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Linux installation MySQL and some common problems solutions

Tags: databaseFirst, download MySQLBrowser opens downloadThe version I downloaded is the Red Hat 5 version of to the server, or download it

Storage file issues under MySQL

Label:Ibdata1 & mysql-bin Problem: Disk space alert, found that ibdata1 and Mysql-bin logs occupy too much space (where ibdata1 exceeds 120g,mysql-bin by more than 80G)Cause: IBDATA1 is the storage format, in InnoDB type data state, IBDATA1 is

MySQL database issues installed under ubuntu16.04

Label:1 Character Set issuesProblem: Executing the./ createdb command in Django appears:Django.db.utils.OperationalError: (1366, "Incorrect string value: ' \\xC4\\x9A\\xC2\\x81vi ... ' for column ' file ' at row 1" )To view the MySQL

Discussion on how to build Mysql proxy read-write separation under UBUNTU10 _mysql

One, Mysql-proxy Base MySQL Proxy is a simple program between your client side and the MySQL server side that can monitor, analyze, or change their communications. It uses flexible, unrestricted, common uses including load balancing, failure, query

MySQL Character set issues

Label:First, MySQL's character set problem is mainly two concepts, one is character sets, one is collations, the former is character contentand coding, which are some of the rules for comparing operations on the former. These two parameter sets can

Issues such as creating users and assigning permissions to MySQL under Linux

Tags: mysqlSteps to install MySQL on a Linux systemTools:Mysql-5.6.17-linux-glibc2.5-i686.tar.gzMysql-5.6.17-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gzLinux System 64-bitMethod/Step1, to the MySQL website download mysql compiled binary installation package.2.

MySQL Login Issues

Tags: database name field specify create MOD code blog BCD Connection number1, problem one: Use update mysql.user set password= ' root ' change password, cannot log inWORKAROUND: The operating procedure is as follows.(1) Close MySQL (Kill the mysqld

MySQL Remote code Execution/privilege elevation vulnerability

In my current test situation, this loophole is relatively chicken, for the following two points: 1, the Mysql,mysql user installed by default does not have the permissions of the profile/etc/mysql/my.cnf; 2, do not close selinux or APPARMOR, exp sc

Install MySQL under Mac Pro Uninstall

Label:Install MySQL under Mac Pro UninstallSystem version:OS X 10.11.5Yesterday in order to modify my MySQL password, find a bunch of tutorials in the case of the unknown so all kinds of disorderly try, finally put my MySQL play off, embarked on the

MySQL Chinese reference manual (catalog)

mysql| Reference | reference Manual | chinese MySQL Chinese reference manual (catalog) Reprinted translator: Yan Zi return 〗〖 Forwarding Translator: Yan Zi ( Homepage: 0 Translator Preface 1 General informat

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