SSM distributed Architecture e-commerce project-04 generic injection encapsulation with SPRING4 Baseservice

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Each service requires almost the following methods:

1, Querybyid
2, Queryall
3, Queryone
4, Querylistbywhere
5, Querypagelistbywhere
6. Save
7. Update
8, Deletebyid
9, Deletebyids
10, Deletebywhere

The following problems are encountered when encapsulating Baseservice:

So we can do this in the following way:

Package com.taotao.manage.service;
Import Java.util.Date;

Import java.util.List;

Import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
Import Com.github.abel533.entity.Example;
Import Com.github.abel533.mapper.Mapper;
Import Com.github.pagehelper.PageHelper;
Import Com.github.pagehelper.PageInfo;

Import Com.taotao.manage.pojo.BasePojo;

    Public abstract class Baseservice<t extends Basepojo> {//@Autowired//private mapper<t> Mapper;

    Public abstract mapper<t> getmapper (); /** * Query data by ID * * @param ID * @return */public T Querybyid (Long ID) {return this.
    Getmapper (). Selectbyprimarykey (ID); /** * Query All data * * @return */public list<t> Queryall () {return This.getmappe
    R (). Select (null); }/** * Query a data based on criteria, if more than one data throws an exception * * @param record * @return */public T Queryone (t Reco RD) {return this.getmapper (). SelectOne (Record); /** * Query data list by criteria * * @param record * @return */public list<t> Querylistbywhere (T record)
    {return This.getmapper (). Select (record); }/** * Paging query * * @param page * @param rows * @param record * @return */Publi C pageinfo<t> querypagelistbywhere (Integer page, integer rows, T record) {//Set paging condition
        Tpage (page, rows);
        list<t> list = This.querylistbywhere (record);
    return new pageinfo<t> (list);
        }/** * Added data, returns the number of successful bars * * @param record * @return */public Integer Save (T record) {
        record.setcreated (New Date ());
        Record.setupdated (record.getcreated ());
    Return This.getmapper (). Insert (record); }/** * New data, using non-nullable fields, returns the number of successful bars * * @param record * @return */public Integer Savesele Ctive (T record) {record.setcreated (new DAte ());
        Record.setupdated (record.getcreated ());
    Return This.getmapper (). Insertselective (record);
        }/** * Modify data, return successful number of bars * * @param record * @return */public Integer update (T record) {
    Return This.getmapper (). Updatebyprimarykey (record); }/** * Modify data, use non-null fields, return successful number of bars * * @param record * @return */public Integer Updatese
        Lective (T record) {record.setupdated (New Date ());
    Return This.getmapper (). Updatebyprimarykeyselective (record);
        /** * Delete data by ID * * @param ID * @return */public Integer Deletebyid (Long ID) {
    Return This.getmapper (). Deletebyprimarykey (ID); }/** * Bulk Delete * @param clazz * @param property * @param values * @return */Public I Nteger Deletebyids (class<t> clazz, String property, list<object> values) {Example Example = new Examp
        Le (Clazz); ExampLe.createcriteria (). Andin (property, values);
    Return This.getmapper (). Deletebyexample (example); 
        }/** * Delete according to conditions * * @param record * @return */public Integer deletebywhere (T record) {
    Return This.getmapper (). Delete (record);

Retrofit Itemcatservice with Baseservice
Package com.taotao.manage.service;

Import java.util.List;

Import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
Import Org.springframework.stereotype.Service;

Import Com.github.abel533.mapper.Mapper;
Import Com.taotao.manage.mapper.ItemCatMapper;
Import Com.taotao.manage.pojo.ItemCat;

@Service public
class Itemcatservice extends baseservice<itemcat>{

    Private Itemcatmapper Itemcatmapper;

Public    list<itemcat> Queryitemcat (Long parentid) {
//        itemcat record = new Itemcat ();        Record.setparentid (parentid);        return (record);    }

    @Override public
    mapper<itemcat> getmapper () {
        //TODO auto-generated method stub
        return this.itemcatmapper;


In controller:

generic injection of Spring4

optimization of Baseservice


Test: Runtime injects the implementation class of a specific generic mapper sub-interface:

Itemcatmapper is not used when encoding, whether to delete it. Can't

Cause: This object is used by the spring runtime to inject it into the baseservice.

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