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Crystal Reports and Sql-server Report development--Stored procedure-Practice

server| Stored Procedures Crystal Reports and Sql-server together for the development of reports 1:crystal Reports feature Readme Crystal Reports is used to process databases to help users analyze and interpret important information. With Crystal

. NET Report component set .........

  Reporting Services:   Microsoft SQL Server reporting services is a new server-based report platform, you can create and manage table reports, matrix reports, graphical reports, and free-format reports that contain data from Relational Data

Comparison of Finereport reports and Crystal Reports

Finereport report software for the complex format of the report data and the presentation of the Web report, through multi-source sharding, irregular grouping, two-way extension to easily drag and drop to do complex format of the report, making

ASP. NET web development framework 3 report development

ArticleDirectory Bind Data Source Multi-version support Dynamic Parameter support Currently, enterprise solution web only supports rdlc. To support a report format, you need to do some basic work to facilitate close integration

Essay "Use ActiveReport for. NET for report development"

(i)--Start ActiveReport is an excellent report development program under. NET, although not as famous as the Crystal Report, and many people do not know it exists, it does not prevent it from doing well in. NET report development, and this article

Getting started with Crystal Report (Microsoft Report) FAQs

1. Page size settings:Specify the page size on the design page. After the page margin, all design areas in the work area are page printable areas. therefore, you do not need to consider the margins during design. or, if the margin is set to 0 during

Web report development technology Topic 5: the shadows of Excel

Since Excel beat Lotus N years ago, it has dominated the spreadsheet software market. All table software cannot help but take full account of Excel and look for functional points that excel cannot take care. All table software must be considered to

NET ERP System Architecture Design

Analysis of large. NET ERP system Architecture Design framework+ Application design patternMy understanding of large-scale systems, from the number above, the source code more than millions of lines above, the system has more than 300 functions,

Dynamically change the crystal report Group

1. Create a formula field groupname: Drag a field in the Public Editor and set it to {t_buyorder.buyorderdate} (of course, the field in your table)   2. When inserting a group in the report, select the created formula groupname.     3. dynamically

OLAP tools and business intelligence

In order to determine the business activities carried out by the business strategy and market strategy, enterprises must analyze and make decisions based on multiple reports and reports in the analysis and decision-making process of Bi projects.

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