The parties scramble for private money 260 billion withdraw from the housing market to seek a place

According to the Sino-house letter to the survey of more than 1000 tens billionaires, starting last September or October, an estimated 260 billion yuan to withdraw from the housing market.  But in the era of full inflation, the direction of capital is the main problem. All kinds of signs show that private money is looking for exports everywhere.  In the housing market constraints, the parties have begun the competition for private capital. A person from Shanxi just came back from the industry told reporters, including the days run Fuk Hee Avenue, Landscape Garden Group Project, in the city of the Square, Tang International Plaza and Hong Kong and other parties to the building ...

Hong Kong exchange has dropped 1.65% Macquarie to maintain a major market rating

The Hong Kong exchange has dropped 1.65% to HK $125.3 in the afternoon of 8th, while Macquarie maintained the stock market rating, dragging down the price shock. HKEx (00388) is down 1.65% in the afternoon of June 8. At HK $125.3, Macquarie maintained the market rating of the Hong Kong exchange, which put the stock price under pressure, and Macquarie also questioned the viability of the trading volume, but set the target price from HK $75 to 40% to HK $105, and raised the HKEx 2010 , the 20,112-year profit forecast rose 12% and 5% respectively, the 2010 profit forecast is now higher than the city ...

Hang Seng index down 426 points 18253

The index turned a day in the afternoon and closed down 426 points, closing at 18,253 points, or 2.28%, and 73.7 billion in the big city.  The state-owned enterprise index fell 194 points, at 10,668, or 1.79%. Local stocks are underperforming. Blue-chip property stocks fared the worst. Hong Kong banks ' shares fell almost across the line, with HSBC holding a 2.66% per cent fall, independently contributing 70 points. CNOOC, PetroChina performance is poor. The BDI index is dragging down shipping stocks. Merchants in the afternoon led blue-chip. China Ocean fell 5.75%. Foxconn also weakened in the afternoon. Chinese bank shares support ...

HSI fell 56 points at 18,544

Expert online Real-time answer >> point this entry period refers to the settlement date of the index no direction, early trading narrow range shocks, half a day down 56 points, close to 18,544 points, 0.3%, the big city deal only 27.151 billion Hong Kong dollar, the index of state-owned enterprises fell 41 points, 10,996 points, the decline 0.38%. Property stocks in both places are well synchronized. Internal housing stock leading China overseas development and resources to lead the rise. Bank shares a slight strength, CCB, BOC performance better. Citic Pacific rose 5.5% led blue-chip. Or the East Airlines rights issue successfully stimulated, the Chinese aviation stock trend is strong. Retail stocks ...

Long record of the police shares fell more than 10%

Dragon Kee Group (00255), which is expected to have a significant decline in earnings for the six months ended June 30, 09, was under pressure this morning with a low of 2.5 yuan and a 10.07% per cent drop.  Current 2.57 yuan, down 7.55%, but the deal is quiet, only 280,000 yuan. The company pointed to a decline in profits, mainly because of the global economic slowdown triggered by the financial tsunami, and shrinking demand, which led to lower orders for its customers, resulting in lower revenues.

HK CTS to boost 2% by acquisitions

The earlier sale of 13 mainland travel agencies to the parent company for the first time in Hong Kong, which was proposed to repurchase after its integration, was built in the morning against the market, with a half price of 2.33% to HK $1.76, 9.92 million shares, or an acquisition to promote the extension of the industrial chain. According to the Oriental Daily reported that the CTS is purchasing a number of hotels and tourist attractions, the second half of the year is expected to implement some of the acquisition, long-term planning to become involved in tourism insurance and financial and other related businesses. There are comments that the acquisition can help the CTS to develop one-stop tourism business and inject new elements into the company's growth.

20 million euros to buy French es company

Fred shares (300049) the company's board of Directors March 9 considered the adoption of a bill on the acquisition of 100% per cent of the French Echosens SA Company and approved the agreement on the sale and purchase of shares, agreeing to use over $20 million to acquire 100% per cent of ES companies, according to the announcement on the evening of March 13. Responsible Editor: NF007

Hong Kong stocks have fallen more than 2% per cent after the first rise and return to HKEx

Hong Kong stocks first rose and then returned, and the HKEx (00388) first Rose and then fell, and saw a low of $124.1, down more than 2%. The current price of 124.7 yuan, down 1.58%, a provisional transaction of 300 million yuan. The first paragraph had risen 0.63% to $127.5.

China home purchase surplus police rebound first

Investment in Chinese property (00736) The sale of Shanghai commercial property recorded a net loss, at the same time, the Hong Kong surplus police, the first to recover this morning, the stock price fell after the rebound, the first paragraph fell more than 9% to 0.118 yuan, and then rebounded more than 5% to 0.137 yuan.  The current price is 0.131 yuan, an increase of 0.77% and a provisional turnover of more than $2.8 million.  The company announced that the sale of a commercial unit in Lanxi Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, one floor and the first floor, the cost of 40 million yuan (45.45 million yuan), the material sales will record a net loss, the company's net assets will be reduced by 63.33 million yuan. Company expects up to 09 ...

Hang Seng Index half a 138 point move reverse city strength

Early trading under pressure from real estate stocks and bank shares, the decline was once more than 400 points, half of the time narrowed to 138 points, closed to 18,551 points, a decrease of 0.74%, the big city Half-day deal 40.3 billion.  The state-owned enterprise index fell 41 points, at 10,821, or 0.38%. Mobile early start made good, half a 2.58%, led blue-chip up. The rebound in Chinese banking stocks and the narrowing of the decline in the Exchange Control index. Property stocks remain weak.

