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Reporting Services:


Microsoft SQL Server reporting services is a new server-based report platform, you can create and manage table reports, matrix reports, graphical reports, and free-format reports that contain data from Relational Data sources and multidimensional data sources. You can view and manage your reports through a web-based connection.

Reporting Services provides a complete set of services, tools, and applications.ProgramProgramming APIs, you can use reporting services even if you are not a programmer. You can use applications and tools included in reporting services to create, publish, and manage reports. In addition, tools or applications supporting various stages of the report lifecycle are provided. Programmers can use APIs to extend or integrate the report functions into custom solutions.

Advantages of Web-based reports

You can create a report environment based on the existing database server and web server infrastructure. Reporting Services provides a multi-layer server that runs under Internet Information Services. You can generate reports to extract data from existing data servers for any data access interface, ole db access interface, or ODBC Data Source Type managed by. net.

The existing infrastructure and technology can also be used for report deployment. You can use existing browsers and navigation technologies to access report and management tools. You can access a report by displaying it as a central repository of the folder hierarchy. You can create a report environment to organize reports and related content into the folder hierarchy you designed. The navigation, search, and subscription functions help you find and run the required reports.

Reports can be presented in desktop and web-oriented formats. You can generate a wide range of reports, combining web-based functions with traditional report functions. You can create interactive reports, table reports, or free-form reports to retrieve data at scheduled intervals or retrieve data as needed when you open a report. A matrix report can summarize data for advanced review and provide detailed support information in a detailed report. You can use a parameterized report to filter data based on the value provided during running. You can select from various viewing formats to dynamically present reports in the preferred format for data operations or printing.

Why do I need server-based reports?

The server-based report function provides a way to centrally store and manage reports, set policies, and ensure secure access to reports and folders, control processing, and distribute reports, and standardize the use of reports in the business.

Reporting Services is scalable. You can install a report server on a single server, distributed server, and Web farm configuration.

About Platform

Reporting Services has a modular architecture. This platform is based on a Report Server engine that contains processors and services used to obtain and process data. Process tasks and distribute them to multiple components that can be extended or integrated into a custom solution. After retrieving data and separating the retrieved data from the data processing task, the data is displayed and processed. This feature allows multiple users to view the same report at the same time in a format designed for different devices, or to quickly change the view format of the report. You can click to convert HTML to PDF, Microsoft Excel, or XML.

This architecture is designed to support new data sources or output formats. The presentation extensions included in reporting services are used to present reports in HTML and other formats for desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Excel, however, developers can create other rendering extensions to take advantage of printer or other device features.

Developers can include the report function in custom applications or extend the report function to support custom functions. Rendering provides Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and URL endpoints for Web Service APIs, allowing you to easily integrate with new or existing applications and portals.

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Crystal Report:

Crystal Report is the most professional and functional Report System in the industry. In addition to powerful report functions, crystal report has achieved integration and interfaces with most popular development tools. Programmers who have worked in report development on vs. NET platform must have been impressed by the powerful, efficient, and integrated features of Crystal Reports. In addition to developing new programs, we often need to meet the needs of many early software system report function upgrades. If we can combine the powerful tool of Crystal Report, we can always get twice the result with half the effort.

VB is a popular database development platform in the past. Its C/S system has a huge social inventory, however, over-weak reporting functions of VB often make programmers unable to cope with customers' upgrade requirements. This article does not do the use of the Crystal Report and programming teaching, in fact, the use of the crystal report itself and. NET platform is not much different. I mainly discuss with you a more convenient interface method of VB and Crystal Reports.

* A complete set of Web Report creation solutions allow you to easily create network reports

* A powerful tool that combines the report production function with Web and Windows Applications

* Excellent reports of briefing quality can be established using various data sources

* Closely integrated with Microsoft Office

* Quick Report Processing

* Flexible report Transfer

* Fully integrated with the Crystal Reports business intelligence product family

From simple to complex reports, Crystal Reports can help you access, analyze, report, and share data, combining easy-to-use, elastic, and powerful features, provides the perfect report of briefing quality.


Use various data sources to create reports

Enjoy powerful design and format setting functions

Combined with Elastic Analysis

Fastest report processing capability

Flexible report transfer job

Scalable Web report production

Obtain the powerful and elastic report production tools you need, and combine the exquisite report production functions into your windows and Web applications. Make full use of the report production function designed for the thin-wire environment of the website

Supports powerful report production functions of applications

Enjoy unprecedented elasticity and control capabilities

Complete the application data report

Crystal Reports is used to process databases and help users analyze and explain important information. Crystal Reports allows you to easily create simple reports. It also provides a complete set of tools required to create complex or dedicated reports.

Create any report you can imagine

Crystal Reports can generate the reports you need from almost any data source. The built-in report experts will guide you step by step when you generate reports and complete general report tasks. Report experts help express the actual meaning of data through formulas, cross tabulation, subreports, and setting condition formats, and reveal important relationships that may be hidden. If the text and numbers are insufficient, use geo maps and images to exchange information.

Extend reports to the Web

The flexibility of Crystal Reports is not limited to the ability to create reports. You can publish a report in a variety of formats, including publishing in Microsoft Word and Excel, publishing via email or even web. The advanced Web Reports feature allows other members of the workgroup to view or update shared reports in their own web browsers.

Merge reports into Applications

By integrating the report processing function of Crystal Reports into your own database applications, applications and web developers can save development time and meet users' needs. Crystal Reports supports most popular development languages, allowing you to easily add reports to any application.

Crystal Reports is a powerful tool, whether you are an IT industry site administrator, marketing and promotion manager, or a database administrator or CEO of the financial industry, it helps everyone analyze and explain important information.



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Activereport is. net, although not so famous as the crystal report, even many people do not know its existence, but it does not prevent it in. net report development.

