A review of the application of deep learning in the field of health care

In recent years, machine learning, represented by deep learning, has become more and more in the field of health care. According to the type of data processed can be divided into numerical, textual and image data; This paper focuses on text data. Cli

What additional supporting documents can be uploaded by Sina Weibo tourist hotel/convenience service/entertainment and leisure/health care company?

Depending on your business classification, you can upload proof of your nickname and business relevance by uploading a certificate of trademark registration/branding/Agency authorisation/property company or neighborhood seal. If the site name for pu

Sina Weibo beauty health care can upload what additional proof material?

According to your business classification, you can upload the trademark registration certificate/Brand join card/property company or the neighborhood committee with the seal of proof, etc. can prove n

Analysis of the color scheme of the health care website

As a result of the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to their own health, coupled with the popularity of the network, people can access the Internet at any time to inquire or

Integrated health care services, part 1th

Apply Enterprise service bus to health care This two-part article will demonstrate that a variety of health care-related services are aggregated through a service bus, which I call (perhaps not accurate) Healthcare service buses (HSB). In the 1th pa

Integrated health care services, part 2nd

Use Apache ServiceMix as Healthcare Service bus Healthcare Service Bus (HSB) enables a variety of health care applications to interconnect and interoperate to deliver efficient services. This article consists of two parts, the 1th part discusses the

Daily health care Five can not wait _ living healthy

You can't drink water until you are thirsty. Water is the most important substance that sustains the normal operation of human life and prevents the body from exercising. Insufficient water intake, not only fine God is weak, thirsty, full of weakness

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