10 Debugging Tips for sharing Visual Studio native development-Practical tips

I recently happened to read an article written by Ivan Shcherbakov, the 11 powerful Visual Studio debugging tips. This article only introduces some basic debugging tips for Visual Studio, but there are some other equally useful techniques. I've colla

Latest Visual Studio 2017 cannot support the latest Unity3d 2017-related solutions __vs2017

Recently changed a computer so also installed the latest VS2017 to taste, u3d is also used in the 2017 version, the results in the use of the process found some problems. There may be some problems in the old version will also appear, but did not fin

Visual Studio MFC Project Add native test case __MFC

Visual Studio MFC Project Add native test case Preface School graduation design To do an MFC grab package project, but in the company has been using Java, writing is the Java unit Test, for C + +, and is an MFC library under the project, completely

Visual Studio 2013 Configuration OpenCV 2.4.9_ tool under 64-bit system

[Env.] x64, Visual Studio 2013 Professional, Some paths: LIBPATH--D:\app\opencv249\opencv\build\x64\vc12\lib BinPath--D:\app\opencv249\opencv\build\x64\vc12\bin Includepath--D:\app\opencv249\opencv\build\include [Create OpenCV Project] 1. Cre

Visual Studio 2017 15.4 is officially released, the new features you must know! _visual

Recently, Microsoft officially released the Visual Studio 2017 15.4 version, and also released the Visual Studio for Mac 7.2. Earlier, according to the PYPL index, October Eclipse won the championship by defeating Visual Studio, which accounts for 20

Japanese version of Visual Studio 2008 complete

Following the English version, the Japanese version of Visual Studio 2008 is completed today and the new MSDN subscription download begins today. In addition, free expression versions are available starting today.

Visual Studio---How to view invisible spaces and tabs (tab)

To make your source code look neat, such as how many spaces, or how many tabs, should be used when indenting. There is no obvious difference between three spaces and four spaces, and four spaces and a tab light are not easily distinguishable by the n

Learn to use Visual Studio code_visual.

Visual Studio Code is a great editor that starts very quickly and can be used instead of other text file editing tools. can also be used to do development, support a variety of languages, compared to other Ides, lightweight fully configurable and int

Introduction to the new features of Visual Studio 2017 for mobile development

Visual Studio is one of the best Ides in the world, if it is. NET world, there is no one (^_^), and the recently launched Visual Studio 2017 has strengthened this in the mobile platform. This version contains some great features, including real-time

Visual Studio 2017 using notes

Plugin Extensions Duplicate Selection

XSL transformation debugging for XML under Visual Studio 2005

visual|xml| Conversion In the. NET Framework 2.0, the XslCompiledTransform class was used to replace the XslTransform class in the original 1.x, and the author tested the conversion processing performance of XML to a lot of improvements. XslCompiledT

Visual Studio 2010 's Web project jquery Library

We know that in a Non-empty Web project (including WebForm and MVC) in Visual Studio , the jquery library is automatically included in the project's Scripts folder. Click to enlarge But careful people have seen that the jquery version contained in

Resolve record: Win10 cannot install vs2017,visual Studio Installer download progress is always 0

Tags: failure exception erro remote service NEC EXCE Direct efault LeaseProblem Description: Win10 Unable to install vs2017,visual Studio Installer download Progress is always 0, after clicking the Cancel button, there is no response, Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2017 debugging Windows Server Docker Container

Tags: MSF article x86_64 logs dir shell command important link envMany articles on the web are deployed with Docker for Windows tools under WIN10. With Windows Server 2016 already natively supported Docker, its Windows container is already

Curl Winbuild Compilation and configuration for Visual Studio 2013

Label:This is my first blog post.Curl Official Website: http://curl.haxx.se/Baidu Encyclopedia: Curl is an open source file Transfer tool that uses URL syntax to work in command line modeThere are many compiler schemes on the web for curl, such

Visual Studio automatically compiles settings for GRPC projects

Tags: CLI project Configure RPC Auto-compilation for modify script TOCSome time ago to study a Java program, add some features. The communication between Java and C # is used. Naturally, there are a number of ways to actually implement the rest WCF

Visual Studio 2017 Installation Tutorial (detailed version)

Tags: clu error zh-cn Microsoft website share picture problem startVisual Studio 2017 installation Tutorial (verbose)I have been unable to use the VS Programming C language Program pain One months long, is ashamed, after discovering that many

How do I properly and completely install the Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise version?

Label:http://blog.csdn.net/code_godfather/article/details/47381631[Introduction]Common Network Name:Pig Head ThreeDate of birth: 1981.XX. XxPersonal website: http://www.x86asm.comQQ Communication:643439947Programming Career: 2001 ~ Present [Total 14]

10 new features that resolve visual Studio 2015 for productivity

Label:1 Performance Tips Performance TipsWhen we want to know the time spent executing a piece of code, we need to use the stopwatch class of the. NET framework, like this: class Program{ Static void Main () { Create New Stopwatch

Official download address for Visual Studio 2015 official edition

Label:Visual Studio 2015 was released yesterday, expecting the release of the 7.29 official version of WIN10. Visual Studio 2015 versions Simplified Chinese and English are described below.Another: Visual Studio 2015 product comparison:

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