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Kali Linux Introduction

Kali Linux Website: https://www.kali.org/

Kali Linux, formerly known as the Backtrack penetration testing system, is a Debian-based Linux distribution with a wide range of security and forensics related tools.

Kali Linux is a very good penetration testing system, dedicated to doing the best penetration test distribution system.

Kali Linux History

Kali Linux Download article

March 13, 2013 Kali Linux official website released the first version of 1.0.0, more detailed Kali Linux release history please visit: https://www.kali.org/kali-linux-releases/

Kali Linux offers several types of versions available for download, and you can choose any version you need in 32-bit, 64-bit system mirroring, virtual machine mirroring, and ARM hardware support for various versions.

A. Get the latest ISO system image please visit: https://www.kali.org/downloads/


  • Kali Linux for different processor architectures are divided into a bit, a bit, ARMHF, Armel and other versions, according to the actual situation to select download use, the official website In addition to this page there are some arm architecture for small and portable devices to provide ARM image download page, More can be viewed in the Kali Linux software source
  • Kali Linux 64bit Light is a 64bit-based lightweight version of Kali Linux, ensuring minimal installation and basic use of the system, which, from the size attribute, can be found to be 1.8G smaller than Kali Linux 64bit, while E17, Mate, LXDE is a different desktop environment, Kali Linux 2016.2 supports desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE, Mate, LXDE, and enlightenment
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B. The official website also provides a images (recommended) for VMware, VirtualBox virtual machines that can be opened directly .

Kali Linux VMware, VirtualBox and ARM images


C.arm Hardware system Image: Https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-arm-images/

D. Kali nethunter Android platform penetration test Image: https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-nethunter-download/

Kali Nethunter is an Android penetration test platform for the Nexus and OnePlus devices on top of the Kali Linux, including some special and unique features.

Kali Linux Documentation

Kali Linux has extensive documentation for use

Kali Linux Official Documentation: https://docs.kali.org/

Android penetration test Platform documentation--kali Nethunter Documentation: Https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter/wiki

Kali Linux Community Chapter

Kali Linux also has a strong community support

Community Support: https://www.kali.org/community/

Community BBS Forum: http://forums.kali.org/

Open source Bug tracking system: https://tools.kali.org/

Kali Linux repository: http://git.kali.org/gitweb/

Kali Linux Bug Escalation Center: https://bugs.kali.org/my_view_page.php

Database Overflow Learning Library: https://www.exploit-db.com/

This vulnerability category includes vulnerabilities for remote services or applications, including client-side vulnerability attacks.

Kali Linux Security Certification Training

Offensive safety training, certification and service https://www.offensive-security.com/

For over more than 10 years, the only provider of real performance-based penetration testing training.

The emergence of offensive security stems from the belief that real defense security can be achieved only through offensive mentality and methods. Kali Linux is an offensive security project – funded to develop a free and open source penetration testing platform for maintenance.

0x00-kali Linux Series Introduction First lesson

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