ASP Call Crystal Report with Store Procedure(5)

On Error Resume Next

' The oEMF object is a helper object to create EMFs (Ecapsulated Messages) for the viewers.
' The viewers use EMFs to display errors and navigate to specific pages of the report.

If Not IsObject(session("oEMF")) then
Set session("oEMF") = Server.CreateObject("CREmfgen.CREmfgen.1")
Call CheckForError
End if

' Initialize all Global variables
' These will contain the page generator and page collection

Dim goPageGenerator ' page generator object
Dim goPageCollection ' page collection object
Dim goPageGeneratorDrill' page generator object in Drill Down Context
Dim goPage ' the page object
Dim gvGroupPathDD ' drill down group path, this is an array.
Dim gvGroupPath ' this is branch, aka Group Path converted from string passed on the QS, it is an Array
Dim gvGroupLevel ' this is the Group level, converted from the string passed on the QS, it is an Array
Dim gvMaxNode ' this represents the number of nodes to retrieve for the totaller, it is set to an empty array
Dim gvTotallerInfo ' this represents the group path of the requested totaller.
Dim glX ' this is the X Coordinate for a drill down on a graph or Map
Dim glY ' this is the Y Coordinate for a drill down on a graph or Map
Dim gvPageNumber ' holds the requested page number
Dim gvURL ' URL to redirect to
Dim gsErrorText ' holds the error text to be sent to the viewer.
Dim ExportOptions ' Export Options Object
Dim slX ' this is the X Coordinate for a selection of Out of Place subreport
Dim slY ' this is the Y Coordinate for a selection of Out of Place subreport

' Vaiables that represent what was passed on the Query String
Dim CMD ' This determines the main function to perform
Dim PAGE ' the page to return
Dim BRCH ' the branch is a mechanism to determine the drill down level.
' A drill down level is like a view of the report, a new tab
' is created to indicate that it is a new view
Dim VIEWER ' This is the viewer that is calling the server
Dim VFMT ' the format that the viewer understands
Dim NODE ' Currently not used??
Dim GRP ' this is a way of specifing the actual group
Dim COORD ' these are the coordinates on the graph to process
Dim DIR ' this is the search direction
Dim CSE ' indicates if the search is case sensitive
Dim TEXT ' this is the text to search for.
Dim INIT ' used to build the frames for the html viewer
Dim NEWBRCH ' used to keep track of when a new branch is to be viewed.
Dim EXPORT_FMT ' used to hold the export format and type
Dim SUBRPT ' used to hold the Out Of Place Subreport page, number,
' and coordinates on the main report.
Dim INCOMPLETE_PAGE ' used to indicate whether the page generated should contain placeholders.
Dim INCOMPLETE_PAGE_COUNT ' used to indicate whether the page should contain the total page count if not yet generated.
Dim PVERSION ' used to indicate the protocol version of the viewer.
Dim TTL_INFO ' used to indicate the group path of the totaller request.
' Constant Values
crAllowPlaceHolders = 2
crDelayTotalPageCountCalc = 1
EMFMIMETYPe = "application/x-emf"
EPFMIMETYPE = "application/x-epf"
ETFMIMETYPE = "application/x-etf"
' Initialize Arrays
gvGroupPath = Array()
gvGroupLevel = Array()
gvMaxNode = Array() ' reteive all nodes
gvTotallerInfo = Array()
' To ensure that the browser does not ca


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