GMO Media uses Hashicorp terraform Enterprise automatic Configuration Basics

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Hashicorp Customer use case

A version of this customer is in Japanese with case is?available.

GMO Media, Inc., the Internet Media Business and digital content service provider arm of GMO Internet Group, Offerin G Many value-added web-based services to their enterprise customers in Japan. These services were previously hosted on-premises, and required significant amounts of repetitive and Error-prone manual s Ettings to onboard the new customer for each new service. GMO Media had previously used Ansible and Chef for automating configuration of the higher level layers. However, when migrating to cloud, it needed a-automatically provision infrastructure onto the public cloud.

GMO Media decided to use? Hashicorp TerraForm enterprise?to provision new services onto the public cloud, while also allowing them the possibility T o Provision the same workflows to one or more public clouds. After deploying and initiating their initial service using TerraForm Enterprise, they were able to launch nearly new SE Rvices in a completely automated manner. All new customers could is on-boarded with new services with the press's a button with zero human error. This have increased customer satisfaction and retention, and is also a substantial competitive advantage.

Using the TerraForm Enterprise Module Registry, GMO Media has also successfully created a self-service deployment DevOps W Orkflow whereby software developers can code commands for standing-up infrastructure directly into their own application C Ode (Infrastructure-as-code), in effect allowing them to bypass time consuming procedures and realize dramatically faster Application deployment Schedules.

In addition, by using TerraForm Enterprise VCS integration, larger groups is able to collaborate to more quickly release Provisioning templates.

GMO Media Service Development Department Senior Engineer Takashi Kawano provided the following comment:

"Using Hashicorp TerraForm Enterprise, we were able to codify the provisioning of infrastructure onto public clouds, and b Y fully automating provisioning to these clouds, we could launch new services almost immediately. By automating manual configurations, we also eliminated human error. Using the TerraForm Enterprise Module Registry, we were able to give developers the ability-embed powerful templates in To their code to drastically reduce time to deploy. We also truly appreciated the local Japanese language technical support which made the adoption very smooth. "

Hashicorp CEO David McJannet provided the following comment:

GMO Media is one of the most important internet companies in Japan, and we were pleased that they has chosen Hashicorp Te Rraform Enterprise to automate the provisioning of their infrastructure to multiple public clouds and to enable their DevO PS Workflow. We look forward to working closely and GMO Media to ensure their continued success. "

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GMO Media uses Hashicorp terraform Enterprise automatic Configuration Basics

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