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How do I set two or more foreign keys for a data table? (For more information, see the link)

The following questions have been updated: the link address is being designed for the mall data table. Currently, there is a commodity table goods, a commodity Attribute Table attributes, and a commodity and attribute Association Table

How does a data table set two or more foreign keys? (The following questions have been updated, see links)

Current follow-up issues, have been updated, link addresses I am doing the design of the mall data table, currently has a commodity table goods , commodity attribute table attributes , commodity and Attribute Association table goods_and_attributes :

SQL Study Notes (14) ------------ data table, SQL statement for creating a data table

SQL Study Notes (14) ------------ data table, SQL statement for creating a data table Operations on Data TablesBasic Database OperationsWith MySQL, you can choose between the three basic database table formats (version 3.23. When creating a table,

Methods for controlling table self-increment values after MySQL clears or deletes table data 1:TRUNCATE TABLE nameThis will not only delete all the data, but also reposition the increment fieldMethod 2:Delete from your table nameDBCC CHECKIDENT (your table name, reseed,0)Reposition

What is the level of programmers who have been working for more than two or three years?

It means most, not cow B. The question arises because I am now learning PHP in the training institutions, feel the teaching of things more basic, and then myself on the Internet to see some code and the programmer to see the topic, I feel they say I

Custom "ORA-20010: Cannot drop/truncate the table" error

Oracle Update Data Tip Custom "ORA-20010: Cannot drop/truncate the table" errorJava.sql.batchupdateexception:ora-00604:error occurred at recursive SQL Level 2ORA-20010: The table cannot be drop/truncate.Ora-06512:at Line

9. Table operations on the webpage

Insert a table into a webpage so that the content on the webpage is arranged neatly, so that the viewer can clearly view the data expressed in the table and its meaning, making it easier to find materials of interest. In addition, tables are an

Insert a table or create a table in Word 2007

Insert Table In Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can insert a table by selecting from a set of preformatted tables, including sample data, or by selecting the number of rows and columns you want. You can insert a table into a document or insert a

MySQL Lock table detailed

In order to better optimize MySQL in high concurrency, it is necessary to understand the locking table mechanism when MySQL query is updated.I. OverviewMySQL has three levels of Lock: page level, table level, row level.MyISAM and MemoryStorageThe

Query | delete an SQL statement that records one or more fields in the same table.

Webjxcom prompt: for example, if you want to query records with the same name, ID card number, and address in the current table (table name: peosons), select P1. * from persons P1, persons P2 where p1.idp2. ID and p1.cardid = p2.cardid and p1.pname =

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