Official refer to the preliminary results of the implementation of the Pearl River Delta Planning outline

China News agency, Shenzhen, May 26 (reporter Zhang) The leaders of Guangdong provincial high level and Pearl River Delta Nine gathered in Shenzhen today to discuss the development of the PRD economic circle.  According to official sources, the implementation of the "Pearl River Delta Planning outline" for one year has seen "preliminary results", in which the co-operation between Hong Kong and Macao "more pragmatic", the country sent a special inspection Unit last month to confirm this. Zhu Xiaodan, deputy governor of Guangdong Province, said this morning that in the last month, the state was dispatched by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other 12 Ministries of the inspection Unit to go to Guangdong, the implementation of the "Pearl River Delta Planning Outline" situation has been

A letter from Foxconn's colleague to Foxconn exposed

Ask employees not to bring the law to the company. Never take excessive action to cause damage to the company's reputation or the order of production and operation. The company has the right to send me to medical treatment "Caixin net" (Comprehensive media report) yesterday (May 25) in the event of abnormal physical or mental condition.  A letter from a colleague of the rich and Kang has been exposed online. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, a Foxconn employee said yesterday that he had received two open letters, a letter from Mr. Gou and a staff member, and said it would improve the hardware and software of the plant after the "11 jump". The other is "get rich ...

China's overseas development rises 2% premium to develop Sheung Shui site in Hong Kong

Sales continue to be hot and the target of the year ended by the end of May has achieved 70% of China's overseas development, in Hong Kong this morning in pursuit of the upside down, the stock price is now up 2.11% to HK $16.44, deal 8.54 million shares.  The company said in Sunday that it had accepted the HK $1.18 billion premium for the development of residential projects in an agricultural area, which was equivalent to a premium of HK $3,104 per square foot floor. Information shows that the project is located in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong, with a site area of 947,232 sq ft and is scheduled to be completed within three years. China Overseas Development Program invests in the project ...

More than 80% Internet users against the number 0 charges

Public discontent, bank complain New Express reporter Zhang Yuolo rate Huangjiang Zhang Liang yesterday, this newspaper for Guangzhou 11 banks "number 0" fee investigation report a stone stirred thousand layers of waves. According to yesterday's Phoenix survey, 86.7% of netizens believe that the bank's "number 0" charges unreasonable. And in the face of consumer rebound, the head of some banks in the interview with reporters big spit bitterness, "if it is to save small change, one hours may be able to inventory one thousand or two thousand yuan, but also delay the time of other customers." "0 of the public should not charge" to the bank deposit ...

China shares rose three weeks in general to build state-owned enterprises index nest wheel more attractive

Last week, by the periphery of the stock market to make a good push, Hong Kong stocks in Monday Gaokaigao go, there was a surge, but then by the nine-point line of pressure, the week of 21 fell 500 points; The company closed its closing report at 18,679 points in Friday, with an increase of 532 or 2.9% over the whole week, which has been rising for 3 weeks. From the technical form, the Hang Seng index is temporarily subject to the level of 19,000 points, the high point seems to be not light, or need more deal with the breakthrough can be made, technically appropriate to keep 10-day average line (in Friday the line in 18, ...

Wangjing second-hand housing more than 0 intermediary

Brokers salary from million to 2000 Yuan (reporter Lianying) wangjing as the property market regulation of the larger impact of the typical area, second-hand housing trading has plunged into the freezing point. Until yesterday, chain Home Wangjing store May Second-hand housing has not sold a single. "Estimated this month is not enough," store manager Lu Dawei reporters, "Chain home in the Wangjing area of a total of 6 stores, the other several real estate intermediary situation are similar, also one or two sets or simply did not deal." "The broker's salary dropped from 10,000 to 2000 in the last two months, and real estate broker small South a big bungee jump." Small South's basic salary is ...

