Total: Non-public SMEs shall not unilaterally set wage standards

BEIJING, July 20 (Xinhua): China's non-public enterprise wage standards will be jointly agreed by enterprises and trade union representatives China's ACFTU 20th officially announced the "industry-related wage collective bargaining guidance."  According to this opinion, in the future when China's non-public-owned SMEs formulate their employees ' wage standards, the representatives of the enterprises shall negotiate with trade unions or local trade union representatives, and they cannot be formulated unilaterally by the enterprises. "Because of the small size of these enterprises, the low level of staff, the Organization of labor unions, in the collective bargaining wage, trade union cadres and workers have a ' dare not talk '" problem ...

China's heavy industry continues to suspend its board to review asset restructuring

Panorama Network May 23 China Heavy Industry (601989) Sunday Evening Notice said the company's shares will continue to suspend business, according to the progress of the work, the company will convene a board meeting to consider major asset reorganization related matters. China's heavy asset restructuring announcement of May 13, 2010, the company is planning major asset restructuring matters. According to the regulations, the company's stock has been suspended since May 6, 2010.

Huafeng Rob High 19% for half a year net profit doubled

Huafeng Group this morning, because the net profit of half a year by 1.07 times Times, a pan of 0.37 yuan, had robbed high 27.59%, the latest reported 0.345 Yuan, Rose 18.97%, turnover 8 million yuan. Huafeng announced that as of the end of March 2009, shareholders should account for 117 million yuan, 56.79 million yuan in the same period in 08 1.07 times times, earnings per share of 9.5 cents, no dividend, the period of turnover fell 14.55% to 325 million yuan.

PE rules for insurance industry to seek advice soon Life Insurance Co., Ltd. set up PE company

Insurance funds have been considered to be with VC and PE in the investment period of the most matching funds, but also VC and PE fund managers most favoured one of the sources of funding. Social Security Fund investment in PE opened after the taste of the sweetness, Dai said that will increase investment 3 to 5 PE institutions.  The entry of social security funds is of great significance to enrich the PE capital market and promote the standardization of fund management institutions, and the entry of commercial insurance funds will have a greater impact on the whole market. According to the latest data released July 20 by the CIRC, as at the end of June, the balance of funds used by insurance companies is 3.4 trillion yuan.

Golden Harvest: HK film box-office increase of 9% in the first half

"The newspaper" (reporter Chu Ting) jiahe Entertainment (1132) yesterday at the extraordinary general meeting by the change of company name of the motion, will be renamed Orange Day Jiahe Entertainment (group). Jiahe Entertainment in June to 80 million yuan (hereinafter) acquisition of the mainland film and television production company Orange Day Chihong. Chief Financial officer and executive director Chen Xieyan said after the acquisition of Jiahe will be more vigorously participate in the mainland film market, while expanding the mainland cinema business, but also into the field of film and television production and film Investment, is expected to participate in the capital of billions of production, on the one hand also seek low-cost and box office production investment, materials in the future every ...

Oil prices rebound in individual development CNOOC has played more than 1%

Oil prices rebounded, 3 Chinese-funded oil stocks individual development, pure upstream CNOOC (00883) has risen more than 1%, the current price of 9.3 yuan, 0.76%. Petrochemical dual-male development, PetroChina (00857) Current price 8.13 yuan, up 0.6%.  Sinopec (00386) Current price 5.46 yuan, down 1.3%. Oil prices have been supported by the fall in the dollar and the likely continued decline in U.S. crude oil stocks last week. New York's August oil is 69.24 dollars a barrel, up 1.74 dollars.

Vice Minister of Commerce meets Russian officials on major market events in Moscow

July 20, Vice minister of Commerce Gao with the Russian embassy in Beijing Chargé d ' affaires Morgulov, Russia to close the Moscow Cherkizovsky big market incident to Russia to inform the Russian side of the position, and make recommendations on the proper resolution of the incident. Gao points out that the Cherkizovsky market is the most concentrated market in Moscow and even in Russia. June 29, the Russian authorities suddenly ordered the closure of the market, not to reserve the handling of goods, clearing the booth time, resulting in a large number of Russian businessmen suffered great economic losses, at the same time, China's domestic thousands of affiliated export enterprises were affected. In the Russian-Chinese business and China ...

