Jiantang: Maintaining the credibility of the statistical department

Jiantang in Fujian Inspector electing data quality check and research emphasis on doing a good job of electing data quality inspection to effectively maintain the credibility of the Statistical Department Bureau of Statistics and Law Bureau of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Statistics statistics, Director of National Statistical Bureau of Fujian Investigation Corps Jiantang recently in Fujian inspector of the second National Economic Census data quality sampling and research  We should conscientiously do a good job of data quality inspection of economic census, continuously improve the level of statistical work, continuously improve the quality of statistical data, and earnestly maintain the credibility of the statistical department. From June 25 to 28th, Jiantang to Fujian inspectors to guide the second national ...

Period refers to repeated trial to see whether the 18300 level is the city support

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the U.S. Labor Department announced that unemployment rose to 9.4% in May, at the highest level in nearly 26 years, non-agricultural jobs were reduced by 345,000 in May, far less than 520,000 of the market's expectations, with mixed data, Barclays high Morgan Stanley (MS) and Goldman Sachs (GS) The target price, two stocks first rose after the soft, financial shares JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Bank of America (BAC), American Express (AXP) and Monday tick-off components Citigroup (C) all fell, by the U.S. silver downgraded the investment rating of DuPont Chemical (DD) fell, the United States ...

Shopping card behind the scenes drill "class finance" prepaid mode

The fans of the store's shopping cards have recently lost heart. The People's Bank of China has decided to register with non-financial institutions that are involved in the payment of liquidation operations nationwide. Before July 31, in addition to Alipay, QQ coins, as well as bus cards and other payment methods, engaged in electronic money distribution and liquidation of the Organization, also need to register one by one.  This means that in recent years, the introduction of a variety of shopping card issuers, commissioned by the Third-party professional institutions, is also one of the central bank's main target. This is not the first time the "shopping card" has been regulated by the relevant government departments. When the public opinion focus on the shopping card caused by ...

Johnson motor down more than 5% due to net profit plunged 98%

Johnson Motor price pressure this morning, as a result of the year's net profit fell 98%, the low see 2.15 yuan, has fallen 8.12%, the latest reported 2.21 Yuan, down 5.56%, turnover 4.08 million yuan. Johnson Motor announced that as of the end of March 2009, the annual results, shareholders should occupy 2.59 million yuan (the United States dollar, the same below), compared with the 08 period of 131 million yuan back 98%, earnings per share 0.07 cents, no dividend, the period of less than 17.68% to 1.828 billion yuan turnover.

Sichuan in Taiwan procurement more than 8 billion official Shikawa Taiwan Enterprise Trade Report

China News agency Nantou May 26 (reporter Shanhui Dong Hui Rotzin) Sichuan Province Commerce Department director She Kaiwa in the media interview, said, as of now, Sichuan enterprises participating in the "Tianfu Sichuan Formosa Bank" have signed a purchase contract of RMB 8.09 billion with Taiwanese enterprises, including electronic, mechanical, pharmaceutical, chemical,  Agricultural and sideline products. She Kaiwa said that participating in the "Tianfu Sichuan Island Bank" Economic and trade Procurement Group of enterprises, a total of 53, in the Sichuan Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the Taipei World Trade Center under the organization, to take a combination of concentrated and dispersed phase, the two enterprises actively carry out docking negotiations. ...

80% unemployed people are males, what do you think?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, since last November, more than 80% of America's jobless figures are male. In Europe, too.  By the end of 2009, a major global recession could cause 28 million of men to lose their jobs. The US stimulus package did not invest in big public projects like the new Deal. While some are investing in traditional male jobs such as infrastructure and high-speed rail, more money is flowing to education, health and other social services.  In the United States, nearly half of biologists and doctors, 3/4 of health practitioners are women. What can you see from the data ...

1% continues to divest Non-core business and record high returns

Earlier, a huge sum of 2 billion yuan to buy Shanghai World Expo site near the Bay House mansion, a part of the development rights of Shanghai Industrial Holdings, the share price is up 0.93% to HK $32.4, deal 76,000 shares, buoyed by its continued stripping of non-core business initiatives. The company is expected to increase its net profit for the 09 fiscal year by 15% per cent as a result of its announcement of a full stake in the company, which is sold at a price of HK $515.7 million, and will record as much as HK $390 million.

China's overseas development Falls 1% sales Full-year Target has achieved 70%

Earlier, China's overseas development, which achieved a year-on-year increase in real estate sales of nearly 70% to 14.6 billion Hong Kong dollars in the previous four months, was a sharp reversal of the market earlier this morning, but the share price fell slightly by 0.87% to HK $15.96, but still won a big market and sold 2.33 million shares. The company announced that real estate sales rose by 113.9% to HK $5.65 billion in May over a year earlier, only slightly less than 115% in April; 1-May sales amounted to HK $20.3 billion, up 80.1% from a year earlier, up from less than 4 in the previous 70% months; sales already account for full-year sales ...

The month refers to the low open 146 point report 18,500 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures low open 146 points, reported 18,500 points.

Soho China gains 1% wholesale Property sale

The early implementation of the front door project to eliminate uncertainties in Soho China this morning reversed the market, with shares now up 1.02% to HK $4.93, 1.517 million shares, or news incentives to profit from the company's overall sale of bulk properties. As a result of its latest announcement, the sale of all office and commercial rooms and 115 parking spaces for the first phase 2nd building of Chaoyang Gate Soho in Beijing is estimated to be about RMB 58 million, accounting for 08 of the gross margin of fiscal year 3.76%.

