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Visual Studio 6 (VC6) connects to Team Foundation Server (TFS 2018) for source code version management

Tags: 9.1 Solutions by software developing a third-party application serve how toOverviewVisual Studio 6 (VB6, VC6, Foxpro ...) Microsoft launched a Windows platform-based software development tool in 1998 and Microsoft introduced it. NET

Microsoft releases TFS 2018!

Tags: manager new features www mode Rich Text chat text text editor cellsMaybe you haven't had time to use TFS 2017, today, Microsoft has released the first version of TFS 2018 (RC1).As with all previous candidate versions, this is a version of TFS

Microsoft's unique Digital transformation philosophy and methodology

Tags: cross-departmental e-change expensive BFD financial existence hardware failureFor this digital transformation, the market is widely accepted in the top-down, from a scene into the solution-oriented vertical digital transformation, such as from

. NET Core under Visual Studio 2017 15.7

Tags: referencing foreach scenario enable 2018 UIL core. NET DocVisual Studio 2017 15.7 release, the main related changes to the. NET core project are as follows, while the support for Xamarin, Android, and iOS projects has also been significantly

Resolve record: Win10 cannot install vs2017,visual Studio Installer download progress is always 0

Tags: failure exception erro remote service NEC EXCE Direct efault LeaseProblem Description: Win10 Unable to install vs2017,visual Studio Installer download Progress is always 0, after clicking the Cancel button, there is no response, Visual Studio


Introduction: Recently, the famous technical book publisher Packt based on the work experience of 8,000 developers and technical experts, and finally released the 2018 Developer Skills Enhancement Report, which aims to track the use of tools by

Visual Studio installation and first-time use of C + + learning

Tags: copy password soft check debug Desktop Select Run CtrFirst, install visual StudioFirst download Visual StudioLink:Http:// Password: UQYCUnzip the. ios file to get the following files:Click the Vs_ultimate.exe file to

Using. NET and Docker--dockercon 2018 updates together (translation)

Tags: require incremental sync window many remove URL ICA cacheOriginal: year I wrote an article on common use of. NET and Docker. With the

Microsoft Service Fabric for the microservices framework

Tags: server comm package different Zabbix tor create path SPNSoftware & Components for common microservices architectures:Docker (Mature application)Spring Boot% Spring Cloud (technology trends)Service Fabric (behind a rising star is the driver

[2018-05-27] Configuring VSTS authentication using Personal access Token

Tags: visual command master generate partial when Verify blog address This article describes how to configure VSTS (Visual Studio Team Service, in fact, Microsoft SaaS version of TFS) to access the GIT code library under Personal access

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