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IE is almost the preferred browser for cainiao and prawns to access the Internet. I believe you are familiar with its conventional usage skills. However, I always believe that as long as you are careful enough, you will constantly "Explore" New ie skills. Believe it or not, let's take a look at some of the new usage below. I believe it will make you feel refreshed!

1. Find the lost ie startup button

Under normal circumstances, the Quick Start button of IE will be "settled" in the system taskbar. However, if you are not careful with the operation, the Quick Start button of IE will often "disappear" in the taskbar ". How do you find the IE startup button when it disappears from the system taskbar? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as you follow the steps below to perform the operation.
First, right-click the IE browser icon in the desktop, and execute the "Create shortcut" command from the shortcut menu, so that you can create a corresponding shortcut for IE.

In the system resource management window, double-click the Windows folder, application data folder, Microsoft folder, Internet Explorer folder, and quick launch folder on drive C; then, drag the IE shortcut created in the desktop to the Quick Launch folder window.

Of course, there is a more concise method, that is, to directly drag the IE browser icon in the system desktop to the system taskbar with the left mouse button, but the drag-and-drop must appear after the dotted line icon.

2. Enable IE to resumable Data Transfer

As you know, when you click a download link on the IE page, ie will automatically call its built-in download function to download files. However, if this function is disconnected due to network congestion, all downloaded content will be lost, and the downloaded content will need to be downloaded again later. Obviously, the built-in download function of IE is easy to delay the download time.

Is there a way to enable the IE download function to support resumable data transfer? The answer is yes. Do not click the "cancel" button in the download dialog box as long as you find that the IE download progress bar does not respond for a long time when an unexpected disconnection occurs, instead, you should click the "X" button in the window to temporarily exit the download status. Then, click the download link address on the page again, and then click "save, in the pop-up save dialog box, set the file name and save path to the same as the file that was not downloaded last time, so that IE can continue to the location where the last download was not completed, continue to download the remaining content. Of course, this ie breakpoint Resume function is only applicable to HTTP download, not to FIP download.

3. Set "overhead" for IE options"

If you allow others to set Internet parameters for IE, the security of IE and even the security of the system will be threatened, for example, if an illegal user opens the "Internet Options" setting box of IE and lowers the security level of the Internet, all kinds of viruses and trojans on the network may follow. To ensure security, you sometimes have to "overhead" Internet Options in IE browsers, so that illegal users cannot set Internet parameters themselves:

First, open the windows system resource manager window, find and enter the "System32" folder window, select "inetcpl. cpl file, right-click it, right-click the pop-up menu, click the "RENAME" option, "inetcpl. the file name of CPL is changed to "inetcplnew. cpl ", of course, you can also change it to another name, but you must remember the name of the renamed file, and you need to restore it in the future so that you can quickly find it. After renaming, you cannot enter the option setting window when you click the "Internet Options" command in IE.

4. You can fix ie without tools.

When surfing the Internet, Internet Explorer will inevitably suffer from malicious attacks. How do you recover Internet Explorer that has been maliciously modified? Most people will choose a variety of professional ie repair tools to deal with IE's malicious attacks. There are also some high "prawns", by manually modifying the registry, to restore the original "appearance" of IE ". But how do you fix Ie if you do not have a professional ie Repair Tool or you do not know much about the registry? Therefore, this article provides you with a very convenient solution, but this method can only be applicable to Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems. The following describes the specific implementation steps of this method:

Click "start", "set", and "Control Panel" commands, and double-click "Management Tools" and "Computer Management". In the displayed window, expand the "System Tools"/"local users and groups" folder, click the "user" option, and right-click the blank area in the corresponding sub-window on the right, run the "new user" command in the shortcut menu, name the new user "newusr", and set the access password of the account;

After creating a task for a new user, click the "Start"/"Shut Down" command in sequence, and then run the "log off administrator" operation. Then, use the "newusr" account to re-enter the Windows 2000 system; go to the system registry editing page, expand the Registry branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer, and select the "Internet Explorer" primary key, then, click the "Registry"/"Export Registry File" command in the registry menu bar to export the content of the Registry branch related to IE, for example, save it as "ienew. reg file, so that you can export all the correct ie settings under the "newusr" account; because the "newusr" account was just created, therefore, the iesettings under this account are correct by default, that is, they are not attacked;

Next, log out of the "newusr" account, log on to the Windows 2000 system with the "Administrator" account, open the registry editing window, and then execute the "Registry"/"Import Registry File" command in the menu bar, in the pop-up file selection dialog box, export the "ienew. reg "file is imported into the registry, so that IE can restore the original" appearance.

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