China-Taiwan Office: Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation framework Agreement to benefit both sides

China News agency Beijing, October 28 (Xinhua) The spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, fan Liqing 28th, stressed that the results of the studies published by both sides of academic institutions have shown that the agreement on Economic cooperation between the two sides will benefit both sides and that the benefit of either party will not result in the loss of the other The National Taiwan office held a routine conference this morning.  A reporter asked, Taiwan has been said that the study shows that once the signing of the Cross-strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), mainland revenue will be four times times that of Taiwan, Taiwan will not outweigh the loss, the spokesman has any comment? Fan Li ...

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to high 39, 10,580.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to 39 points high, 10,580 points.

SASAC: Correcting the problem of illegal adjustment of volume rate in real estate development

To carry out special management work in the field of engineering construction the author Xu Xian The report of the State Council SASAC 28th, the SASAC 21st issued the "National Capital Commission to carry out the project construction in the field of outstanding special governance work Implementation Plan" notice, the request in two years or so time,  Based on the government investment and the use of state-owned capital projects, especially the expansion of domestic demand, the investment projects over the scale of 2008 have been comprehensively checked. The special management will check and standardize the land use rights, mining rights approval and transfer behavior. Focus on the settlement of illegal land, low price transfer, unauthorized change of soil ...

Minmetals resources have robbed high 10% to sell the Australian profit

Minmetals Resources this morning, the price rose, by its sale of Australia-China Gold (01862-HK) shares stimulated, the highest price made 2.15 yuan, Rose 9.69%, the latest reported 2.08 Yuan, 6.12%, turnover of 8.07 million yuan, Australia and China gold the latest reported 32.65 Yuan, 0.46%, turnover 26,000 yuan. Minmetals Resources announced that, from 10th to 22nd this month, a total of 11.49 million shares of Australian Gold holdings were sold in the Australian trading market, with an overall cost of 62.27 million Australian dollars (about HK $378 million), which is expected to result in a net profit of HK $205 million.

McDonald's restaurant manager in Japan overwork kills 80 hours a month

Xinhua Beijing, October 28, according to foreign reports, Japan's regional labor organization 28th, a Japanese McDonald's restaurant manager due to overwork, causing cerebral haemorrhage died. The 41-year-old female employee, who was employed at a McDonald's in Yokohama, often worked one months overtime for more than 80 hours before falling ill. After her death three days ago, the ILO decided that the employee belonged to "overwork death" and that her family would be compensated.  The labor organization says the female employee has already had symptoms of physical discomfort, such as headaches. McDonald's company declined to comment on the matter, and its Japanese side ...

Japan's stock market closed in the morning 9741.87 point Rose 1.58%

Japan's stock market rebounded this morning, with the Nikkei average index closing at 9741.87 points, or 151.55 or 1.58% in the morning.

The policy of halving car purchase tax has not yet been determined.

According to the "Beijing Youth Daily" reported that yesterday, 2009 years ago, the three-quarter industrial communications industry run a press conference held. The question of whether to halve the car purchase tax policy next year is the focus of attention.  Yesterday, Zhang Sangmu, director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology's equipment industry, said that the ministry had so far not determined whether to halve the purchase tax policy until December 31 this year. According to reports, China this year, the implementation of the 1.6-liter and the following passenger car purchase tax halve policy, the policy will expire this December 31. By this preferential policy effective ...

Tens of billions of dollars of hot money pushing up property prices

In the deflationary tunnels, China's share price rises, property prices rise, and even prices rise overnight. The spectre of hot money has crept into Hong Kong and is hovering over the mainland of China. A rough estimate is that there may be tens of billions of dollars of hot money pouring in recently. CICC said the US, Japan and other developed countries in the crisis in the sharp interest rate cut, has reached or close to 0 interest rates, and India and other emerging markets, such as spreads have further increased.  China's asset bubble repeats risk. "The recent influx of capital has led to ample liquidity in the banking system in Hong Kong." The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has made it clear that. In the last one months, Hong Kong has been ...

The same price of the large-scale tort compensation

Yesterday the NPC Standing Committee began the third review of the draft Tort liability law, the real life in the traffic accidents, mine accidents, nannies, pets and other tort liability caused by the norms. The addition of "compensation package" as a result of traffic accidents, mine accidents and other violations caused by the death toll, can not take into account the age, income status and other factors, the same amount to determine the death compensation.  In the draft Tort Liability Act, which was submitted to the third instance yesterday, there was an increase in the "package of compensation" provisions for the death toll in the same accident. In recent years, some traffic accidents in the same life of different prices ...

Citic Bank rises 1% Citigroup reiterates its preference for small and medium banks

The shares are still up 1.28% to HK $4.76 and 1.14 million shares in Citic Bank, which has fallen slightly since the opening of the shares this morning.  Citi's report said that maintaining the stock's buying rating remained the preferred option for the small and medium sized banks, with target prices up from HK $4.6 to HK $5.5, at a premium of 16% per cent. Citi pointed to a rise in credit growth in fiscal year 2009 from the original 28% to 40%, which would increase the net profit forecast for Citic Bank for the 2009-2011 fiscal year by 6%, 12% and 11% respectively. Citigroup also believes that CITIC Bank valuation is not high (price and account ...)

