China's building materials rise 1% boosted by takeover expansion

This year, the capital expenditure budget has increased by more than tens of billions of Chinese building materials in the early trading this morning after a small build, the share price opened 0.9% to 15.76 Hong Kong dollars, 19,000 shares. or boosted by its latest move to expand its stake in the parent company's cement company. The company announced that it had successfully labeled the parent company's stake in 10 cement companies at a cost of RMB 750 million, with a total of about 11.49 million tonnes of cement production, saying it would boost its competitive position in the South East cement market.

9 Cable TV charges to be canceled by Jiangsu Province next month

Shi Xiaolei News reporter yesterday from the provincial price bureau learned that, from June 1 onwards, Jiangsu took the lead in large-scale cleaning up the cable project, a substantial reduction in fees and charges, the abolition of 9 charges, reduce the 1 charges. There are 9 charges for this cancellation. Is the opening fee, the machine fee, the downtime fee, the user card cost, at the same time the cable TV users to apply for open, moving machine, downtime, rehabilitation, transfer and other types of fees are also canceled. "These charges were made by the various municipalities, such as the Nanjing charge of 20 yuan and so on, since June 1 will not be accepted." "Save the things ...

Under the new deal all over the property market hot and cold uneven strength housing enterprises to take the momentum does not reduce

"State 10," The New Deal one months, the domestic housing market was seriously affected, turnover significantly decreased, more than 60%, the market is deadlocked stalemate, buyers cash, developers delayed opening. However, in the same period the homestead market is still thriving, the developers take the enthusiasm remains.  One months after the new deal was released, the two or three-line cities and the first-tier cities, houses and land markets presented a different trend. Two or three line city just need not reduce the day before, Hefei Evergrande City total to raise 839, deal area up to 41,000 square meters, amount 220 million yuan, the average price reaches 5234 ...

A-share to greet the automobile trade carrier giant group this IPO

Securities Times reporter Xu Shengong today, the huge group (601258) published the initial public offering of shares, the company intends to issue no more than 140 million shares.  The collection of funds will be used to create new, alteration business network projects, including a total of 14 branches of the project, projects to invest 1.737 billion yuan, which to raise funds to invest 1.451 billion yuan; In addition, the company will raise funds to supplement the operating capital of 400 million yuan. It is reported that the vast group is the first to be listed through the IPO car dealership. The company at this time the IPO, its "theme" by the broad range of investors ...

Ultra-Chinese technology issued to clarify the announcement denied the involvement of rare earths

The recent stock price continues to climb ultra-China Technology (002288) issued stock trading abnormal fluctuation self-examination and clarification bulletin, denied the company will become rare earth enterprises.  As of March 30, 2011, ultra-Chinese science and technology stock trading price of three consecutive trading days close the value of the total deviation of the cumulative 20%, belonging to the abnormal fluctuations in stock trading. The bulletin shows that the stock forum of individual websites recently said that the super-China technology acquired 3 rare earth production licenses in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, will become a rare earth enterprise, and will invest 200 million yuan in future mining of rare earths, in addition to the purchase of graphite ore and other rumors. Super China Science and technology table ...

Shanghai medical shareholders have increased their holdings of 3.1 million shares

Shanghai Medicine (601607) 6th announced that March 31, April 1, shareholders in Shanghai Real (Group) Co., Ltd. to increase the shares of 3.1 million shares, accounting for the company has issued the total shares of 0.16%, overweight average price of about 19.58 yuan.  Shanghai and its concerted action people have plans to continue to increase their holdings in the next 12 months, the cumulative increase in the proportion does not exceed the company issued the total shares of 2%. Shanghai Real and the company's controlling shareholder Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. constitute a consistent action-person relationship. The number of shares in the former Shanghai Real Holding company is 169 million ...

Directed additional shares of the consignment stock to receive the large shareholder logistics assets

Shipping shares (600676) announced today, the direction of additional reports, the major shareholder delivery group will hold the delivery of the delivery of the Shanghai-North Logistics Development Co., Ltd. 100% stake, Port Port Terminal 35% and 200 million yuan in cash to subscribe to non-public offerings, of which 200 million yuan in cash will be used for listed companies major projects  The company is holding a 48.5% stake in the delivery bus passenger transport (group) Limited, and the real estate Group has subscribed to the Non-public offering shares in its 25% stake in the South Station long-distance passenger Transport limited. The delivery Group is Shanghai's state-owned assets authorized operation unit, Shanghai Modern ...

Dragon Kee Group is now down 10.07% issued 09 interim profit warning

Under the 09 interim profit warning crackdown, Dragon Kee Group (00255-HK) is now down 10.07%, reported 2.50 Hong Kong dollar, but the deal is scarce only HK $100,000. The company expects a sharp drop in earnings for the first half of 09 over a net profit of HK $124 million in the middle of 08, largely due to lower revenue from group clients ' orders, which have led to lower orders for group customers in the midst of a global recession, with poor financial conditions and shrinking demand.

South-West Securities to absorb the merger of the securities stock continued to suspend

In consultation with the relevant parties, the Southwest Securities (600369) the framework of the reorganization of the securities in the capital has been preliminarily formulated, and the merger of the major assets has been determined, but the relevant departments have to consult the relevant authorities for the important matters, and the related procedures are more complicated. As a result, the company's shares have continued to suspend business since April 6, 2011.

The month refers to the high open 8 point report 18,550 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures high open 8 points, reported 18,550 points.

