Dalian continues to promote civilized graves this year, through the Green Qingming Festival

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Qingming Festival is China's traditional festivals, memorial ancestors is China's fine tradition, but every year to the Qingming Festival because many citizens use burning money, point incense, set off firecrackers and other traditional means of mourning, not only pollute the environment, but also very easy to cause forest fires.

Yesterday, the reporter from Shahekou District ju Landscape Forest management department learned that this year the area will continue to launch a series of activities to promote civilized sacrifice, green qingming.
It is understood that during the Ching Ming Festival this year, sandy area Ju Landscape forest management Office will continue to carry out "burning for flowers" activities in Old Ma Gou Cemetery, set up propaganda platform at the entrance of Fire passage, put propaganda board, hang banners and other forms vigorously publicize the civilized fresh air of Qingming Festival, and will distribute 25,000 flowers and small daisies 500 pots free of charge. Unlike in previous years, this year also prepared a total of more than 500 trees in the old hemp Ditch, Shimen Mountain, the first-ditch cemetery to the public free of charge, can be planted in the tomb of open space. All the tomb-sweeping day to the cemetery of the people, carrying burning and incense, you can go to the entrance to the cemetery for a flower or a sapling, to a cleaner, environmentally friendly, peaceful way to pay tribute to their ancestors, reposing mourning.
In addition, the Qingming Festival to the old Ma Ditch, Shek Mun Mountain, the main DAO ditch three cemetery mountaineering memorial to the ancestors of the people, will clean up the forest of sacrificial waste to the designated garbage collection, free exchange of a green shopping bag. On the day of Ching Ming Festival, Sand forest fire volunteers will also be at the entrance of the old Hemp Ditch fire prevention channel set up "Civilized sacrifice from me" propaganda banners, the public can be in the banner of the banners signed messages, the common commitment and advocacy of civilized sacrifices, low-carbon sacrifices, peace sacrifices, traditions, in a more civilized way to reposing mourning.

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