How to protect computer security when surfing the Internet during holidays

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New Year's Day holiday is approaching. long holidays are often the peak periods when people use computers and access the internet. During this period, computer viruses are high. Rising anti-virus expert Cai Jun warned that the three most vulnerable users during the holidays are: users who do not frequently Upgrade anti-virus software, users who do not patch their operating systems, or users who do not enable anti-virus software protection on the Internet.

According to rising's Global Anti-Virus monitoring network, since Christmas, the number of worms and Trojan viruses spread through chat software is 30% more than usual, different from the previous virus that only infected QQ, recently, many types of viruses can be spread through mainstream Chinese chat software such as MSN, QQ, UC, and Popo at the same time, so the spread and infection speed are very fast.

"In addition, the QQ group and MSN multi-person dialog mode may greatly increase the virus transmission speed in the future. a qq group usually has dozens or more users, which means that as long as one user is infected, these tens of users are directly threatened by viruses." Cai Jun said that in the near future, there will be very likely a virus specially designed for this multiplayer session mode.

According to Cai Jun's analysis, if a good security habit is developed, the chance of computer poisoning will be greatly reduced, just because many common users do not pay enough attention to it, which brings a chance to the virus. For example, during holidays, many users install a new computer to access the Internet, but the newly installed computer often does not have a system patch. Such a computer is vulnerable to attacks on the Internet. For example, during the holidays, users who chat online or play online games are greatly increased. However, they are not aware of viruses, disable anti-virus software monitoring, or easily open links sent by friends, in this way, computers are very vulnerable to viruses.

So how do users protect their own security when surfing the Internet during holidays?

Rising anti-virus engineers suggest users: when installing a new computer system, pay attention to the system patch. vicious worms such as "Shock Wave" are spread through system vulnerabilities, patches can prevent such virus infection. when accessing the internet, users must enable all the monitoring functions of anti-virus software to prevent virus infection, including file monitoring, mail monitoring, web page monitoring, and memory monitoring, do not disable some monitoring functions to reduce resource consumption. Enable a personal firewall when playing online games or using online banking or securities services. The firewall can isolate the connection between viruses and the outside world, prevent information theft by Trojans. In addition, users should not trust others when chatting.

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