There is still room for growth in the short term

Rich Securities Zhangzhihao Future resistance: 20000 in China resources stocks, shipping stocks and coal stocks led by the Hang Seng index rose 3 trading days, 3rd the cumulative rise of 1061 points, the Hang Seng index in Friday closed to 18,600 points. Summing up the whole week, the HSI rose 680 points or 4%. State-owned Enterprises index, the whole week rose 528 points or 5%. Some surveys have recorded a total of 2 billion yuan in the past week, the most hot money flow since the March big city. Today, the term of the settlement, plus the fund half a year, after the fund manager whitewash the big city real risk of vomiting. Many big lines have said that at this stage ...

Settlement date depends on the intention of the large

Prudential Securities investment manager Liu Chaoxiang said that today is the date of the settlement, whether the city can rise again, break through this year's new highs close, or fall back? However, on the settlement date, it depends on the intention of the large investors.  As for the six-year knot tomorrow, and Wednesday is the 12 anniversary of the reunification, it is the best excuse for large market manipulation. (I am a licensed person in the SFC)

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to high 24, 10,996.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to 24 points high, 10,996 points

Multi-sector intensive research brewing SME support policy

According to sources, the State Council is brewing a policy aimed at promoting the development of SMEs in China, and the relevant departments are discussing to come up with a specific plan as soon as possible. The source said that the Ministry of Industry and Information industry led by the Ministry of Finance, the State administration of taxation and other departments are now discussing this issue, and the organization sent a research team to all over the investigation.  Since it is difficult for NSOs to provide specific data on our SMEs, this policy may not involve specific funding or support amounts, but will be a "general benefit policy". Statistical data show that current, ...

Chinese property now down 2.23%

The Chinese property Company (00127-HK) has fallen by 2.23% per cent to HK $14.90, at a minimum of HK $15.50, after it dropped its share placement scheme, which was not at the high end of the guide range of HK $13.26, HK $14.17.  The company announced that a few investors had chosen the above price limit (with a share price of 13.26 to HK $14.17) to undertake the placing of the shares, and that the continuation of the placements was not in the overall interest of the corporation and its shareholders and announced the termination of the allotment plan. Traders said the placement reaction was lukewarm ...

Watch out! Online travel is being shuffled in a "snake-gluttonous" mode

Comics: Zhang Jianhui with Threading's enemy.  Opponents rely on the "annexation of the same" model of gluttonous snake.  Headquartered in Guangzhou, easy Netcom Travel (50.7% of the share of the broad travel company announced recently, the wholly-owned acquisition of the headquarters in Beijing, travel and easy air travel network, the establishment of "easy Netcom travel" New companies, the annual total revenue of 1.75 billion yuan, more than online travel eldest brother Ctrip 1.6 billion annual income. Can an ant Xiong beat an elephant? "From the third party research data, Ctrip in the line tourism market occupies a leading position, occupy more than 80% of the market share is further expansion." "Carrying ...

Term options Sidebar: high-level hovering

South China's financial Pan Yuqi the US savings rate, coupled with a fall in oil prices, dragged the shares to the show, with stocks low after repeated.  Dow closed at 8,438 points, down 34 or 0.4%, the S & P 500 fell 0.15%, reported 919 points, Na 0.47%, reported 1838. August oil closed at $69.16 a barrel, down 1.07 dollars or 1.55%.  The August gold is 941 dollars per ounce, up 1.5 dollars or 0.16%. Hong Kong stocks rose again yesterday after rising repeatedly, a smooth rise of 18400 levels and stabilize it. HSI ...

Shanghai collapsed high-rise developers registered funds only 8 million pay into focus

Intern Liuchangrong Summer newspaper reporter Kai Today 6 o'clock in the morning, Zhejiang Haining talk with the purchase contract with the train to Shanghai, "buy this House ready for retirement, did not expect the house will fall ..." My wife heard the news last night, I spent all my life on it. "The house that Mr. Minhang bought is located in the" Lotus Riverside Garden "(hereinafter referred to as" Riverside ") in Shanghai city. June 27 around 5:30 A.M., the construction of the Community building 7th (13 floor) collapsed, resulting in a 28-year-old Anhui migrant workers died (this June 28 ...

How much space is there in China's foreign reserves?

The dollar's downward impact reports that China's huge foreign exchange reserves always hold the public's eye.  China held $763.5 billion trillion in U.S. Treasuries by the end of April, reducing its holdings by 4.4 billion US dollars in late March, its first reduction since February 2008, according to data released June 15 by the U.S. Treasury Department. Compared with $2 trillion trillion in foreign exchange reserves, a mere 4.4 billion dollars is bucket. However, the move has sparked widespread concern that China's reduction comes as the dollar enters the downward channel. Many scholars in this newspaper interviewed that the short-term options available for limited assets, but in the medium term will actively promote the outside ...

Five consecutive years of double-digit growth China's economic imbalances

BEIJING, June 29, the international financial crisis after the outbreak of China's four major imbalances in the problem is very prominent. In the four major imbalances, especially internal and external imbalances and the imbalance between investment and consumption are more prominent.  Scholars pointed out that China's economy to embark on a scientific development track, sustainable and rapid development of the track, we must focus on solving the four imbalances. The Hong Kong Economic Herald and the Economic Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the capital Economic and Trade University recently co-sponsored the "China Economic growth and Cycle International Summit Forum (2009)", hundreds of Chinese and foreign economic experts around the "world economic turmoil and sustainable development of China's economy ..."

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