Mainland fund companies go to Hong Kong to dominate the right of speech or rewrite

June 1 early in the morning, a company in Europe and the United States a hedge fund came to the 33 floor of China Merchants Bank building, big into the Fund International Business Department director Liansho Dong's office. The hedge fund hopes that the Fund's investment and research team will serve as a consultant to invest in the Chinese market, mainly the Hong Kong market. "This was unthinkable a few years ago, and they (overseas investment agencies) used to look for offshore banks such as UBS, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley," Liansho Dong said. "At this time, from the big into the fund Hong Kong subsidiary-Grand International Asset Management Limited (Grand International) approved by the SFC only 4 days ...

The effect of positive factors on Chinese banks ' high bank stocks

Chinese banking stocks were all high this morning.  CCB (00939-HK), ICBC (01398-HK), Bank of China (03988-HK) and Merchants Bank (03968-HK) rose more than 2% simultaneously, and Bank of Communications (03328-HK) and Citic Bank (00998-HK) also rose more than 1%. Citigroup issued a report that the positive factors in Chinese banking stocks have increased, such as strong lending growth, policy advantages. And the net interest rate basically bottomed out in April, and most banks are expected to rebound because of improved loan portfolios, fixed-term deposits ...

Qingyuan receives Guangdong mobile 2.3 billion investment

The News (reporter Fangnan) yesterday, Guangdong province Qingyuan People's government and China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Company (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Mobile") formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony. Qingyuan Party committee Secretary Chen, deputy Secretary, Mayor Ping Xu Hua, China Mobile Communications Group, general manager of Guangdong company Xu Long attended the signing ceremony.  According to the agreement, Guangdong Mobile Company will invest 2.3 billion yuan in Qingyuan in the next 5 years, with Qingyuan people's government to implement the ten projects for all walks of life, it is expected to pull the Bai industry scale development in Qingyuan, drive million people to employment. This May ...

Guotai Hong Kong executive Fan was found to have worked for the SFC

Zhou according to the "financial network" reported that June 2, Guotai Securities (Hong Kong) Limited Investment Banking Department executive Director (hereinafter referred to as "Guotai Hong Kong Company") Fan by the domestic authorities to take away the investigation. Fan, currently serving in Guotai Hong Kong, is in charge of investment banking. After completing his university studies in China, Fan a short stint at HSBC and entered Guotai Hong Kong in 2005. Since Fan's father is a former head of the SFC, the case has aroused great concern in the market.

World Bank: Global GDP to shrink 2.9% this year

Author: Comprehensive house prices rose, the stock market rose, the economy began to recover? In a report on the global Development Finance 2009: A roadmap to global recovery, released on June 22, the World Bank released its pessimistic forecasts for the development of the international economy. The report predicts global GDP will shrink by 2.9% this year, further downward from the March expected negative 1.7%.  Among them, emerging economies, which have been prominent in the past two years, will collectively "Yahuo" and are expected to grow by only 1.2%. Private capital flows slowed this year March 31, the World Bank published a report predicting that this year's global economy will decline 1.7%, ...

Who is behind the "Black Horse" of "horse-seizing"?

One is unknown Sichuan private enterprises, one is a noble family of luxury brands, an acquisition makes Tengzhong heavy industry for a time known worldwide. This is not any overseas passenger car production experience of the background of complex, not "common sense" of the acquisition is tempting to chase the mystery behind the acquisition. Who is behind Tengzhong's heavy work? Reporters yesterday learned that Teng Zhong heavy industries and the acquisition of the concern of the Hua Tuo Industrial and investment is huatong. Analysis means that the acquisition or Huatong for its overseas listing of China Billiton to do bedding.  If listed only, the publicity fee is obviously too expensive. Teng Zhong Heavy industry shares changed several times ...

HSI returns to eight and 10-day real estate stocks rise better than big city

As expected, the United States Federal Reserve maintain the interest rate unchanged, and reiterated that it will maintain low interest rates for some time, Hong Kong stocks this morning after the opening of the eight, as well as the 10-day average line (that is, the city 18,096 points), now reported 18,164 points, 272 points, an increase of 1.52%, the state-owned enterprises index is The opening rose to 10,700 points. Property stocks outperformed the market and the new Land (00016) rose more than 3.6% to 95.5 yuan.

economic recovery, dollar depreciation pushing inflation expectations higher

Graphics/Wang Jianhua Hudong Lin Click here to view all financial news pictures The recent rise in inflation expectations and the sharp rise in commodity prices, such as international crude oil and non-ferrous metals, have been affected by the upturn in economic data in major economies and the weakening of the dollar.  In the inflationary environment, oil, coal, metals and other resource sectors benefited the most, real estate, banking, insurance and other industries will usher in a good opportunity. Signs of economic recovery are even more apparent. Recent economic data in some developed countries have improved, and signs of a steady recovery are further evident. Meanwhile, America's quantitative easing led to a weakening of the dollar ...

The index is 248 high, tens of thousands of eight.

HSI opened 248 points high, opened 18,140 points, or 1.39%, the state-owned enterprise index high open 167 points, opened a report 10,710, or 1.58%;

60 million acquisition of Easy Netcom 32%, Switzerland Kuoni China

Switzerland's Kuoni Group, one of Europe's largest tourist agencies, bought 32% of the US hedge fund gandharamaster funds with 5.3 million pounds (about 59.96 million yuan) to become the largest single shareholder in South China's online travel enterprise, easy netcom.  The acquisition is considered to be an important move for Kuoni to enter the fast-growing Chinese tourism market because it still holds a 50.64% per cent stake. Line under the combination of this is not the first time K Uoni into China, as early as in 2007 it passed another brand of tourism into ...

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