively simple:

Two questions about Windows Mobile 5.0

When I recently used Visual Studio. NET 2003 to develop the smart device project, I found that Windows Mobile 5.0 has two problems. The PDA is HP ipaq 2190. First problem: when cabwiz.exe is used to generate the cab installation package, the INF

Exercise: a Windows-like clearance game

It can be divided into simulated printing minefield and winform in the consoleProgram. Fortunately, I wanted to go onlineAlgorithmFor reference, I still had to endure it, and I was forced to squeeze it out. Haha, fortunately, it is purely

Windows Mobile development: creating databases and tables

Using system;Using system. Collections. Generic;Using system. componentmodel;Using system. Data;Using system. drawing;Using system. text;Using system. Windows. forms;Using system. Data. sqlclient;Using system. Data. sqlserverce;Using system.

Install and configure gtkmm for vs in Windows 7


In order to use the GTK + Library in Vs, I took a detour this afternoon and added the GTK + Library to vs2010. Finally, vs2008 is selected, and the result is successful. Now I want to share with you how I added the GTK + Library to vs2008. Why do

Identification of several special mouse events in Windows Applications

Windows Applications Program Recognition of several special mouse events in As a computer input device, the mouse becomes the standard configuration of the computer with the popularity of windows. In In Windows, mouse operations can generate more

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