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Fei (1/14) New Express news, saying that now the micro Bo is really hot, just "busy" finished big S and Wang Flash, and yesterday began to heat the music of Evergreen Cheung and Taiwan's old singer Wenzheng "homosexual" rumors. Originally has netizen refers to Fei and Wenzheng is a pair, currently settled in New York. The message sparked another wave of micro-broad discussion, some people sigh "these days, good men have boyfriends", some people bless these two entertainment circle rare quality male.  The reporter also found on the network, FEI and Wenzheng is a pair of rumors already have traces to follow, "disappeared" more than 20 years of Wenzheng is also referred to as "for love to Hide." Explosive material a fee Xiang Wenzheng United States cohabitation yesterday, the Netizen Jing Fang in micro-blog sent a message: "Just confirmed, Fei and Wenzheng is a pair." Settled in New York. Why is it that perfect men don't belong to women?  "The blog in a short period of time to achieve a myriad of concerns, the" same-sex and cohabitation, "the news protagonist unexpectedly is the image of the perfect music evergreen Fei, it is a bit of a hot, but the post will soon be deleted. Reporter then search on the network, as early as last May, there are media to "Chuan Fei Xiang is gay, and love wenzheng seclusion of the United States" as the title, the two people's "love" to inquisitive dig the bottom. According to reports, Wenzheng was the most red male singer and Teresa Teng, "March rain", "orchid flowers" are his masterpiece. Wenzheng the most red, Fei just debut, Wenzheng when the FEI Shige, two people good to be inseparable. Later, Wenzheng in the more than 30-year-old when the most red quit the music, far away from the United States. Coincidentally, in the early 80, Fei is also popular, the tour of the mainland in the country sensational. But not long after, he suddenly went to the United States, the reason is "enrich himself, learn to sing opera."  But in fact, a discerning person knows, two people went to the United States one after the other, apparently because of love and left the people's sight. The report also mentioned that a Taiwanese show in Taiwan, nicknamed "Great White Shark", had been told that "Liu is becoming a homosexual before he has chased Sylvia ..." and Chen has said in an interview that Liu is gay, "he introduced me to many gay friends." The famous Taiwanese singer, Wenzheng, is now gone, very handsome, I went to New York to live in his home, and Kwan, Luo, of course, is not gay. "And the love World has been very mysterious Fei, often and wenzheng together in the streets of Taipei, two people have no girlfriend." Fei, who once played bisexual, has also expressed respect for "homosexuality": "Any kind of love is worthy of respect, I support the equal rights of homosexual and bisexual in law and society, and I think it is a private matter." "A Netizen concludes that when a man is 40 years old, he is likely to be diagnosed as homosexual if he is not married to the opposite sex." Fei and Wenzheng have never had sex with the actress, and there is no record of heterosexual love, and they both in Taiwan is very good, to the United States two people's world is also understandable. [Page] LiuIs (2/14) the two Wenzheng "for Love to Hide" Wenzheng far away from the United States, more than 20 years, the domestic has been very few of his news, Taiwan's media even once out of his death, friends Luo also sent a "missing notice."  But there are preach Wenzheng low-key retirement, is "for love to Hide", Fei also leaked said in the United States "encounter" Wenzheng, "still very handsome." Wenzheng from the entertainment circle, the news of his death from time out. Last year even his friend Shayushun said he was completely out of touch with him, "Recently, I have not been able to contact him, before he averaged 3 months to half a year to change the phone, so I did not care, because the usual situation, I just call in the United States, Liu mother can contact him again, but this time even the mother of Liu also lost contact, Very anxious.  "Wenzheng is said to have retired for many years and is determined to cut off from the entertainment business, with more than 100 million dollars in personal assets and private homes in the United States and Southeast Asia." As for the reason for Wenzheng's concealment, in addition to his own talk of leaving the entertainment circle to return to tranquility, another version is widely circulated, that is, he and Fei in seclusion of same-sex life.  Wenzheng purchase property to "away from the Huashin" as the principle, for a leisurely and secretive life, its whereabouts uncertain, contact is also regularly replaced, Taiwan media has a reward million NT to find the address of the Wenzheng in the United States, but ultimately fruitless. It is worth mentioning that, to now the paparazzi can not dig out a picture of Wenzheng after 35 years old, at that time, rumors once handsome can not square things, he must be old to become fat bald, dare not see people. But in 2004, Fei a media interview, someone mentioned that Wenzheng is now ugly, he revealed that he was still in the United States "encounter" Wenzheng, said he is still very handsome. But this rhetoric makes netizens more suspicion: Fei probably is nasty under, want to clarify for his lover, Taiwan paparazzi so badly can not find Wenzheng later photos, he incredibly can in such a big American encounter Wenzheng, this is possible? [Page] Fei (3/14) Small file Fei December 24, 1960, height 191cm, taiwan famous singer.  Born in Taiwan, grew up in the United States, first to learn medicine, music, 1987 at the CCTV Spring Festival gala in the "Winter of a Fire" a sing famous. Masterpiece: "Grandma's Penghu Bay", "hometown of the Cloud", "a fire in Winter," "Love Is what" and so on once gossip girlfriend: Hu because of Dream, Zhu Hua. [Page] Wenzheng once hit (4/14) Wenzheng November 22, 1952, Height 179cm, he is Qiong Yao film in the popular niche, but also campus songs and pop songs, he sang songs in the early 80 by the mainland male singers, such as Zhangxing, Lu Nianzu and other widely sung  , formed the mainland popular pop song "Male studies Wenzheng, female sings Teresa Teng" the trend. Masterpiece: "Late", "Ami ami", "Blue Flowers", "March Rain", "Shiny Days", "Rain hit Me" and so on once gossip girlfriend: Sylvia. [Page] Wenzheng and Fei are referred to settle in New York (design picture) (5/14) Link netizens see "Fei Liu Love" blessing Pie 88: Wenzheng, quite handsome, good character, his status in the music scene in Taiwan, than the present Luo, Jonathan much higher, and Fei the same perfect man!  So long as you are happy. Stroll: Hey, I am an aunt, but I am not sad.  Getting out of the closet at such a big age proves that they have found what they love, so long as they are happy and happy.  Fat: As a child, I think Fei is handsome, but he came back from the United States so many years no gossip, I have already accepted his gay fact, I wish you happiness! Calm pie Juan: not shocked. The likelihood of gay men being so handsome and so good is high.  Women who like them don't have to be heartbroken.  Li Xiao: If you want him to belong to a person, then I would rather he belonged to a man, rather than belong to a woman.  Blue beet: Two-bit old, what do you want to do?  Wail JJ: Why high-quality male always belongs to others, ordinary girls too cups, in addition to beauty, but also to guard against men. Chrysanthemum amorous feelings: Handsome men are all gay, they disdain women, appraisal finished! So remind some girls to pay attention to, do not see handsome to chase. (This article source new Express) [page] Wenzheng once and Sylvia gossip (6/14 Zhang) Fei indeed and Wenzheng have contact, Wenzheng the most red when, Fei just debut, Liu is he shige, two people good inseparable. Wenzheng far away from the United States after anyone can not find him, coincidentally, Fei was also the most red time, in the mainland is driving a tour, but not long, he also suddenly went to the United States, suddenly leave more is guessed because of love and leave people's sight. Fei has in the interview revealed and Wenzheng had contact, "his body is still very good, wearing a hat on the head, wear casual, gestures superstar attractions still." Fei also revealed that these years Wenzheng in the United States, Singapore and other place to live, and occasionally quietly fly back to Taipei, but the whereabouts are very confidential. Luo once said that he did not understand why Wenzheng didn't go to see his old friends, including him, hoping he would call back when he saw the story.  