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Decoding X509 certificate files via OpenSSL

Under the Windows platform, if you want to parse a X509 certificate file, the most straightforward way is to use Microsoft's CryptoAPI. But under the non-Windows platform, you can only use the powerful open source cross-platform library OpenSSL.

Role of the decode Function

The decode function is one of the powerful functions of Oracle PL/SQL. Currently, only oracle SQL provides this function, and other database vendors do not yet implement this function. What is the purpose of decode? First, let's construct an example.

CSP: Parsing X509 certificate Essentials with CryptoAPI

In the previous article, "CSP: Using CryptoAPI to decode X509 certificate content," describes how to use CryptoAPI to decode the certificate file to get the pccert_context method of the certificate context handle. Let's go on to get the desired

Nginx Configure https/Certificate update/Let's encrypt free certificate (HTTPS) as well as error resolution!

Git address is as follows Https://github.com/xdtianyu/scripts/tree/master/lets-encrypt Calling acme_tiny.py authentication, obtaining, and updating certificates does not require additional dependencies. downloading scripts and configuration

Python certificate-based encryption and decryption implementation

This article mainly introduces the implementation method of python certificate-based encryption and decryption, and uses the M2Crypto component for related encryption and decryption operations, including the complete implementation process in detail,

Python implements certificate-based encryption and decryption, and python encrypts and decrypts data.

Python implements certificate-based encryption and decryption, and python encrypts and decrypts data. The example in this article describes how to implement encryption and decryption with a certificate in python. Share it with you for your reference.

CSP: Use CryptoAPI to get the hash (thumbprint) value of the X509 certificate

Please pay attention to the previous series of articlesDecode X509 certificate content using CryptoAPIParsing X509 Certificate Primitives using CryptoAPIThrough the previous article, we can use CryptoAPI to decode the X509 certificate file and parse

Java Build CSR Create certificate __java

Java generates CSR, issuing certificate Package Com.jinhill.cert; Import Java.io.ByteArrayInputStream; Import Java.io.FileInputStream; Import Java.io.FileOutputStream; Import Java.io.FileWriter; Import java.io.IOException; Import

Certutil-decode/encode Base64/hex strings. Print symbols by HEX Code_dos/bat

1. The thing I used this for wad to decode and encode BASE64. (-decode and-encode command switches). It has two annoying features here-for decode and encode it needs-----End Certificate-----and-----BEGIN certificate-----at begining and at Base64

Conduct Remote Desktop Security to the end [it168 special draft, freexploit sorting]

[It168]Microsoft has integrated a program named "Remote Desktop" into the operating system since Windows server. With this "Remote Desktop", network administrators can easily control the company's servers at the other end of the network, perform

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