Cheung's lost 12 fan group memory, Hong Kong Coliseum held a concert to mourn

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Donews April 1 (reporter Zhao Yue) 12 ago April 1, 46-Year-old Leslie Cheung in Hong Kong Oriental Mandarin Hotel 24 Floor, completed the last beautiful leap of life. Since then, the 2003 label is no longer SARS, April 1 is no longer just April Fools ' Day.

As in previous years, on April 1, Leslie Cheung's loyal fans will be held in the Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth Stadium, "continue to Leslie Cheung legend return to create Classics" concert. In Hong Kong, the Starlight Avenue, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Madame Tussauds Wax museum recently began to set up a flower area for fans to mourn. In mainland China, fans of many cities are also reviewing timeless classics in the form of film screenings and concerts.

In addition to the line of the gathering memorial activities, more people choose to express themselves through the network to a generation of stars of the memory.

From the data, Sina Weibo platform on the "12 anniversary of the continued pet Leslie" topic, reading volume of nearly 25 million, participated in the discussion of nearly 140,000 people. Seen from the Baidu Index, the hot trend of the term "Leslie Cheung" is a curve with obvious periodic pulses. Sohu Video, Tencent video, QQ music and other film and television music media, but also in an important position to push the Leslie Cheung's films and songs and so on.

Recently exploded red, team members for "Leslie Cheung Fan" of the full memory app, launched "Even when there is no love parting full is the feeling" of the topic, combined with the product pursuit of the original film shooting, Leslie Cheung's many films and classic photos of the shooting of the collection.

It is noteworthy that the gay-type dating software, blued, Zank, G friends, and so on, will be the memory of Leslie Cheung placed in the most important position of the product interface. As of April 1 noon, blued on the official "memory of Leslie Cheung, Brother's Anniversary", praised 6669;zank launched the radio program "12 Years, and Leslie's a reincarnation," has been listening to 1113 times.

In Shenzhen's G Friends team specially produced "for Your Love 12" memorial video, in Youku, potatoes, Tencent, Sohu to promote. In the film through the interview professor, male model, company CEO, such as Leslie Cheung's fans, express their deep memories and blessings. Finish)

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