Gome's early offer continues to rise 4.76%

Gome 24th, the continuation of the rally, is now up 4.76%, a report of HK $1.98; Media disclosed that the company's Non-executive directors expect the parent company to inject assets as scheduled by the end of 2011, a good news price. Gome (00493) June 24 morning plate is up 4.76%, a report of HK $1.98, media disclosure company Non-executive director expected the parent company will be injected into the asset news, to boost stock price continued; The media quoted Mark Greaves, an independent non-executive director of Gome, as confident that after Bain invested in the stake, The parent company before the end of 2011.

Anta's national sports representative clothing sponsorship shares rose more than 6%

Anta (02020) has been awarded the National Sports representative clothing sponsorship contract for the next 4 years, the amount of sponsorship is the highest, the unit was built this morning, see 9.45 yuan, 6.3%.  The current price of 9.4 yuan, still rose 5.7%, a temporary transaction of more than 50 million yuan. Anta chief operating officer and executive director Rai announced yesterday in Hong Kong press conference, the company in 2009-2012 sponsored the Chinese sports delegation costumes, covering 11 international games, including this year in Hong Kong, the East Asian Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2012 London Olympic Games. Is the sponsorship of the scope of coverage and praise ...

The dollar was stabilized against the euro this morning.

The market is looking at the Fed's interest rate, the dollar fell 1.5% against the euro last night, the biggest decline in six weeks, stabilized this morning, the euro is now 1.4082 U.S. dollars, last night reported 1.4077 U.S. dollars, the dollar is now 95.43 yen, the New York late last night, the city reported 95.22 yen. The euro is now 134.38 yen and 134.04 yen last night.

Vader two high-margin new products in Hong Kong has risen nearly 7%

Vader (03331) yesterday announced the introduction of two new wet paper towel products in Hong Kong, the stock price this morning, see 4.23 Yuan, 6.8%.  The current price of 4.17 Yuan, still rose 5.3%, a temporary transaction of more than 5.6 million yuan. The company's chief financial officer, Zeng Sihao, said the new product will be more than 40% gross margin, will be vigorously promoted in the second half of the year, expected 3 years after the total income of 10%, and accounted for 15% of the market share.

Credit Suisse the worst time in the United States has been high ratings to run to win the big city

Gome (00493) announced in Monday, the introduction of private equity Bain shares and 100 shares for 18 shares, a total of not less than 3.24 billion yuan.  Credit Suisse believes that the company's cash-flow pressure has been greatly reduced, and the industry's fundamentals are improving, the United States to the worst of the time, so the rating from "Run to the city" to "run to win the big city", the target price from 0.35 yuan to 2 yuan.  Credit Suisse refers to the domestic real estate market has been active, coupled with "home appliances to the countryside" and "old for the new" to stimulate domestic demand policy, the mainland's sales of electrical goods or will appear higher than expected rebound. As the company will ...

Nanshan Aluminum holding shareholder extends restricted stock for 6 months

NetEase Financial February 21, Nanshan Aluminum 21st announced the announcement, said the acceptance of the holding shareholder Nanshan Group Co., Ltd. Commitment letter, Nanshan Group is committed to its holdings in the February 26 limit the expiration of 122 million shares of the limited sale conditions of the circulation of shares, since that date voluntarily continue to lock for 6 months. Nanshan Aluminum stocks recently, February 15 is more volume trading, as of 21st, the stock price closed at 10.78 yuan.

