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3D pose estimation of a single image with self-occlusion: monocular image 3D Human pose estimation under self-occlusion (iccv 13)

Monocular image 3D Human pose estimationunder self-occlusion (iccv 13) 3D pose estimation of a single image under self occlusion Abstract: This paper proposes a method for automatic 3D pose reconstruction in a single image. The presence of human

3D audio theory research (2)-3D Introduction)

Author:It168.com reny I. 3D sound effectsWith the continuous development of software and hardware, the traditional dual-channel single-layer stereo sound field cannot meet people's needs. In order to get a better three-dimensional feeling and space

Certutil-decode/encode Base64/hex strings. Print symbols by HEX Code_dos/bat

1. The thing I used this for wad to decode and encode BASE64. (-decode and-encode command switches). It has two annoying features here-for decode and encode it needs-----End Certificate-----and-----BEGIN certificate-----at begining and at Base64

Xenapp/xendesktop 7.11 2-point enhancement for HDX 3D Pro

In Xenapp&xendesktop 7.11, Citrix significantly optimized the delivery capability under HDX 3D Pro, with a major increase of two points: Support for NVIDIA Nvenc technology The new relative Mouse function Nvidia's Nvenc technology

Openresty How to decode a URL

URL encoding is an encoding used by HTTP to transmit various parameters at a single URL clock. This encoding will encode special characters (such as ' = ', ' & ', ' + ') in the form of '% ', where is the hexadecimal representation of the character.

JS Encode and Decode URL, encodedecode

JS Encode and Decode URL, encodedecode 1. Encode URL String var url = $(location).attr('href'); //get current url//ORvar url = 'folder/index.html?param=#23dd&noob=yes'; //or specify onevar encodedUrl = encodeURIComponent(url);console.log(encodedUrl);

FFmpeg-based open-glasses 3D player

The entire naked eye 3D display is a very large project and the player is just one of the tools. As for the title of the naked eye, not a gimmick. Need 3D chip source +3d player +3d display, come out of the effect is still great. In this article,

C language implementation of URL encode and URL decode

Problems encountered in the project and Java communication, after reading the SessionKey, once again sent to the other side, always appear the session error prompt. The following information is then consulted:Java.net.URLEncode Coding and UrlDecode

Oracle row and column statistics conversion !!!

Experience: Use deCODE/group by/order by/sign/sum to generate different statistics and reports. -- Calculate the value of Y in hkb_test1, which is 1, 3, and 5 X.Select * From hkb_test1;X Y---------A 1B 1A 3D 2E 4F 5A 5D 3D 6B 5C 4B 3

X264 encoding package FLV,F4V bit record

This article refers to some of the previous procedures and related articles, after summing up and re-join their own understanding, I hereby express our gratitude for the hard work of our predecessors. Http://www.cnblogs.com/chef/archive/2012/07/18/25

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