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Currently, it is very common to use ADSL to access the Internet. My family uses K of ADSL to access the Internet quickly. Next I will talk about how to share an ADSL account with multiple computers in the LAN.

When I first connected the LAN, but I was not able to share the Internet, I felt very depressed. In a breath, I found the sharing Internet software "expert" Sygate. Here we will introduce how Sygate achieves Internet sharing.

Sygate is currently one of the most common Internet sharing software. It not only allows computers with two computers to share the Internet, but also allows Internet cafes with many computers to share the internet, the configuration is very simple. The procedure is as follows:

1. Download the Sygate software first.

2. Install the SDK and press the "Next" button (1 ).

Figure 1: sysgate installation page

3. Note that when selecting the client mode and server mode (as shown in Figure 2), remember the port you need to install and click OK.

Figure 2: client mode and Server Mode Selection

4. then, you can set direct Internet/ISP connection and local network connection. You can select "Automatic Detection" for both options. If Automatic Detection is not available, you can select "manually ", for example, enter the IP address (3) in the local network connection, so that the Sygate is set on the host.

Figure 3: direct Internet/ISP connection and local network connection settings

5. The next step is to set up the client. If you specify an IP address in the client, the IP address must be in the same network segment, and the subnet mask must be the same as that of the host. Note that the customer needs to set up a gateway, which is the IP address of the host.

With this setting, all computers installed with the Sygate client mode on the LAN can access the Internet as long as the host is connected to the Internet. How are you doing!

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