Differences between administrator and administrators in Windows

The Administrator is a user, while the administrators is a user group (the "user" cannot be created on the computer if it is not a user ). Since it is a group, it is necessary to have members. By default, the former is a member of the latter. Of

Windows Programming _ 13 _ books that cannot afford to hurt

I recently learned Win32 programming with great concentration and found a set of books. As a result, I was not very hurt. I felt dizzy due to various kinds of internal injuries and suffered from poor English skills, level of English Well, I don't

Windows program design: Zero-Based Self-Learning _ 6 _ keyboard _-based keyboard processing

I don't know what happened to my education in China. One thing that happened to me two days ago left me speechless, it reminds me of the classic "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V" movie clips. Two days ago, a colleague of mine had a computer operating

Windows program design: Zero-Basic self-learning _ 7 _ timer usage

In Visual Basic, you can use the timer control to implement the timing function.ProgramThe design can also implement the timing function, By enabling the timer object, you can implement the timer function. Use a simple exp to view the timer

Tsinghua University Press _ windows programming _ Fang min _ deficiency _ 3

This week, due to company events, I was very busy and uncomfortable. I was just powerless to learn. Now I really understood what the teacher or some friends who attended the work said: The university age is the golden age of learning. After this

Windows Programming _ 16_code editor _ Series 1

I have been learning Win32 APIs for some time. I have learned some entry-level windows programming skills through my own exploration. I went to Youku the other day. Read a section about WindowsProgramThe teacher in the design video tutorial said a

Windows Programming _ 17 _ mouse _ 1

Windows is not updated for a long timeProgramThe content of the design, today I read a section of Windows program design file operations, while remembering that the mouse operation has not been updated Text. Write a little text about the mouse.

Windows program design: Zero-Basic self-learning _ 2_windows program display and update _ wm_paint message

Previous ArticleArticleInside, I copied the classic writing of a WindowsProgramI have a little perceptual knowledge of Windows program design, but I still have a little understanding of the program design. So I need to continue to learn about it and

Windows program design: Zero-Basic self-learning _ 3_display and update of Windows program _ getting device content handle _ drawing display area during non-wm_paint message

After reading the books for a few days, I found that the book is too thick and more than 1600 pages. It is the thickest book I have read carefully, I don't know how the author and the translator stick to it. So many texts are written. I feel very

Tsinghua University Press _ windows programming _ Fang min _ deficiency _ 2

I wrote a text about this book, which attracted the attention of many people in the garden, and many people have more or less opinions on the books published today. There are both good and bad ones. In general, I still hope that the Chinese

Summary of passing values between Windows Forms

After passing values between Windows Forms, I have summarized four methods: global variables, attributes, form constructors, and delegate. The first global variable: This is the simplest. You only need to describe the variable as static. In form2

The old new thing-read windows programming revelation

By Fei Tian I recently read Raymond Chen'sThe old new thingChen is a Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft Windows. In general, this is a very valuable book. Its value is embodied in the detailed analysis of the Windows system-about windows, I

Deploy a Windows application containing Crystal Reports

Same for Web ApplicationsTo deploy an applicationProgramBefore creating a solution, you must create an installation project and add necessary merging modules to the application. Open the windows application.In Solution Explorer, right-click

Summary of installing and configuring the application in mysql5 decompressed windows

Summary of installing and configuring the application in mysql5 decompressed windows Note: This article summarizes the mysql-noinstall version, that is, the installation and configuration application of the decompressed version. These operations

From windows to fc8

It has been a long time since I first came into contact with Linux. This semester, due to team management and project reasons, I have neglected Linux. Recently, for various subjective and objective reasons, I decided to migrate all the major work

(Abstract) how to configure Windows Live writer

How to configure Windows Live writer 1. Select "weblog" from the menu, and then select "another weblog service ". 2. Enter the Homepage Address of your blog in the weblog homepage URL. 3. Enter the user name and password. 4. In "type of weblog that

Summary on installation of mysql5 in green windows

1. Download MySQL Http://www.mysql.org/downloads Ii. Installation Process 1. Decompress mysql-noinstall-5.0.45-win32.zip to a directory. Assume that Mysql_home = D: \ Dev \ mysql-5.0.45 2. Compile the MySQL running configuration file my.

Call the context menu function of a Windows Operating System

There are many components in the operating system that can call the functions of these components to integrate system functions into our software. Using these components can accomplish many tasks that we cannot imagine. When I was doing something

Windows program design: No-basics self-learning _ 5_gdi basics _ getting device content information

I don't know what's going on. Recently, the fire was so big that it was difficult to calm down and learn. It is very difficult for state-owned enterprises to fight hard, and they struggle all day in the form of swords and swords, and they are still

Windows program design: no basic self-study _ 5_gdi Basics

A few days ago, I learned about the message processing mechanism of Windows program design, followed by how to process wm_paint messages, and briefly discussed in Lesson 4th. The processing of the scroll bar is not very tired after work today, so I

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