. Net in Hong Kong Space or foreign space garbled solution, outside Hong Kong

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. Net in Hong Kong Space or foreign space garbled solution, outside Hong Kong

Garbled characters appear in Hong Kong Space or overseas space websites, but they do not appear in domestic space because the operating language of domestic servers is simplified Chinese, however, the foreign operating system language is not simplified Chinese, so there will be garbled Characters During cookies and garbled characters during information storage.
These problems are generally handled in two ways.
The first is to use Server. UrlEncode () encoding when writing a parameter to the variable parameter, and then use Server. UrlDecode () to decode the method when reading the parameter (this time can usually be used for processing ).
The second case is that the data stored in the database may also contain garbled characters. on the homepage, you need to change the database language to Chinese_PRC_CI_AS (the database attribute can be seen), and then the varchar in the database field will be, change to nvarchar
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