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How to update a patch (Rolling Patch) in the Oracle RAC Environment

How to update a patch (Rolling Patch) in the Oracle RAC EnvironmentThe Oracle RAC database environment has many similarities and differences with the single-instance database environment. You can use opatch to update database patches. However, there are several different update Methods for the RAC environment patch update, and you can even implement rolling upgra

Oracle database Common patch Set patch numbers and versions of PSU

Label:Oracle database Common patch Set patch numbers and versions of PSU------------------------------------------------------------------------PATCHSET/PSU Patch Number Description11. 13390677 PATCH SET for ORACLE DATABASE SERVER11. 16902043 DATABASE PATCH

Quick query of patch numbers PatchID/Number in the Oracle Patch Set

Oracle has released a large number of Patchset patch sets from 8i to 11gr2. Sometimes, when we want to download these patch sets from MyOracleSupport, we may not be able to find the patch number (patchidnumber) at once ), the following describes the Patchset and PSU PatchNumber indexes up to PatchsetPSUPa Oracle has released a large number of Patchset

Patch 21352635-database patch Set Update

One, CPU and PSURecently, after upgrading the database from to, it was found that ORA-02072 error occurred when accessed other 9i libraries via Dblink, and found a solution via Google, which was to upgrade to PSU, Note the procedure for installing patches, and it is recommended that you carefully read the relevant sections of the patch Readme document before patching, and that all the details of the

Linux patch tool patch AND diff

Linux patch tool patch AND diff I. Tool Overview: Diff patch Generation Tool Diff can be followed by two file names or two directory names to generate Patches Patch patching Tool Patch purpose: generate the target file based on the original file and

Kernel Patch and patch installation

Kernel Patch and patch installation-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. The kernel patch is not required. It depends on what kind of linux kernel you choose, such as downloading the standard linux kernel and compiling the linux system to run on an x86 PC, there is no need for patches supporte

Linux patch command details how to use the Linux patch command

The patch command allows you to modify and update the original file by setting the patch file. If only one file is modified at a time, you can issue commands in the command column for sequential execution. If files are patched together, a large number of files can be repaired at a time, which is also one of the core upgrade methods for Linux systems.SyntaxPatch [-bceEflnNRstTuvZ] [-B Parameters:-B or -- bac

Patch and patch generation under Linux

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/dl0914791011/article/details/17299103Patches are generated by the Diff tool, and patch tools are patched.Before using diff, you need to keep an unmodified source code and then modify a copy of the source code elsewhere. Diff compares these two copies of source code to generate patches. The modified source code must retain the original file name, for example, if you modify the source of the A.C file, then, the mod

The patch patch command is used

The patch patch command is usedHttp://www.cnblogs.com/huanghuang/archive/2011/07/14/2106402.htmlPatch commands are used for patching, and patch files are generated using diffPatch command syntaxPatch [-B [-B Prefix]] [-F] [-l] [-N] [-R] [-S] [-V] [-C |-e |-n] [-D Directory] [-D Define] [-F number] [-I. Patchfile] [-O OutFile] [-P number] [- R Rejectfile] [-X num

Generate patch and patch in Linux

The patch is generated using the diff tool, and the patch tool is patched. Before using diff, you need to keep a copy of the unmodified source code and modify the source code elsewhere. diff compares the two source codes to generate a patch. the modified source code must retain the original file name. For example, if you modify. c file. The modified file is stil

Patch expect-5.38.0-spawn-43310.patch installation problem of reverse CT

The installation problem of patch expect-5.38.0-spawn-43310.patch-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information, the following is a detailed reading. Install a spawn patch for your documents. There is a question about the path to be entered during installation. During installation, the following message is displayed: [Root @ laserver fai

Patch commands in Linux-use diff and patch

1) diff/patch: This is a mathematical tool. diff is used to evaluate the difference between two sets, and patch is the sum. Diff a B> C: Generate diff files a and B c Patch a C adds a diff file to get B Patch-r B c B is restored to 2) kernel patch Generate Diff-unr lin

Yum 'yum-cron/yum-cron.py 'Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Baseurl yum 3.4.3Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 65119CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-0022 Yum is a package manager under Fedora and RedHat linux. In Yum 3.4.3 and earlier versions, the installUpdates function of yum

Monkey Patch Monkey Patch programming method and its application in Ruby _ruby special topics

What is a monkey patch (Monkey Patch)? In dynamic languages, you append and change functionality without modifying the source code. The purpose of using monkey patches:1. Additional function2. Function change3. Error correction procedure4, increase the hook, in the execution of a method while performing some other processing, such as printing logs, to achieve AOP, etc.5, the cache, in the calculation is ve

Win7 patch installation failed, Win7 patch can not hit how to do?

As famous as a blue screen is Windows endless patches, many patches are the key to be installed with the upgrade of Microsoft anti-piracy measures, the use of Windows Update on pirated systems is obviously not realistic, So we all use 360 security guards and so on software patching but the problem also comes, some patches are not able to hit, and even sometimes use the system with Automatic Updates will encounter can not install patches problem, how should we solve it? First step: Encounter the

Skillfully use the SVN create patch (Patch) solution to address the needs of the customized version

Recently the project customization version more and more, maintenance, synchronization code very troublesome. Previous ideas such as:The previous SVN directory structure is as follows:There are 2 such questions: If you fix a bug in a custom package that other custom packages have, it's very laborious + mechanical to update the code of other packages, and it's easy to make manual mistakes. If a custom replacement person maintenance, the new person, the handover time, and the new people e

Patch diff patch in ubuntu

The diff patch in ubuntu first writes out my personal summary. If you are free, you can continue to look at it: a: the original file B: the modified file diff-uN B a> c. patch is installed. In the current folder, you must check the file order patch-p0

Playing patch and application patch when using SVN

We use SVN as a version management tool. Sometimes colleague A makes a change that requires a colleague B to go to Review, a colleague C to submit. Today, we found that using the Patch tool is a good way to solve code-passing problems. Generate Patch: Colleague A runs the following command to generate Patch: SVN diff > Aaa.patch Application

How to apply the Kernel patch & How to generate a Kernel patch

How to apply the kernel patch Code View:Bash> cd/usr/srcBash> wget www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/X.Y/X.Y.Z/X.Y.Zmm2/X.Y.Z-mm2.bz2 Apply the patch:Bash> cd/usr/src/linux-X.Y.Z/Bash> bzip2-dc ../X.Y.Z-mm2.bz2 | patch-p1 The-dc option asks bzip2 to uncompress the specified files to standard output. This is piped to the patch utility,Which appl

WIN10 Update patch KB3172985 failure What reason update patch failed solution

Microsoft has released a new cumulative Patch KB3172985, KB3163912 for Windows 10586 (TH1), 10240 (RTM), which summarizes the security boot, Flash Player, Windows kernel,. Net Framework, kernel mode driver, Windows security kernel mode, Microsoft Print Service, Edge, ie, and other security updates, strongly recommend the update. However, as with many previous cumulative patches, KB3172985 also has a moderate amount of trouble. In the Microsoft O

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