And the bank has raised more than 10% of its fund-raising activities

and Kee Line (00720) proposed to carry out fund-raising activities, the stock price this morning, see 0.405 Yuan, 12.5%.  The current price of 0.385 yuan, rose 6.94%, the provisional transaction over 690,000 Yuan. The company said it was considering a fund-raising campaign and the form and time remained uncertain.

Ping an employees doubled nearly 30 times times over 6 billion employees last year

A share of major banks, insurance companies 2010 Annual report has been disclosed, corporate shareholders in the four quarter of last year, the reduction of financial stocks showed signs.  China Life, Ping An, ICBC, Bank of Communications, Societe Generale and other shares were reduced to varying degrees by legal shareholders, of which, China's ping An "staff" has 118 million shares, accounting for about 14% of the total number of employees. Staff share price of nearly 30 times times the annual report shows that China Ping An last year four quarter by Linzhi Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Linzhi New Hao Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and deep Industry Group Co., Ltd. three corporate shareholders total reduction of 1.4 ...

The beauty of the United States Zhao Danyang 4th crazy earn 150 million yuan to 10 lunch

The 08277-HK business, which continued its strength last week this morning, rose 10% per cent to a 2.5 new high of HK $10.58, which now rose 5.75% to HK $10.12 and sold 1.4 million shares.  The business of the United States rose 4th after the cumulative increase of up to 22.14%, quite well, with outstanding performance returns the second largest circulating h-share shareholders Zhao Danyang recently to the company's hype, and to Warren Buffett's active recommendation. and to "sky-high price" and Buffett's lunch Zhao Danyang is also rich and famous, according to its possession of the 65.9505 million shares of the U.S. business ...

HSBC Holdings has repeatedly softened this morning

The 00005 ADR closed at $65.82 per share, compared with the close of 0.49% in Hong Kong, which was first raised and then softened in the early part of this morning, with a rise of 0.76% to $66.  The current price of 65.3 yuan, down 0.31%, a provisional transaction of 420 million yuan. Foreign companies quoted in Friday, including the bank control, Citigroup and Paris, France and other banks, involving the sandy Maan Al-sanea under the Saad group's outstanding loans amounted to $6 billion (46.8 billion yuan). Faba, Citigroup, and other news are not responding. Saad spokesman ...

Gold regeneration this morning by 8.6% active buying accounted for 70%

Under the promotion of new shares, the revitalization of Gold (00773) this morning was sought after, is up 8.6%, reported 6.58 Yuan, active buying accounted for 70%, temporary deal 27.9 million shares, turnover 180 million yuan.

Cumulative underwriting loss of 3.74 billion yuan since 2.5

Xinhua News Agency: China Insurance Industry Association information, the cumulative insurance business since 2.5 accumulated underwriting losses of 3.74 billion yuan, and investment income offset, the balance of 690 million yuan.  Xinhua News Agency: China's Insurance Industry Association, the 2008 strong insurance rate of 41%, of which the car insurance rate of 68%, motorcycles and tractors, respectively, 24% and 21% of the insured rate. Xinhua News Agency: China Insurance Industry Association information, the 2.5-strong insurance has been dealt with traffic accident compensation in nearly 25 million cases, pay the cost of 67 billion yuan.

The Far East Jinyuan movement has soared more than 50%

Fine price stocks Far East Jinyuan (01188) this morning, the movement has soared 53.85% to 0.22 yuan. The current price of 0.192 yuan, still rose 34.266%, a temporary transaction of more than 6.3 million yuan, in Friday only about 180,000 yuan.

China Shenhua reverse 2%uob refers to the strong technical indicators have not changed

China Shenhua H shares have been built this morning against the city, with shares now up 1.79% to HK $28.45, trading 9.95 million shares. Dahua relay (UOB) released its latest comment saying that technical analysis shows that Shenhua has surged under the impetus of a huge deal and has risen through the 28.2 Hong Kong dollar limit of the calendar plus channel, and the supplementary indicators, which include moving smooth similarities and differences and the absence of any signs of random indicators, are expected to help the Unit to supplement the 29.5-30.5 Hong Kong Dollar ( A fall in the rift that was created late last July.

