How to pay for social wealth

In Zhejiang, the wages of enterprise workers no longer by the boss a person to decide, "the wage negotiation model of enterprise Consultation on growth, industry consultation and the bottom line of regional consultation has been preliminarily formed--this reporter Wang Huimin if the time is backward for several years, is to lend Wu Chunfeng a gall, he also dare not talk with the boss--carry the people's rice bowls, Dare to bargain, do not want to mix?!  And now, the electrician of the Zhejiang Pinghu Fcar Textile Co., Ltd. will justly fight for his own deserved benefits. Because Wu Chunfeng has the right to pay. For his courage, Zhejiang is in the overall promotion of "...

Chinese auto stocks are more than good but the off-season is coming

Benefiting from the steady growth of car sales, Chinese auto stocks were mostly built this morning; BYD (01211-HK) rose 3.45%; Dongfeng Group (00489-HK) is up nearly 3%, brilliance China (01114-HK), China Heavy Truck (03808-HK) and Geely Automobile (00175-HK ) also rose more than 2% in sync, while Great Wall Motor (02333-HK) rose 1.13%, and June-Wei Auto (00203-hk) rose 0.28%.  Qing-Ring car (01122-HK) a small 0.67% lower. According to the China Automobile Industry Association ...

TCL Group has not more than 1.5 billion shares of Non-public offerings approved

Panorama Network May 31 TCL Group (000100) announced in Monday that the company's non-public offering of not more than 1.5 billion new shares approved by the SFC, the approval issued from the date of the 6 months of validity.

Credit Red Line difficult Vietnam Bank to open issue limit loan to housing

According to government work report, 2010 new RMB loan target is about 7.5 trillion yuan.  Analysts believe that, with real estate regulation, stronger inflationary expectations and stronger financial regulation, this goal may be difficult to transcend, or even exclude the possibility of new loans falling below this target. First of all, from the credit rhythm, management has made clear that this year will be balanced lending as the focus of supervision, according to the "3:3:2:2" quarterly ratio of the distribution of credit to the commercial banks, to prevent the loan fluctuations. The source said that the management has asked commercial banks for the first quarter of the excessive letter ...

The system guarantee of wage increase of front-line workers

Shi Chiyi According to media reports, Ningxia, Jilin, Wenzhou and other fields have recently increased the wages of front-line workers.  From "51", Ningxia raised the minimum wage standard, an increase of 24.9%. What is the purpose of developing the economy, so that more people enjoy the fruits of economic development? Adjusting the local minimum wage and raising the income of front-line laborers are the embodiment of the return of labor value and reasonable remuneration, and let front-line workers deeply realize that the growth of GDP is closely related to their wages. However, to raise the wages of front-line workers, we must not ...

China's economy is adjusting toward policy expectations

China economic boom monitoring and Warning report • April 2010-National Development Bank Research Institute National Information Center Forecast Department Shanghai Securities newspaper Overall planning Guo Yan National Development Bank Research Institute executive Vice President Fan jianping National Information Center forecast director Cheng Shanghai Securities Daily Deputy editor-in-chief of the project leader Hong Zhenghua National development Silver Wangyuan, deputy dean of Research Institute, director of the Song Shanghai Securities Newspaper chief editor of the Liu Wentao Du Yu ' Mr. Wu Li Joe Xu Ping ...

Zhongshan mayor involved in serious economic violations

(Reporter summer Correspondent yue Guixian) According to the Guangdong provincial Discipline inspection officials confirmed last night, Zhongshan Municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor Li Qihong because of suspected serious economic discipline problems, is currently receiving organization investigation. Last night, the reporter landed Zhongshan government portal site, a "window" column, Li Qihong's name and documents shone on the fundus.  In this column called the "Window of Leadership", Li Qihong's official resume can be clearly seen. Li Qihong is a native of Zhongshan, 56 years old this year, June 1968 to participate in the work, is Zhongshan County Shek Qi Central rattan crafts social workers, and then from the Ju Wei ...

Medium-term bill issuance sags the real economy is slightly weak

Excess liquidity, the success of the direct financing of the spring, the low rate of issuance of interest rates for short-term financing coupons, medium-term bills, corporate debt and other varieties of the circulation of a rising; but on the other hand, due to excess liquidity, the low level of two-level market yields continue to press the market to issue  It has also allowed underwriting teams such as banks to start grumbling. With one or two-tier market yields flat, the arbitrage space between the two-tier markets narrowed sharply, and bond issuance in the interbank market shrank sharply since May. The May medium-term ticket issue is only 40.2 billion yuan, equivalent to the monthly circulation of the first two months ...

The Hang Seng Index has repeatedly dropped 194 points and 18,058 71.9 billion yuan

HSI High 198 points, up 18,476 after a sharp setback to see 17,710, the afternoon rebounded 18,255, the end of the city and then fell back, the day closing 18,058 49 points, down 194.9 points, the state-owned enterprise index fell 163.56 points, reported 10,504 32 points,  The big city deals 71.927 billion yuan, the period refers to the closing 17,930, falls 201 points, compared with the spot low water 128 point, deals 105,775 Zhang. Afternoon meeting Control (00005-HK) once rose, tail city again fell, down 0.078%, other banking stocks, Hang Seng (000 ...)