Most city property deals are higher

"According to Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, June 23," (reporter Wang Yebio) According to the China Index Institute of the latest monitoring, from June 15 to 21st, in the 32 large and medium-sized cities monitored by the national market, the number of cities with a chain increase of 21, about 2/3 of the monitoring cities, and in the 11 cities that fell on the chain,  Only 6 per cent of the chain fell more than 5%, not enough to monitor the number of cities by 1/5. It is also understood that in 10 of the cities focused on monitoring, the property market has risen by 5, respectively, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, the chain increase ...

Poly GCL 5% shen million materials stock price has a support of a highly-priced 3.58 yuan

Poly (03800-HK), which has invested a huge sum of HK $26.35 billion in the acquisition of polycrystalline silicon, has dropped significantly this morning, with shares falling 5.21% to HK $2.73 and 7.25 million shares.  But Wanguo published a new study, said the acquisition will be a strong support for the poly-GCL energy share price, giving a value of HK $3.58 per share, than the market premium of 31%. Wanguo refers to the 08-year 10 times-fold purchase price is more attractive, while polycrystalline silicon prices in 09 years experienced a deep decline, but that the price of polycrystalline silicon is close to the bottom, the latter is expected to stabilize, and ...

ZTE Rose 2% to Indonesian orders show UMTS development fast

ZTE shares, which were built this morning, have risen 1.69% to HK $27 and sold 178,000 shares, or are inspired by orders from Indonesia's largest operator.  The company announced that it had signed a GSM/UMTS construction contract with Telkomsel, Indonesia's largest operator, as its main supplier, but did not disclose details of the contract's amount and delivery date. Data show that Telkomsel is SingTel (Asia Pacific market second largest operator, after China Mobile) and Indonesia Telkom joint holding operator, in the Indonesian mobile market occupies ...

Hang Seng Index 45-point H-Shares high 31

This morning, the Hang Seng index opened 45 points, opened a report of 17,583 points, is now up 27 points, the H-share index is 31 points higher, reported 10,311 points, is up 38 points.  In blue-chip, the control (00005-HK) rose 0.08%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 0.47%, the new Ground (00016-HK) rose 0.79%, Long Real (00001-HK) did not rise, HKEx (00388-HK) rose 1.66%. H-Shares, the National longevity (02628-HK) fell 0.36%, ICBC (01398-HK) fell 0.19 ...

BYD Rose 1% But Morgan Stanley material positive has been reflected reiterated reduction

BYD opened a small 0.85% to HK $29.5 this morning, trading 50,000 shares.  Morgan Stanley issued a report saying it maintained its reduction rating, but raised its target price from HK $16.5 to HK $20.2, which still marked a 32% discount to market prices. Morgan Stanley refers to a 16.4%, 17% and 17.2% per cent increase in BYD's earnings forecast for the 09-11 fiscal year to reflect the more robust profitability of diesel-engined vehicles. But think the good news is already reflected in the stock price. After signing the car battery memo with Volkswagen, the car battery did not give the first 2010 years ago ...

CNOOC 1%uob to reaffirm bullish view

PetroChina's petrochemical industry opened a small 0.75% to HK $4.05 this morning, closing 1.35 million shares.  UOB, a report by UOB, said it maintained the buying rating of the unit, with a target price of HK $4.8 to HK $6, which would raise the target price/earnings ratio for fiscal year 2010 from 12 times to 15 times times, at a price premium of 48%. UOB that the profit forecast for the CNOOC 2009-2011 fiscal year remains unchanged. Still bullish on the stock, as the company's lower costs will allow it to cross domestic fertiliser and methanol in two industries. At the same time the stock valuation is lower than the same, the current value of the stock is equivalent to 10 ...

The net profit doubled in the middle of Huafeng rose more than 27%

Huafeng Group (00364) in the medium term net profit doubled, this morning the stock price made good, brilliant advice 0.37 yuan, 27.59%.  The current price of 0.345 yuan, rose 18.97%, the provisional transaction over 3.7 million yuan. Huafeng's net profit for the medium term ended March 31, 09 was 117 million yuan, an increase of 106.86% and no interim interest.

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