Core MVC Configuration Global Routing prefix _ Practical tips Core MVC configuration global route prefix Objective Hello everyone, today we introduce a new feature of Core MVC, which adds a unified prefix to global routing. Strictly speaking, it is not a new feature, but it is unique to core Core Data protection (the data Protection cluster scenario) Next _ Practical Tips

Objective With "Medium", in some scenarios, we need to extend the core encryption method to accommodate our needs, and this time we need to use some of the advanced functionality provided by the core. This article also enumerates some of Core data protection (Protection) Medium _ Practical Tips

Preface The last chapter is mainly on the Core of the Data Protection made a simple introduction, this article is mainly about the API and use methods. API Interface The core Data Protectio provides two interfaces for ordinary Core data Protection (Protection) _ Practical Tips

Objective The previous article recorded how to use HTTPS (SSL) in Kestrel, which is actually used in our current project. Data security is often a part of the developer's easy to overlook, including myself. In the past two years there have been a Core Kestrel using HTTPS (SSL) _ Practical Tips

In core, if you want to use HTTPS to encrypt a site in Kestrel, you can Request a certificate This step is not detailed, there are free and charge, the application will be completed after the end of a *.pfx file. Add NuGet Package NuGet core integrated micro-Letter Login _ Practical Tips

Tools: Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Core 1.0 1 Preparation work Application for micro-trust public Platform Interface test account number, application URL: ( Application core environment-practical skills under cloud server

Recently. NET core in full swing, the domestic environment in this area of the document is also very many, but many are already outdated, even if the process to go down to avoid some places have long been different. So I will teach you from core 1 Department HTTPS (. NET Core 1.0) _ Practical Tips

A recent project is being launched at the Core 1.0 release. Because of the modern Internet security requirements, HTTPS encrypted communication has become mainstream, so there is this scheme. This scenario is inspired by an older version of core Implementation File Upload function _ Practical skills

The example of this article for everyone to share the single file upload, multiple file upload function for your reference, the specific content as follows Single File Uploaduploading files is a common feature in Web applications. It is easy to core configuration Tutorial Read configuration information _ Practical Tips

Referring to the word "configuration", I think most of it. NET developers will immediately appear in the mind of two special files, that we are familiar with the app.config and web.config, over the years we have been accustomed to the structure of Core uses Redis storage session

Http:// Core has changed the previous closure, now open source and open, let's use the Redis storage session to do a simple test, or called middleware (middleware). For the session is mixed, many

Use JWT to protect our Core Web

In the previous blog, I wrote a middleware to handle the authorization validation of the API, and now I have another way to deal with the issue of authorization verification, which is now There are a lot of open source things can be used, today with core-authorize characteristics

In this chapter, we will discuss the authorize feature. So far, in our applications, we have allowed anonymous users to do anything. They can edit employee details and view details, but we don't have the ability to create new employees. Let's add core MVC analysis: Start process core MVC is Microsoft's Open source Cross-platform MVC Framework, first of all, compared to the original MVC, the biggest difference is cross-platform, and then add some very useful new features, such as Taghelper,viewcomponent, Core 1.0 Introductory--application

Tips Update Time: January 20, 2016. Startup class In Core 1.0, the Startup class is the entry point for an application, and we can configure different content for different environments. The compiler looks for all *.cs files under the

Micro-service Monitoring core

0. Catalogue Overall architecture directory: ASP. NET core distributed project-Directory Monitoring directory: Micro-service monitoring Zipkin, skywalking, and log Elk Monitoring series I. Introduction of Zipkin Zipkin is a distributed tracking

Combine ASP NET Core and SQL Server with Docker Compose

Directory Docker Compose Brief introduction Installation WEBAPI Project Create a project Writing Dockfile Web MVC Project Create a project Writing Dockfile

ASP Net Core Fro MongoDB Part1

"There's no time!" "This learning MongoDB, refer to the following articles:Using MongoDB with ASP. Core–part II (Implementation)From MongoDB Study Notes ( two ) through Samus drive for basic data operationsFrom Omit how to install and debug MONGOBD,

ASP. net mvc creates 404 jump instances (not 302 and 200), mvc302 and

ASP. net mvc creates 404 jump instances (not 302 and 200), mvc302 and 404 of the causes are as follows: 1. browser and crawler: crawler. But this has little impact. 2. incorrect URL entered by the user: some users accidentally add or delete a

Export Winform to Excel to print the code, winformexcel

Export Winform to Excel to print the code, winformexcel WinForm directly calls the Excel print preview function, but does not display Excel files Using Microsoft. office. interop. excel; // reference public void PrintPriviewExcelFile (string

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