Youff shares announced online purchase number of total 73,600

Panorama May 30 Youff shares (002427) announced its initial public offering of stock online pricing issue in Sunday. The number is as follows: Last "two" digits: 10 at the end of "three" digits: 514 764 014 264 at the end of "four" digits: 0109 2109 4109 6109, 8109 4856 at the end of "five" digits: 63831 83831 03831 23831, 43831 end " Six digits: 393406 593406 793406 ...

Gome to bid for renewable variables Bain encounter "Go yellow light margin" problem

Even if the board has passed the unanimous vote, everything is still a variable. According to our correspondent understand, June 5, Bain Capital into Gome's plan to get the unanimous approval of the Gome board of directors, but did not sign on the spot.  This details for the June 6 to date the change of the Bureau, buried the foreshadowing.  The original 6th signing ceremony was temporarily canceled, Gome in order to request Bain Capital to submit a full set of Chinese version of the agreement, will sign the delay. Behind the delay, there is still no agreement on the two core issues.  And these two questions, and Gome is "to yellow light margin" game. Bain ...

Deep textile May 31 suspension of application for non-public offering

Panoramic network May 30 deep Textile A (000045) The Sunday evening announcement said the CSRC will review the company's application for a private issue of shares to a specific target on May 31. According to the relevant regulations, the company's shares suspended on May 31, pending the company's announcement of the audit results after the card.

Tian Yuan RDA 35.7 million acquisition of Guangzhou Ije Digital 51% shares

NetEase Financial May 30 News Day source Cody Evening issued a notice, the company intends to use over 35.7 million yuan acquisition funds Guangzhou Yi Jie Digital technology Co., Ltd. 51% equity. Data show that Guangzhou Ije mainly focus on the development and provision of mobile internet business solutions, and for telecommunications operators to provide business-related ancillary operations services, and telecommunications operators through the revenue-sharing model to obtain the corresponding benefits.  At present, we have established business cooperation relationship with China Unicom, Chinese Telecom, and its branches in Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Henan and other provinces. Lord ...

The morning period fell to 17567 to 17955.

The morning of the mean fell to 17567, 17955, the morning refers to the first bomb on the 18467 after the fall, wear 18000 increase market short-term minus the pound pressure, the period refers to further down to 17567, test nearly 20 days after the average line is the city rebound on the 17795, then pointed out that the time to rebound, Test 17920 to 18000 whether there is resistance, and the period of the morning after the rebound on the 17980, reached the above range favoured, the morning amplitude has been made abreast 900, the afternoon can be another gamble, the early afternoon is the opportunity to bounce back to 18000, to the next ...

Pibao Pharmaceutical and other four of the first road show 1st held

Four board and board companies--Pibao Pharmaceutical (002433), Vinriyan (002434), the Yangtze River Run (002435), Hingson Technology (002436) initial public offering of stock online roadshow will be held on June 1, 2010 (Tuesday) in the Panorama network.  At that time, the company's management, the main members of the sponsors, relevant staff will attend the roadshow, on the company's basic situation, development prospects and the distribution of the relevant arrangements with investors to communicate. According to the arrangement, the Yangtze River Run hair, Hingson Technology Road play Time is June 1 9:00-12:00, leather ...

HKEx first Rose and then went down 120 yuan

In the face of the mainland's competition to restart new shares and the gem next month, the Hong Kong Exchange (00388) fell more than 4.3% per cent in the previous day, playing 1.72% to 124 yuan this morning, but after falling down, he fell through 120 yuan, and saw 117.7 yuan, down 3.45%. The current price of 120.1 yuan, down 1.48%, a temporary transaction of more than 600 million yuan.

Oriental rain Rainbow Planning for non-public offerings will be suspended from 31st

NetEase Finance May 30, Oriental rain Rainbow in the Shenzhen stock market announced that the company is planning non-public issues, related issues are still in the planning process.  To avoid a significant impact on the company's share price, the company's shares have been suspended since May 31, 2010. The announcement stated that the matter would be announced at the latest, and that it would apply for a stock duplicate.

Qin: President Hu Jintao to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

Xinhua News: Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang 9th announced: President Hu Jintao will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, the "BRICS" leaders meeting, and Russia, Slovakia, Croatia state visits.

Taiwan stocks fell 3.22% and hit one-month lows

Taiwan's stock market has continued to decline. The weighted average index closed at 6414.39 points today, creating a one-month low, down 3.22% in the day, along with a 3.34% per cent drop yesterday, the largest in the two days since October 27 last year.

Regal Hotel: Influenza affects global hospitality industry hopes for better in the second half

Regal Hotels (00078) Executive Director Robaoven said affected by swine flu, the performance of the global hospitality industry was less than that of the same period last year, referring to the operation of the company's 5 Hong Kong hotels, she pointed out that the rent had not increased year-on-year, but the company is still actively striving to maintain the standard rate of rent and occupancy.  She expected the operation of the hotel industry to improve in the second half of the year.  She added that the company has been actively renovating its hotels in recent years, with a renovation cost of about $ hundreds of millions of per annum at $ tens of millions of a year. Chairman Mr Lo said the impact of the swine flu is short-lived, expect ...

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