I. Main Functions of activereports for. net

Supports ASP. NET-activereports to be used by ASP. NET Server controls in webforms applications. This control supports distributed Web reports. You can use HTML, ActiveX,. net, and ghost browsers. Complete Code Integration-use the Microsoft Visual Studio. NET editor to write report code in C # Or VB. NET, which is very flexible. The Report Wizard-Report Wizard helps you create simple reports customized by using the Integrated designer. Designer-an object template that is fully displayed as an object template. The report creation API allows you to dynamically create and modify reports. It provides the complete function of accessing report objects and members during runtime. The end user report designer End User Designer provides the ability to add a designer to your application and end user report editing. The control methods and attributes allow you to conveniently store and load the report layout, monitor and control the design environment, and customize the appearance according to the needs of end users. Integrated with ASP. NET, Web browser controls provide you with the ability to quickly browse activereports and print on the web, and have properties of ActiveX browser and Acrobat Reader browser. The RPX file HTTP processor allows you to easily place reports on Web servers, and enables Internet users to browse in HTML or PDF without writing any code. Compiled reports the HTTP processor provides direct access to activereports compiled by the server's programs without the need to compile any aspx pages. Publishing-easy to deploy the report engine is a simple and well-known assembly. An assembly can be published or placed in GAC using xcopy ). The Professional edition includes HTTP processor and server PARALLEL Web Control for ASP. NET reports. Designer-easy to learn and.. NET environment is fully integrated with familiar user interfaces. C # and Visual Basic are supported.. Net reports will be compiled as part of your application to speed up processing, enhance security, and users can choose to release separately. The beginner's Report Wizard and Microsoft Access Report import Wizard Designer have third-party controls (Chart controls, image controls, etc ). Data access-easy connection including oledb and sqlclient report data sources including flexible XML data sources bound to dataset, dataview, datatable and any ilistsource control data source attributes can be modified at runtime, generate ad hoc (dynamic) Reports flexible unbound data preview and output-easy to show support for C # code small deployment assembly, it is applicable to the use of TOC/bookmarks hyperlinks on the Internet to output and filter files in the formats of RTF, PDF, Excel, HTML, Tiff, and text files. Http://www.datadynamics.com

Ii. Registration

The following code is stored in ***. EXE. config or web. config:


<Addkey = "datadynamicsarlic" value = "DD-APN-10-C001733, DD-APN-10-C001733, DD-APN-10-C001733, xy6y7kqbty12323kjckj"/>


After each scheme rotates the file licenses. licx, It is regenerated:

Datadynamics. activereports. activereport, activereports, version = 1.2.2003.630, culture = neutral, publickeytoken = dbe4120289f9fd8a

The red line on the right is displayed because the report exceeds the length limit. If it is printed in that way, an additional blank paper will be taken out.

1 left margin + right margin + printwidth must be less than the paper width

2 while right. margin> 1.0 then it will appear

3. User Guide this control currently has very few documents. For more information, see references. You can only read samples or download e documents.

Chinese activereports 2.0 interface

Public sub creport (Areport as activereport)

'Chinese activereport

'Applicable to 2.0 below

With AReport

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (0). tooltip = "directories on each page"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (2). Caption = "print ..."

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (2). tooltip = "print report"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (4). tooltip = "copy"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (6). tooltip = "Search"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (8). tooltip = "single page display"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (9). tooltip = "Multi-page display"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (11). tooltip = "zoom out"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (12). tooltip = "zoom in"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (15). tooltip = ""

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (16). tooltip = ""

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (19). tooltip = "back"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (19). Caption = "backward"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (20). tooltip = "Forward"

. Toolbar. Tools. Item (20). Caption = "Forward"


End sub

4. How to publish activereports for. Net assembly

There are two methods to deploy activereports assembly. Each method depends on your installation method.

If you are copying a project from a development computer to your server, you need to set the activereports reference in the project reference to copylocal = true. In this way, activereports dll will be in the bin folder of the compilation project.

If you are creating an installation program for your software, you need to include the actiivereportsdistrib. MSM file, which will be included in the installation of activereports for. net. For example, the file may be installed in the c: \ Program Files \ Data Dynamics \ activereports for. Net \ deployment folder.

There is also a third method to implement, but it is not recommended. This method is complex. You can use the command line tool to install each DLL in GAC. Format: 'C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Visual Studio. NET \ frameworksdk \ bin> gacutil-I.


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Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 includes the report design feature and the reportviewer control, allowing you to add fully functional reports to custom applications. A report can contain table format data, aggregate data, and multi-dimensional data. The reportviewer control is provided to process and display reports in applications. The widget has two versions. The reportviewer web server control is used to resident reports in ASP. NET projects. The reportviewer Windows Forms control is used to resident a report in a Windows application project.


Both versions of the control can be configured to run in local or remote processing mode. The processing mode of the configuration affects all aspects of the report from design to deployment.


L "local processing mode" means that the reportviewer control processes reports in client applications. All reports are processed locally using the data provided by the application. To create a report in local processing mode, you must use the Report Project template in Visual Studio. For more information, see configure reportviewer for local processing.


L "remote processing mode" means that the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Report Server Processes reports. In remote processing mode, the reportviewer control is used as a viewer to display predefined reports that have been published on the Reporting Services Report Server. All operations from data retrieval to report presentation are processed on the Report Server. To use the remote processing mode, you must have a license copy of SQL Server 2005 reporting services. For more information, see configure reportviewer for remote processing.


To use the reportviewer control in an application, you must understand how to add the control to a project form or webpage, and how to configure the control to use the local report definition or server report, update data source references and test and deploy reports and controls in applications. Rehearsals help you learn these key skills. For more information, see examples and drills.


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The Dev report control is good ....:


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