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Learn about crystal report background color, we have the largest and most updated crystal report background color information on Crystal Report Alternate color of the implementation method _ practical skills

Right-click-> Insert-> Sections in the report, find the area where you want to set the background color, and here is the details area. In the Right tab, select Color, check the background color option, and set the default colors.

[Crystal Report] The recordnumber application controls the number of lines displayed on each page and the color of the line.

I am often asked how to limit the number of lines displayed on each page. I also see someone using the high field method. The formula uses the crystal syntax, and the database uses the ACCESS database provided by the crystal report.Take the orders table as an example. Select several fields for a simple report, draw a small grid, and Preview It. The data in each

Summary of report Learning (1) -- simple use of ASP. NET Crystal Report (Crystal Reports), crystalreports

browser debugging tool and found that the following error was reported. To solve this problem refer to the website: The solution is as follows:C: \ inetpub \ wwwrootThe folder under this directory, and then copy it to the root directory of your project. Re-compile and run the browser to vie

VS2010 Crystal Report Usage Summary-from installation to use to deployment, there are pictures of the truth _ Crystal Report

VS2010 Crystal Report Use summary-from installation to use to deployment, there is a picture of the truth. Company to do a crystal report on the printing, let me study how to use, a full torment me for several days. Done on the WinForm and web two ways. My development environment is vs2010,vs2010

Crystal report production and use

ReportYou can include a variety of easy-to-read charts in a report (a wide range of report types are provided, such as bar charts, line charts, area charts, pie charts, Gantt charts, and stock charts ). 4Flexible Application Integration Technology: Crystal ReportFlexibleJava,ComAnd. Net SDKAnd embeddedReport application server,

With the Times, Crystal Report 10 new features

. Report Design Crystal Report 10 provides several new designer enhancements to increase flexibility and control of data presentation. Format Painter Save time for formatting reports, Format Painter allows you to copy the full formatting options between objects with one click. You no longer need to apply color, form

Keep pace with the times, new features of Crystal Report 10

. This also makes it possible to easily upgrade to other versions of crystal enterprises in the future. ●. NET web form viewer enhancement.Increase the impact of your. NET Report viewer .. . NET web form viewer enhances availability, consistency, and customization capabilities, bringing great flexibility to development. For example, you can use the Visual Studio. Net designer to modify the font style and

A list of official sample reports demonstrating the Crystal Report design concept

: This file contains a sample report of the chart features in the Model Crystal Report 8.x. Http:// · Banner or Virtual Page report.rpt This report demonstrates workarounds to accommodate large charts or object

Use template reports to improve productivity, Crystal Report 10 template Technology

) Crystal Report 9 Before the user can use the Crystal Report style (Styles) feature. Style features allow designers to apply a set of formatting styles to a report. The role of report style is rather limited because they cannot

With the Times, Crystal Report 10 new features

Crystal Report 10 expands the significant set of features introduced from version 9 to deliver the most stable and time-tested versions. It also includes several more productive and ease-of-use features, and runs through the entire report generation process. For the current user, this version contains hundreds of enhancements, enhancements, and user-feedback patc

Vbnet crystal report conversion methods

Vbnet crystal report conversion methods Create a new Crystal Report, and then create the data of the current Crystal Report on the page. The background code is as follows: The attribute

Crystal Report Making Example

the page has extra parts that are not removed and need to be set up as follows:2, font alignment and so on how to setNumbers do not display commasOnce the preparation is complete, we can display it directly on the page.Drag a Crystalreportviewer control directly in the page. It will help us do a lot of things automatically, including referencing the corresponding DLLs and so on. Finally write the following code in the background of the page.protected

Custom process of crystal report + ifs develop tables

[Basic principle]1) write the corresponding View2) crystal report Development Report/associated with the corresponding View3) Report RPT associated with Ifs Application [Preparations]1) write the corresponding ViewRecommended Practice: associate a report with a viewThree rea

Display of data in multiple tables in the push mode of the Crystal Report

type must match the field you want to display. Otherwise, problems may occur. 4. The remaining steps are the same as those in the original tutorial. Select "project data-ADO. Net dataset" from the database expert. The following shows the database and table you just created. Select the table to the selected table. Create a report template as you wish. In the background code, use the dataset you have

C # Implementation Click the table header sort of crystal Report

Order: This is the first C # version of a "classic Crystal Report--click the table header to sort" at @ December 25, 2003 10:26:00). If someone reprint please indicate the source. This article is published synchronously in my blog: "Classic Crystal Report--click the table header Sort (2008 edition)" http://blog.csd

Format settings of the exported file in the Crystal Report

Label: style blog HTTP color ar OS for SP File Original article: Setting the format of the exported file in the Crystal Report The export and print functions provided by the crystal report are very convenient to use, but sometimes the files to be exported do not need so

"Go" How do you use code to dynamically set up text, fields, and other objects in a crystal report?

numeric fields: XObject.FieldFormat.NumericFormat.DecimalPlaces = 4 2. Sets the output type of the Boolean field: XObject.FieldFormat.BooleanFormat.OutputType =crystaldecisions.shared.booleanoutputtype.yesorno 3. Set other formats such as (Com Monformat,datetimeformat,dateformat,timeformat)For Textobject, you can: 1. Change the text: Xobject.text = "hehe" 2. Change font: Xobject.applyfont (New font, 1 0.0!)) 3. Set color: Xobject.color = 3

Crystal Report image import/insertion bug

Crystal Report does not respond when importing/inserting Images Crystal Reports will insert certain images but not others After messing with this problem all day, I found out it's a bug in the Crystal Reports IDE. Here's how to duplicate the issue: right click on your


); // Put the set of parameter fields into the viewer control.Crystalreportviewer1.parameterfieldinfo = paramfields; The crystal report version is 9.2, and the background is sqlserver 2000. The report data source is a stored procedure with two parameters.No matter what parameters I upload, the results of the

How to export a perfect Excel file in a crystal report

Existing report items generally require that reports be exported to excel.Although the Excel export function is provided for Crystal Reports, it is not easy to export a usable Excel table.It is easy to see cross-row and cross-column situations. By default, there is no grid line for export. After you manually add the grid line (or select the grid line for export) to the grid line, it will look ugly.The most

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