Chinese Estates ' termination of placing of licences dropped by nearly 5%

The sale of Chinese Estates (00127) was terminated this morning, and the stock price was pressed to 14.5 yuan, down by 4.86%, but still higher than the selling price range.  At 15 yuan, the decline narrowed to 1.58% and the deal was over $30 million. According to the company, the original plan was to allocate 118 million shares to the old post, with a share of 13.26 to 14.17 Yuan, which was more than $15.24 per share of the closing price before the suspension of the 7-13%. The company considers that the sale price is set at its ceiling and will be in the interest of both the company and the shareholders, but only a few of them have decided to terminate the placing agreement.

Rosa International now up 1.73% Credit Suisse in the big city

Rosa International (00178-HK) is now up 1.73%, reported 2.94 Hong Kong dollars, a deal of HK $7.2663 million, the stock is now winning the big city, the index fell slightly 0.18%. Credit Suisse, which maintained the shares better than the big city rating, also raised its target price from HK $1.97 to HK $3.23 as the fiscal year 09 outperformed expectations. The bank also points to a 21% per cent increase in the company's 09 fiscal year, a flat 09-year profit and a 16% per cent annual profit forecast for the bank. It is expected that the company will continue to pay a large dividend in the future, the 2010 fiscal year is expected to be 0.22 Hong Kong dollars, 200 ...

Sinopec invests heavily in Canadian oil and gas company

Shares of Sinopec H-shares, which are trading at a slightly higher 0.34% to HK $5.85 this morning, have traded 59.12 million shares. China petrochemical A shares (600028-CN) is now a small drop of 0.59% to 10.15 yuan. Sinopec is preparing to bid for the Canadian oil and gas company Addax Petroleum Corp. (AXC) at a price of up to 8 billion dollars, according to the South China Morning Post's latest quoted source. T).  Earlier, Shulin, chairman of the company, had expressed interest in overseas acquisitions. and international oil prices, because investors to the United States ...

And Wong fell 1.14% ignored restructuring overseas telecommunications business Good

Hutchison Whampoa (00013-HK) has fallen 1.14% to HK $52.20 for HK $80.6345 million and has ignored the restructuring of its overseas telecommunications business. According to a foreign newspaper quoted by the Hong Kong Economic daily, Vincenzo Novari, 3 Italia Spa chief executive of Huang's company, said it was selling some stakes to investors in the Middle East, while the report noted that Huang intended to speed up the sale of partner Communications stakes in Israeli companies. The sale of assets is expected to bring benefits, and it is expected to help improve its 3G business performance.

The influence of grain import and export on grain price in China

A new discussion on Lu Jialin and the role of grain international trade with China's accession to the WTO, grain import and export trade gradually liberalized, China's grain price system from the policy control gradually shifted to market regulation. With the improvement of grain trade level, the influence of international grain trade on domestic grain price is more and more obvious.  It is of great significance to correctly grasp the influence of international food trade on China's grain price and food security, exert the positive role of international grain trade, and stabilize the domestic grain production, adjust the price of food and maintain the food security. Food international trade for our country, its fundamental task should be ...

Hong Kong stock period refers to the settlement day repeatedly

Hong Kong stocks are repeated on the day of the settlement, big city without direction, Hang Seng index rose 3rd last week, the cumulative rose more than 1000 points, although the mainland a a-share this morning, temporary to the big city stimulation is limited, the HSI is reported 18,550 points, down 51 points, high see 18671.31 points, rose 71.05 points, after a fall of 18,500 points.  State-owned enterprises index has fallen through the 11,000 point mark, now reported 11008.24 points, down 0.26%. Individual development of blue chips, Citic Pacific (00267) a solo show, has risen more than 7% to 16.34 yuan, material by last week Citic Group chairman Citic ...

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