CNOOC Falls 2% Citigroup refers to high valuations reaffirm selling

International crude oil prices below 70 U.S. dollars/barrel pass, CNOOC slightly weakened this morning, the share price fell 1.92% to HK $9.72, 55.13 million shares.  Citigroup issued a report saying it maintained the unit's sales rating, but increased its target price from HK $7.4 to HK $8.8, which is still at a discount of 9% per cent from market prices as the price is expected to be higher. Citi said CNOOC was considered a high-quality oil exploration and development company, taking into account strong forecasts for output growth and outstanding cost controls, and increased its profit forecast for fiscal year 2009 by 24%. But it is thought to be on the high side.

New placing of China water industry after the first old post

China Water Industry Group has applied for suspension of business in the morning pending publication of the company's announcement on the new placement of the former. The unit closed at 0.36 yuan in Friday.

Wu Xiaobo: China's economic recovery key to Chinese manufacturing and real estate

Today, the blue Lion of the Humanities and Finance Lecture hall yesterday, Wu Xiaobo gave the inflation "prescription" in 10 years to put money in the property of the safest Lecturer business Card Wu Xiaobo was born in 1968, is now serving the Oriental morning newspaper. He also has several identities: Harvard University visiting scholar, "Blue Lion" financial book publisher. He wrote the "great defeat" sales of millions of million, was named "Impact on China's business community," one of 20 books. His masterpiece "30 Years of agitation" has set off a reading frenzy; Over the years, Wu Xiaobo won the "News of the annual Financial Books Award", The Chinese Book Review Association, "The Ten Books of the Year" and other awards ...

The proposed issue of the CB 60 million Hao Lun Sheng 9.8%

Hao Lennonco (01073.  HK) intends to use the 70 cents per share of the securities by Chun-yi, more than 15% before the suspension, and make every effort to allocate 42.9 million new shares and this amount of 29.97 million 2-year-period CB (for 3% cents) to raise funds for operation. This morning, the unit returned 9.8% to $0.9 (just January 9 and February 4 high), and the transaction increased to 1.56 million shares, the largest in 5 months.

China shipping up 4% to win high praise

Earlier in April, China Sea freight, which has been raised by one-fold on major routes such as Asia-Europe and Trans-Pacific, was significantly better under the latest tariff hike, with H shares now up 4.29% to 2.19 Hong Kong dollars, winning the same trade and trading 134 million shares. China Shipping A Shares (601866-CN) is also rising 3.17% to 4.56 yuan. The company's managing director, Huang Xiaowen, recently said that, despite the weakness of demand, it plans to increase the 20-foot container transport price of Europe and Asia by up to 300 U.S. dollars per month from July 1, and will be the unit container transport rate for Asia to South America.

Standard Chartered fell 1.87%, Morgan Stanley maintained a big city rating

Standard Chartered Group (02888-HK) fell by 1.87% in half a half-day, reported HK $146.90, a deal of HK $37.7785 million, and the stock index fell 0.3% in the early trading market. Morgan Stanley, which maintained the stock's market rating, raised its target price by 44% per cent to HK $115, but still far below current prices. The bank said although the profit forecast for the two-year period will be increased by 35% and 17% to $1.53 and USD 0.81 for the Standard Chartered Business Report, it means that the earnings and earnings of the company are in line with the external (excluding Morgan Stanley) views, but the quality of business and consumer credit (...

A Buy is a whole layer of speculation and then into Beijing

Into the summer solstice, the capital temperature rising, the same continued heating up the property market in Beijing.  The large admission of professional investors, especially foreign speculators, is clearly one of the motivations behind the sharp rebound in house prices. Foreign spender a Buy is a whole layer "Last week we launched a 400 sets of houses, before the opening price set at 18,000 to 20,000 yuan per square metre, two days on a sale and empty, a lot of people in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places to buy the accent is a layer."  "In a real estate near the third ring road in North Beijing, a sales officer told reporters." Some of the more high-end projects are also sought after by investors ...

Li Yizhong: Small and medium-sized Enterprises create nearly 60% of China's total economy

--> Xinhua Beijing, June 8, according to the National Ministry of Information, Ministry of Industry, Minister Li Yizhong said 6th, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 99% of the total number of enterprises in China, creating nearly 60% of China's economic total, nearly half of the tax revenue, providing nearly 80% of the jobs,  Under the severe situation that the international financial crisis continues to deepen, it is of great significance to accelerate the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote economic growth and increase revenue. June 2009, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science, Finance, the People's Bank, China Banking Supervision and management.

Chuan Heng Ding to organize 1 billion RMB loan

Market news means that Heng Ding (01393.HK) for the acquisition of coal reserves and capital expenditure, is preparing 1 billion RMB three-year loan, interest rate for the bank-related interest rate of 20%, and has appointed Oriental factoring as lead bank and book Administrator.

Middle-shift supports big city declines narrow upstart China resources power down 1%

Stocks on the Friday good weak favoured, the mainland stock market first soft rebound, the Hang Seng index this morning opened 158 points, from 18,522 to 18,245 after the rebound, the latest 18,590, fell 89 points; Blue-chip, Mobile (00941-HK) in reverse city rose more than 3%, component shares New China Resources Power (00836-HK) soft down 0.97%, remit control (00005-HK) fell 0.91%, the new Ground (00016-HK) fell 3.02%, long real (00001-...

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