--3, this keyword get started with the "FLASH CC/CANVAS Chinese Tutorial"

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Note:1: If you are not familiar with flash this software operation, we suggest you can first look at the Flash animation and other books. 2: FLASH CC -in the text, the direct abbreviation is CC. 3: The following are the shortcut keys in the article if you press no action, check if there are any other software shortcut conflicts that are running. 4: In order to save space and reading experience in Bolg, I won't post it.5: The FLASH CC is used in my tutorial -Chinese version ( It is strongly recommended not to install Green Lite because he may cause an unknown problem with your software use process7: Crash class Please see my other series of tutorials FLASH CC -CANVAS (x) Titles of this type (not recommended)-----------------------↑↑↑↑↑↑ above is really important, oh, really! ↑↑↑↑↑↑-------------------------------

3. This keyword

What is 3.1 this? (if you are a programmer skip this section directly, if you still have to look at the Welcome to find the wrong place)

This English translation into Chinese is: this, the meaning here. in the previous article, you should have seen (for example) frequent use of the This keyword.


CC (exactly the JS code), use this to indicate where our "things" are.

We changed the This.cow.on to Cow.on and released the test findings.

Cow is not defined, why?

Here's an example to help you understand

For example, we write code this frame, is a "house", "house" There is no thing we do not know, because the owner of the House did not tell us what is in it, but if the owner of the house to us about what is there, then of course we can know what is inside.

The process of this introduction needs to be declared with this. For example:

this. Table


this. Bed


But why, I still need to use "This.cow" in the house to quote?

Because CC will automatically declare the components on the stage as "This.cow", if it is not declared as "This.cow", then if I stand outside the house then how to quote this cow? Therefore the declaration for This.cow is necessary.

is not a bit dizzy, but do not faint, because the next article continue to say this key.

--3, this keyword get started with the "FLASH CC/CANVAS Chinese Tutorial"

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