That is, the monthly H-share period means low 78, 10,750.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to a low opening 78 points, reported 10,750 points.

Eastern China Water Industry and other 5 companies suspended

China Eastern Airlines shares (00670-HK) suspended, to be issued a price sensitive news.  China Water Industry Group (01129-HK) suspension, the reason is unknown.  Hualian International (00969-HK) suspension, the reason is unknown.  Hundred Battalion Global Resources (00761-HK) suspension, the reason is unknown. World Media (08167-HK) suspension, pending publication of major transaction data.

Trillion yuan nuclear power interest chain: equipment business leader

Lai Smart Investor newspaper (reporter Rai Zhihui) reading research materials, conceived project ideas, frequent visits to corporate visitors, but also in the provinces and back and forth, Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission responsible for nuclear power project planning, Mr. Xu has been busy at times to eat.  However, he was temporarily relieved before the Dragon Boat Festival. May 27, Anqing Nuclear power Project Site Selection Report review, Anqing nuclear power plant successfully passed the review. The two nuclear projects in Wuhu and Jiyang were officially unveiled last October and February of this year, and four nuclear power projects in Anhui Province entered into reality after the three selection of Xuancheng nuclear power projects were finalized.

Hang Seng Index Low opening 158 h shares low 103 point

This morning, the Hang Seng index opened 158 points, opened 18,522 points, now fell 278 points, the H-share index opened 103 points lower, reported 10,759 points, now down 155 points.  Blue-chip, the 00005-HK fell 1.52%, Mobile (00941-HK) fell 0.32%, the new Ground (00016-HK) fell 2.77%, long Real (00001-HK) fell 1.52%, HKEx (00388-HK) fell 0.78%. H-Shares, 02628-hk 1%, ICBC (01398-HK) fell ...

Outlook article: Macro-adjustment decisions under crisis 700 days

The unprecedented global financial crisis is a severe test of the ability of Chinese policymakers to harness the complex situation of economic and social development in the summer of 2007, the U.S. "subprime crisis" began to spread to the United States, Europe, Japan and other major financial markets in the world so far, caused by the international financial crisis, has been transmitted from the developed countries to emerging market countries and developing countries, from the financial field to the real economy, the scope of the spread, the depth of impact, the impact of the intensity of the great, for history is rare. Under the background of economic globalization, this crisis conduction to our country is unavoidable, also make our country impossible to stay aloof from, alone ...

Eastern Airlines AH unit temporary suspension will be merged with the airlines

Eastern Airlines AH shares the temporary suspension this morning, while there are domestic media reports, China Eastern Airlines and the aircraft will be merged, the material will be completed before the end of this year, on the airlines will become a subsidiary of the Eastern Airlines, the new company in Shanghai, the market share of more than 50%. Eastern Airlines A shares rose 1.14% to 5.33 yuan/share. Its H shares fell 2.25% to HK $1.74.

Hang Seng Index Low open 158 point 18522

Expert online real-time FAQ >> Point This entered the index today morning set low open 158 points, opened 18,522 points, the state-owned enterprises low open 103 points, opened 10,759 points. After the opening of the HSI decline rapidly, the latest reported 18,348 points, down 331 points. Real estate, banks, oil stocks led the decline. HSBC Holdings fell 2.66%; China's oil fell 3.09%. Sun Hung Kai Property fell 3.37%. Another blockbuster, China Mobile, fell 0.88%.  China resources Power, which dyed blue today, fell 2.95%. China Peace, Oriental Airlines both suspended this morning ...

China Ping ' an AH shares to buy deep development

China Ping An AH shares temporarily suspended this morning, but did not declare the reason.  According to market rumours, China Ping An intends to share the acquisition of deep Development (000001-CN), and deep development this morning also suspended, and said that is planning a major issue. China Ping An A shares in the last trading day is flat to 45.1 yuan/share. Its H shares rose 2% to HK $59.05.

Term options Essay: 19000 resistance

South China Financial Research Department Pan YUQI unemployment rate rose to 9.4% but in the European and Asian stock market sentiment is still optimistic, the U.S. stocks high after the impact of oil prices and the decline in prices, the end of the market increase narrowed, share price and disgrace, the Dow Jones 8,763 points, rose 13 or 0.15%, the S & P 500 fell 0.25%, reported 940 points  ; Na refers to Fall 0.03%, reported 1849 points. July oil closed at $68.44 a barrel, down 0.37 dollars.  The August gold closed at $962.6 per ounce, down 19.7 dollars. The increase narrowed after the high opening of the Friday morning of the Hang Seng index.

New York Pacific Capital bullish on China

David Cabe, CEO of New York Pacific Capital, said at the 2009 International Investment Summit recently that the outlook for China's equity investment, including energy industry, information, healthcare, manufacturing, education, culture, environmental protection and branded products, was bullish. He stressed that China is the world's hope in the context of the world economic crisis.  Because of China's strong trend and its strong development, in the capital market, he is optimistic about the above industry equity investment opportunities. Another guest of the US NASDAQ Stock Exchange Asia Pacific region chairman Eric Landheer said recently worldwide ...

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