. NET open source Protobuf-net Components Sunflower Handbook

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First, preface

We all know that Protobuf is a platform-independent, language-independent, extensible serialization structure data format developed by Google, which can be used as data storage format, communication protocol ! In the preceding ". NET open source Protobuf-net Component Practice Handbook "Basic Introductory Course we have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of Google's Protobuf, the main focus of this advanced refresher course is to explain the application of PROTOBUF communication protocol. Then the application of the PROTOBUF communication protocol will be explained in this sharing course. How does our application implement communication based on the PROTOBUF protocol? This sharing course will lead you to learn about the use of protobuf in. NET HTTP, WCF, WEBAPI, and sockets. If you share the same for this time. NET open source Protobuf-net Components Sunflower Handbook Course interested in, then please follow the study together.

Needless to say, directly on dry goods, we do not produce dry goods, we are just dry goods porter.

Ii. knowledge points relating to coverage

1), ABenNET.Protobuf.BasicHttp (Application of Protobuf in ASP. Ashx/asp.net MVC).

2), ABenNET.Protobuf.WCF (Application of PROTOBUF in WCF technology).


4), ABenNET.Protobuf.Socket (Application of PROTOBUF in Socket network programming).

Iii. Summary

We learn a new technology and remember swallowed. I hope that after you finish protobuffer not just for technical and technical, immediately replace the serialized component in your project. or according to the actual situation of the project to investigate, not to blindly pursue the so-called efficiency and performance of the promotion, resulting in forgotten how. One lecturer once said that there are many factors in measuring the performance efficiency of a system, and we need to find the main contradiction of the problem. Or that sentence to suit their own is the best!

. NET open source Protobuf-net Components Sunflower Handbook

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