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I have read many forums recently and have some ideas about how to share ADSL Internet access. From the left to the right, no simple and stable method is provided. Here, I will share my ADSL shared installation experience with you.

I. Hardware connection(The server only needs one Nic)

Preparation materials:

Operating System: Windows 2000 permissionor server or Windows ME or later (this document uses Windows permissionsas an example );

Client Windows 2000 permissionor server, Windows ME or a later version

Hardware preparation: both the server and client use a 10 m or m nic with RJ45 interfaces. A hub or switch (swich ).

Network cable Purchase:

Because special tools are required to suppress the network cable (expensive and rarely used), I do not recommend that you make it by yourself. Buy a five-category network cable for about 1 RMB a meter, and an RJ45 crystal head for about 2 RMB. We can just buy the price. Two types of network cables are required: one is the cross line connecting the ADSL modem to the hub; the other is the direct connection between each machine and the hub, the length is bought based on the specific distance of each machine.

Network connection:

Now, connect the ADSL modem and hub through a crossover line. connect each computer through a direct connection, including servers and clients. For example:

(Because each ADSL modem has different installation methods, this figure is just one of them. At the time of installing ADSL, all the big guys in the Telecommunications Bureau will do a good job for you. You don't need to know how to connect to the sharer .)

Remember to activate the ADSL service first. If you do not activate the service, you cannot connect the service even if you have bought the ADSL modem. Because ADSL is point-to-point communication, China Telecom needs to add an ADSL device for every ADSL user. If you do not apply, China Telecom will not install the corresponding device on the other end of your line.

Ii. Network Settings

Now, start the installation. First, plug in all the NICS and install the NIC Driver in windows. How to install it? Don't ask. Check out your network card description. In start-set-control panel-network and dial-up connections, right-click the connection of your NIC (if not modified, it should be local connection 1) and select Properties. In the TCP/IP attributes, set them according to the following table:

If you use a Windows shared connection, the server IP address is set to

After setting, Ping or 2 and 3 in the DOS window to test whether the communication between machines is normal. The next step of installation is normal!

Iii. raspppoe Installation Method

After the download, decompress raspppoe in a directory using WinZip and then start installation.

Install raspppoe (ADSL dialing software) on the server as follows:

1. Go to the control panel and double-click the network and dial-up connections icon;

2. Click the icon of the network card you have installed, right-click it, and select Properties.

3. Click Install (I)... to install pppoe;

4. After selecting the protocol, click Add (;

5. In the select Network Protocol window, click Install from disk (h;

6. Copy the source file from the vendor (c): Enter the directory you have extracted from raspppoe, and click OK;

7. Next, the Select network protocol window appears. In the window, select PPP over Ethernet protocol, click OK, continue until installation ends, and exit the NIC Configuration window.

8. Install the pppoe dial-up connection: Click Start> Run. In the run window, type raspppoe and press Enter;

9. The raspppoe-dial-up connection setup window appears. Before this operation, make sure that the power of the ADSL modem has been turned on and the switch (or hub) is connected according to the current installation scheme. Your Nic model will appear in query available PPP over Ethernet service through adapter. Click query available services. If the connection is successful, the software can automatically detect the virtual dialing parameters and display them in the following box (for example, 6203109 ..........). Select one of the virtual numbers and press create a dial-up connection for the selected service. Here we have completed all the installation of raspppoe. Let's take a look at how to set it:

10. Go to the control panel and double-click the network and dial-up connections icon to see if there are more dial-up connections () than the one you just entered. Now, right-click the connection and select Properties.

11. Now the dialing Property Window appears. Click share page. Check the Internet Connection Sharing before enabling the connection, and check before enabling the dial-up request. Click OK. Now, the shared connection on the server has been installed and configured.

12. Double-click the ADSL dial-up connection and enter the user name and password to access the Internet. The client can share the Internet on the server by setting up a browser to use a LAN connection.

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