Cloud security to achieve effective prevention of the future road how to go?

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When IBM, Microsoft, Google, Sun and other companies put forward "cloud computing" time, people are not very concerned about this new concept, after all, at the computational level of a cloud concept can be how much help our lives, many people do not know. In fact, cloud computing's technical and uncertain concepts make it hard to get a deeper understanding of cloud computing. Lack of perceptual knowledge, nature will not get more opportunities to read. However, now a new security concept of "cloud security" of the emergence of how much let us perceive the meaning of cloud computing from another perspective, of course, we are more in the observation of the development trend of cloud security.

The advent of cloud computing has not only made people look forward to the future life, but also let the security industry manufacturers see a New Hope. With the tide of cloud computing, "cloud security" is also the word of the major security vendors, in the major security companies under the propaganda offensive, cloud security as if to become omnipotent weapon, you can put all the security threats to destroy. But is that really the case? Let's go through the fog and see what the future of cloud security is.

Cloud computing becomes cloud safe

The so-called cloud security, that is, security of the Internet, in the top of the internet, a large security network, this security network all over the Internet nodes. The rapid response and blocking of viruses and security threats that can be eliminated before a security threat reaches the terminal.

Cloud security is being raised in this situation. Cloud security is an application derived from cloud computing, by Google-led and by IBM, Microsoft, Sun and other large IT companies respond to the cloud, it is to solve the future of large data storage, computing a viable model, at present, cloud storage, cloud computing has been some applications, and cloud security has become a new trend to kill the soft industry changes.

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With the rapid development of the Internet industry, a variety of computer viruses are also growing exponentially, the traditional security vendors are still using the upgrade virus signature, upgrade virus Signature Database of the traditional way to carry out security protection, each have to wait for the outbreak of virus can play a protective role, At the same time need to occupy a large number of users of the system resources and network bandwidth, the end result is that the user's computer becomes more and more slow, users of security vendors are less and less confidence. In the face of this situation, from cloud computing in the "cloud security" has become the major security manufacturers of life-saving straw, both domestic and foreign manufacturers have launched a corresponding security products.

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