What is an AI business card? Why sales Use it

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Now we have entered the era of artificial intelligence technology, but for many industries have not yet connected with artificial intelligence technology. For example, in the current sales industry, many salespeople in the business, see customers or use the traditional paper business card, but everyone knows when you hand out the business card in exchange for the customer rate is basically zero! Now is the artificial intelligence era, for sales enterprises of course also to keep up with the pace of development of the Times use artificial intelligence business card!

What is an AI business card?
Artificial Intelligence business card is not our common paper business card, it is more environmentally friendly than the paper business card, it is based on small programs and built electronic artificial intelligence business card. In fact, the small program + artificial Intelligence + Business card product form, is not our traditional meaning of the business card, more like a sales system, because it by the Smart official website, smart card, distribution Mall, intelligent CRM system, marketing fission system composition.

on the small Program business card can display personal basic information such as name, contact, job title, but also can have the company's introduction, including the company name, business, products and so on and through the form of graphic, video, voice and other forms of multi-dimensional display corporate image, and business cards can be shared, push.  

How do AI business cards help the sales industry improve performance?

for the artificial intelligence business card, it is not only a small business card, but also a powerful sales system. For example, the market is more popular intelligent AI card, which is driven by AI and big Data technology, small programs for the technology application portal, by the smart official website, smart card, distribution Mall, intelligent CRM system, marketing fission system.

For sales companies, when you're hiring salespeople to call and go out to find customers every day. Intelligent AI Card has been directly connected to 1 billion of users, with strong artificial intelligence technology, will reshape marketing drainage, data tracking, customer transformation, so that each link can be supervised, can be controlled to maximize customer acquisition rate and turnover rate!

The use of artificial intelligence cards for salespeople no longer worries about being left in the corner by customers, or losing them. Through the intelligent AI card, even if no friend salesperson can communicate with customers at any time, tracking customer's purchase intention, can only quickly record the information of potential customers, classification and tracking. This is for the salesperson to spend a lot of energy to find a customer's time, directly through the artificial intelligence card can analyze the potential customers directly targeted tracking can be!

This is also the intelligent expression of intellectual intelligence business card, reduce the communication costs of sales staff and customers, improve conversion rate, greatly saving the cost of customer. In addition, the system retains all of the customer's follow-up records, with the ability to transfer all customer data, without losing the customer's assets, and minimizing the risk, even when an old employee leaves.

for the sales industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to get more and more expensive today. But now has the wisdom to enjoy the artificial intelligence business card, it can not only save the sales cost for the enterprise, but also can bring the performance improvement, for the sale enterprise to have what reason not to use.

What is an AI business card? Why sales use it

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