2006, famous painter Chen in "famous brand" magazine interview talk about homosexuality, also confirmed that Fei, Wenzheng are gay. Chen talks about the two people "Longzhang (famous drama artist Zhou Longzhang) introduced me to know a lot of gay friends." The famous Taiwanese singer, Wenzheng, is now gone, very handsome, he went to New York to live in his home, and Kwan, Luo, of course, is not gay. "1983 Fei is planning to leave New York for mainland development. Longzhang Introduction Fei Xiang with me to eat, understand the situation of the mainland. Fei that will be only 20 in the early days, beautiful almost innocent, skin bright, like the steamer just steamed out. I didn't know Longzhang wasHomosexuality, after hindsight, he certainly likes Fei, but there is no possibility, together to have a meal very happy. I remember Longzhang looked at him like that, hit the heart of Sad look, people have love, will be uncomfortable, isn't it? "Fei talked about Wenzheng many times in the Motherland Tour Fei talk about Wenzheng when said:" I just debut, Wenzheng in the music world, red, he saw me, just ask me, do you want to red? Give you a word. "Wenzheng told Fei the word is" you want to become a red star, must put their own advantages show, shortcomings hidden. "When it comes to Wenzheng, Fei once said:" Well, his figure is still very good, wearing a hat on the head, wearing casual, gestures superstar attractions still. "Fei said, Wenzheng business mind a good, not only investment in real estate, also do stock, money is very good."  [Page] Wenzheng and Brigitte (7/14 Zhang) The emotional matter is not clear 2004 44-Year-old unmarried Fei for the first time to the media admitted that there are intimate lovers, when asked about identity, Fei language with reservations, said the personal feelings of the problem do not want to elaborate.  Fei, who had homosexual tendencies in a musical "Night Magic Berlin" in 2005, had expressed support for homosexuality and felt it was a private matter. "If a friend touches him (Wenzheng) or his friends in front of the TV set to meet him, please tell him, Luo think of him and ask him to call me back," Luo said in a television show in 2006. "May 2009 Fei by a forum netizen to explode is homosexual, with lover Wenzheng seclusion America."  And Fei is indeed a small number of artists know Wenzheng whereabouts. In August 2009, the 57-Year-old, Wenzheng, was rumored to have died in the 20th few days, after which he finally clarified: "You can put 120 hearts, no one can shoot me, there is no address and exposure." The most important thing is that I am not so easy to die. "[Page] Wenzheng and Tian Girl (8/14 Zhang) Wenzheng so low-key in recent years there are many invited Wenzheng comeback, but he declined. Wenzheng also joked: "Wait until I'm 65 years old and then come out and scare." "Liu, please do not move Liu invited him to be a concert guest, but Wenzheng said:" My bank passbook if there are 8 digits, the back of a 0 or less a 0 does not matter, life is limited, things can not be finished. "The Apprentice lacks the money may privately help earlier has the Motherland mainland performing business to sing 10 to 1 million dollars to invite, coincides with the former Flying Eagle singer Fang Wenlin marriage economy problem." It is reported that Wenzheng friends advised him to bring artists friend to play. But Wenzheng unmoved: "If people are really short of money, I will help in private." "Golden Melody Awards please do not return to another report, Taiwan's Golden Melody Award production units have been in recent years to invite Wenzheng debut, to honor the award to him, but even Chang play friendship cards are declined." Wenzheng said, "The human is not finished." (This is the source information times) [page] Tsai and gay people (9/14 sheets) [page] Lam was exposed (10/14) [page] Guan Zhibin, Hins repeatedly been outgoing cabinet (11/14) [page] Mao Ning was gay (12/14) [Page] 2002, Hong Kong Weekly kicked off Wang Xi and young golden Retriever boyfriend cohabitation (13/14) [page] Leslie Cheung and gay People Tanghed (14/14)
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