How does personal cloud security guarantee data security?

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Cloud service brings great convenience to people's life and work, but it also brings the information security problem. icloud is a typical representative of cloud services, providing photos, video synchronization, and the user can share synchronized data across multiple platforms. For example, when traveling, mobile phone photos, you can use the home printer output pictures, family can be in the computer, tablet computer, TV sync to watch photos, play video. After Apple's icloud, other smartphone manufacturers also launched their own Cross-platform data sharing tools, such as the millet cloud services, Baidu Network disk, Jinshan fast and so on. To enjoy the technological achievements and easy lives of the cloud era, you need to know how to protect your personal cloud security.

According to news reports that hackers cracked celebrities ' icloud accounts, many of Hollywood's female stars were leaked online, and many people were blaming Apple for their own security problems after the leaked photos of Apple's "Find My iphone" security leak.

The security breach, known as the "Ibrute", was released in GitHub last Saturday. It leverages a security vulnerability on the "Find My iphone" Service Application programming interface (API). This vulnerability allows hackers to try passwords one after another until they find the correct password. Once the password is discovered, it can be used to access the user's icloud account.

Apple said in Monday it would code again, saying it was "actively investigating" whether the icloud accounts were hacked. The iphone and ipad makers rarely deal with the press, suggesting that it attaches great importance to the event.

While this is a terrible security loophole, the use of such a vulnerability relies on the use of bad passwords by ordinary account holders. The password attempt to automate using this vulnerability only uses a list of 500 commonly used passwords. So, if you want to protect your private photos or the security of your company's industry secrets, you must start using passwords that are not "password" or "123456". So you need to set a can remember the cumbersome and irregular password, more secure and reassuring.

But for websites and services that really care about securing data, dual authentication can be the most powerful tool for ordinary users to block unauthorized users from accessing their data. In this way, even if someone has your password, they have to access the device in your hand, such as a cell phone, to change the password. Typically, the dual authentication system sends you an email or text message, or calls you to enter the resulting code to modify the password.

Here's how to turn on dual authentication in the most popular personal cloud storage service:

icloud of Apple Inc.

1. Log in to your AppleID.

2. Select "Manage your AppleID and login"

3. Select "Password and security"

4. In two-step authentication, select QuickStart, and then follow the instructions.

Note: Please note that when you change your AppleID for double authentication, this is a one-way process. You can only change your password in a double authentication way later.

Second, Dropbox

1. Log on to the Dropbox.

2. Open your Account menu in the upper-right corner of any page by clicking on your name.

3. Click "Settings" in the Account menu and select the "Security" tab.

4. Select "Enable" in the "Two-Step authentication" area.

5. Click "Start using" and follow the instructions.

Note: You will need to re-enter the password to activate dual authentication. Once you activate the certification, you have the option to accept the security code via SMS or mobile apps.

Third, Google's drive

1. Log in to Google from this link.

2. Enter your mobile number.

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